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one of the best movies of the year, 6 July 2000

The Talented Mr.Ripley is a wonderful film,wonderfully directed by Anthony Minghella. Minghella shows again that he is a brilliant director. He can create a really fantastic atmosphere,like he did here. The Italy of the 50's was splendid.The images of Venice,Rome and all the other locations in Italy were one of the most beautiful filmed locations I ever saw on the silver screen. The music in this picture was also wonderful. But most important in a film are the performances by the actors, and they were also great. Matt Damon played Tom Ripley in a very good way,as a poor pathethic guy who is ready to do everything to become like Dickie Greenleaf(excellent performed by Jude Law). Jude Law was great as the rich playboy Dickie and also the supporting roles were brilliant performed by Gwyneth Paltrow,Philip Seymour-Hoffman and Cate Blanchett.

My conclusion is that "The Talented Mr.Ripley" is together with "American Beauty" the best movie of last year,and I really don't know why Ripley didn't get any Academy Awards. The film really deserved it.

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The best Bond with Brosnan., 3 March 2000

I am a great Bond-fan so I was very intruiged to see the new Bond-film 'The World is not Enough.'

I went to see it and I liked it very much. The story this time is interesting,especcially the character Electra King,wonderfully played by French actress Sophie Marceau, is very well written.

But off course you are not going to see a Bond-movie for the story,you expect to see great action scenes, stunts,evil villains,beautiful locations and great humour.

And all the things I mentioned above were presented very well in this Bond-film.

The action scenes in the oil-pipes, on the mountains of Kazachstan and especially on the Thames in London were very spectacular.

Robert Carlyle is convincing as a villain who don't feel any pain.

The locations were very exotic and the scenes in Istanbul gave me a nostalgic feeling to 'From Russia with Love.'

But the most important thing in a Bond-movie is the actor who plays it.And Brosnan did it very well. He's agressive,he has got a sense of humour and he really looks like the gentleman Bond is supposed to be. But in some scenes we see Brosnan also in a more vulnerable position. So I think Brosnan is after Connery the best Bond-actor.

My conclusion is that 'The World is not Enough' is a great Bond-movie with all the elements that make this series,after almost 38 years,still one of the greatest movie experiences of the year.

Brian de Palma's best movie, 29 February 2000

I saw The Untouchables and I was stunned. It was a wonderful movie-experience. Off course I must say again that the acting is superb,but it really is amazing how Connery plays Malone. You can really see how proffessional he is,and that the people who identify him only with James Bond are really wrong.

Also Robert De Niro is fantastic as a psychopathic Al Capone. But beside the good acting there is a really good story- line,there are great cinematic sequences (like the gunfight in the station or when De Niro hits a disloyal man with a baseball-stick.)

But what I liked most in this movie is the sense of style, the decors are stunning.

So I think that this movie is a must for everyone who enjoys a good movie.

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one of my favorite movies, 19 November 1999

Like i said before it`s one of my favorite movies. And i think that`s because of the very original story, a good script(written by director Luc Besson) very good acting and a very talented director.

It is also a movie that is very beautiful to see,the sets and the images of the film gave me the feeling that i actually was in Little Italy in New York.

But,the greatest thing in the movie is the acting. Jean Reno was brilliant as Leon,Natalie Portman(here 13 years

old) very good and Gary Oldman was terrific.

I think i like the movie so because it`s a mix of genres.Ìt`s a thriller,a drama and an actionfilm in one movie.

It`s defenitely one of my favorite movies and i think it`s Luc Besson`s best movie.

It`s a pitty that Leon didn`t get any awards(Oscars) because Leon deserved it.

beautiful house,but unexciting., 16 November 1999

I have seen The Haunting last week and I have mixed feelings about it.

I think the house(the real excisting castle) is stunning and i think it is the most beautiful house in he film- history and also the sets are very beautiful.

Altough the super special eefects i don`t think this is a really exciting movie.

If you compare The Haunting to The shining(of Stanley Kubrick) you see the difference in tension.

The Shining was really frightening.

But I don`t think you can describe The Haunting as a total failure because it`s to beauiful to be a flop.