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Definately the lesser evil..., 12 December 1999

This film suffered the same fate as all of the later episodes of Urotsukidoji. The first film was a masterpiece but all the successive episodes paled miserably by comparison. This is probably the worst of the bunch. But it beats the crap out of Dragon Ball Z.

Pi (1998)
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Finding God through the ancient language of Mathematics, 9 November 1999

Pi is the oddest, hippest, most chilling account of the descent into the abyss.

Following mathematical clues derived from an analysis of the stock market, Maximillian Cohen begins his descent into madness as he attempts to discover the nature of everything through the peculiar numerical entity known as Pi.

Thrilling enough, but then combine with generous amounts of Kaballistic mysticism, black and white footage and a soundtrack like an audible fractal, and you have a sensory snare which drags you along for the ride into Max's impending breakdown.

Obsession has never been so exciting.

Pi is an utterly gut-wrenching, mind expanding phenomema. If you have ever wondered about the universe, God or the nature of insanity, Pi will take you where you don't want to go.