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Walking ad for oil of olay!
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Self explanatory!
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See title!
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In no particular order.
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Anne Hathaway suggests some scenes in mainstream are ..ahem.. ahem..real:
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Indian heritage/descent actresses who have worked in Hollywood/Internationally. This list was originally intended to be a casting indicator for roles requiring South Asian ethnicity * Part Indian heritage - Yes. * Pure Bollywood type - No (1 or 2 exceptions) * World Cinema - Depends. Deletion log: Nicki Minaj. Neelam Verma Yasmeen Ghauri Sofia Hayat Tehmina Sunny Helen Brody
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Looking to cast an exotic hottie ? FAQ: ---- Q.1 Can you add that half-german/half-spanish actress to the list ? A. Pure euro mixes are not considered as multi-ethnic in this list (otherwise probably entire america would be eligible). But your suggestions are still welcome. Q.2 Why many "white" (part-native american) actresses are listed here ? A. IMHO, a white+native american is eligible to be considered multi-racial. I do consider if they have any native american features (which is a subjective factor). Still if you are unhappy about someone making it to this list please point it out. (See log below of actresses who were removed - some after user feedback). Deletion log ------------ * Megan Fox (Irish, French and Cherokee) * Ali Landry (Cajun) * Kim Basinger (Cherokee German, Swedish and Irish) * Demi Moore (Part Cherokee) * Rebecca Gayheart (Irish, Italian, German and Cherokee) * Layla Roberts (father Italian/mother Cherokee) * Vivicia Fox (Native American/African American). * Jessica Pimentel ( Latina + Taino Native American) * Donna Rowe * Yasmin Ghauri
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Popular mainstream TV shows, ripe for binge watching, if you haven't already!

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Sometimes all we remember is the model from an ad.. probably not even the product. Sometimes those faces belong to famous girls... sometimes not. Maybe you will find some answers here.
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Actors who are cast in roles regardless of their ethnicity. This list is not meant to be inflammatory or even argumentative - and its certainly not a commentary on "racial inequality in Hollywood" - rather it aims to be just the opposite as it attempts to highlight how race based casting is breaking down in the 21st century. Or, think of it as a casting aid.