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Magic Men (2014)
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Khoury as a Survivor from Salonika in the Holocoust. Tragi-Comedy., 8 April 2014

After 60 Years Avraham returns to Greece and Salonika searching for the Greek who saved him. He has a Hate-Love relationship with His Son. On the Background of Salonica and Narrow Mountain Roads of Mainland Greece. Maria does the part of well known Bar Whore that is very Greek. Greeks eat Out and Drink Out. They invite Men for a Drink and then offer Sex Services at the Bars. With Special Greek Music and Songs. A bit like Zorba the Greek. I had to see this as My father Survived in the Mountains of Greece and fled Salonica. He returned after Germans left. Also I am a Makram Khoury Fan. I would give a 10 but some of the criticism of the Movie is true. But Very Enjoyable Story.

Youth (2013/I)
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Realistic Drama too close to Reality but full of Surprise, 12 September 2013

Hanoar Youth 2013 Two Brothers one a Soldier with Automatic gun. Kidnap a Female Teenager Played by Gita Emily Hoping to cash the Ransom. This money should solve tough Financial Problems of the Family. Moshe Ivgy The Patriarchal Father has done similar Leading Roles in many Movies and TV series. He is having a Crisis. The Pace of the Movie is Fast and Full of Surprises Suitable for International Audiences. But Middle East is like that so at some points looks Boring.The excellent Script makes it like a Thriller. Hanoar (Youth) reminds us of Bar-Noar, An Attack on Homosexual Club for teenagers that took 4 years investigation and only recently the suspect was caught and Indicted. The Style is similar to CSI Miami Vice, Los Angeles or NYPD of New York. 9 out of 10 points.

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A must See Doco but 9 out of 10., 30 March 2013

I lived thru most of the events mentioned in Documentary. The Shabac is only One of the Military Services Involved in Policy and Decision Making. There were hints at the Crux of the Problem in Israel. The PR Election System Similar to Italy after WW2 and Other countries that had PR Proportional Representation mainly from WW1 to WW2. Also Lebanon suffered from Sectarian Politics. Lebanon had a Crisis in 1958 and 1975 when Consensus broke down. Or Holland after Right wing Leader was Shot. But a must see for anyone interested in The Israeli Palestinian Conflict. Quite Detailed Collection of Different Sources about Rabin assassination. Settling of West Bank, The "Wall" and Other Issues. Also I add the Modern Issue of Asymetric Warfare and Asymetric Politics. Uncle Sam.

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My Teenage favorite with Cliffs the "Young Ones", 10 May 2012

Lovely Songs of 1960's ending in Greece where my Father was Born. I was in Greece in 1979 when Greece and the Islands where Inexpensive BackPacker's and Leonard Cohens Write Song Books. In contrast to "Guns of Navarone" which is about ww2. Pre Vietnam Protest Period. At that time the Young People Revolted against and mistrusted anybody Over 40 who took part in WW2. Lovely Color Photography in Colorfull Greece, Some of those period films were Black and White. like to have DVD. Plot from Wikipedia : The story concerns Don (Cliff Richard) and his friends (Hayes, Green and Bulloch) who are bus mechanics at the huge London Transport bus overhaul works in Aldenham, Hertfordshire. During a miserably wet British summer lunch break, Don arrives, having persuaded London Transport to lend him and his friends an AEC Regent "RT" double-decker bus (and not a later Routemaster as often quoted). This they convert into a holiday caravan, which they drive across continental Europe, intending to reach the South of France. However, their eventual destination is Athens. On the way, they are joined by a girl trio (Stubbs, Hart and Daryl) and a runaway singer (Lauri Peters), pursued by her mother (Ryan) and agent (Murton). The movie was a huge box-office hit, thus repeating the success of Cliff Richard's earlier film The Young Ones (1961). There are 16 song and musical numbers in the film: "Seven Days to a Holiday", "Let Us Take You for a Ride", "Stranger in Town", "Swinging Affair", "Really Waltzing", "Yugoslavian Wedding", "All At Once", "Summer Holiday", "Bachelor Boy", "Dancing Shoes", "Foot Tapper", "Big News", "The Next Time", "Les Girls", "Round and Round" and "Orlando's Mime".

