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ALL-TIME FAVORITE, 11 November 1999

This is a movie that has to be experienced to be appreciated. The names may be changed, the time periods, settings, situations and places may be different, but, this is the story of every person who thought they lost everything and were given a second chance to find it. Jimmy Stewart at his usual best. Donna Reed at her most lovely. Great acting all around, especially Barrymore at his most sinister. Although this usually appears at Christmas, this is more than just a Christmas classic.

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One of my all-time, old-time faves., 11 November 1999

This movie has great music, competent acting(except for some weak Jack Webb moments), superb music, cool 1920's sets, damn good singing, decent storyline and dare I say some OK music. It has that big, 1950s, gangster movie feel about it. Maybe, because, it was a big, 1950s, gangster movie. I recommend it, if only for the music.