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A Wonderful Movie Based on One of the Best Amos Oz Books, Jerusalem Pre 1967 When Jerusalem was Divided., 3 March 2012

The Movie is as Good as The Book like Zorba was also a Special Book and Movie. Amos Oz writes "My Michael"in the eyes of a Women. He a Geology Student - She Literature - Love at First sight. But they Drifted Apart as they lived in Different Worlds. In the Background is Divided Jerusalem 1948-1967 (Not 1950ś as Some Wrote). Chana has Halucinations when she sees The Young Arabs. This is a Love Novel on the Background of Six Day War 1967 when Jerusalem was Reunited. Amos Oz - like me Want Peace in Jerusalem. The Photography by Adam Greenberg is on Location in Jerusalem Built in 1950ś with Historical Sights. Read the Book and See Film! Even if you are not Israeli. Compare too David Grossman more Recent Book and Movie Someone to Run With 2006.

Trespass (2011)
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Why I did not enjoy Tresspas, 17 January 2012

a) I see less films lately and when I do I want a Class A Movie.

b) Life is not dull and Reality is Violent enough and Crime , The Rat race is not what I am looking for. There is no shortage of good movies. From Israel or from World cinema. c) On the other hand Tresspass is exciting and I did not fall Asleep in a Warm Cinema with Cold weather Outside. d) Being a Kidman fan (The HOURS) and a Cage Fan I expected something Better. Movies based on John Grisham , Like the Pelican Brief I have on DVD and watch on my Computer Many times. It is many years since I walked out of a Movie after 60 of 90 Minutes as the Movie was Predictable. and Lastly it is January 2012 and there is no shortage of Violence as I wrote in (b) I am involved in Politics so I am looking for something more deeper like Meryl Streep as Thatcher that I have not seen yet.

Sorry my vote is Only 5 out of 10.

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Sorry to hear that Maria Scneidar Died so Young This was a Amazing Movie., 4 February 2011

I saw it in 1973 when I was an Adolescent Virgin of 22 just past sixties Cinema and "New Left" Generation. Also a Big Screen Movie to convince People to leave their TV's And have an experience. Also in Paris after 1968 with the Parisian Chic so different to the cool London. I wonder if I would enjoy it now on DVD that I am going to look out for. I think Young People can like this film too. At that time I also discovered "Butter or Margarine". One of Marlon Brando's Best Performances in a career of Masculine Parts. Maria's Hairdo became a Hit after this Popular Movie. And she looked so young then, Sorry She Died only 58 Today. 10th June 2014, Discovered the DVD and Watched the DVD on my Desktop. The Uncut uncensored Version! Two Lonely People in A City with expensive Rooms to rent. I had forgotten it but it stayed in my mind for Many Years. Maria and Brandon are Above Average! One of my Favorites. Uncle Sam

Lemon Tree (2008)
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Like Eran's Syrian Bride, The People behind the Conflict, 25 October 2009

Very Realistic or close to Reality with Emphasis on People involved. Salma played by Hiam Abbass, a widow who lives on her dead Fathers Lemon Grove. An Israeli Defence Minister comes to live opposite Grove. Based on real story with Minister Shaul Mofaz. This causes a security problem. Showing "Fence" which is mostly a Wall. The Ministers Wife identifies with Salma. This is very much like Israel 2008. Similar to "Syrian Bride" Riklis set's up the Realistic Story and how it effects on People caught in to the situation. Hiam is Marvelous and other actors in the cast too. 9 out of 10 Sam's Rating. An enjoyable DocuDrama.

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Even More Relevant at the end of 2008, 26 December 2008

When this film was made in 2006 the problem of growing gaps in Israeli Society was quite clear. But in December 2008 when I saw the movie it is even more relevant. A combination of economic pressures with political and security pressures makes life crazy. It reminds me of a recent French movie I saw Claude Lelouch "Roman de gare" 2007. Also a writer and the crazy pace of "Modern" Society. With the present growing uncertainty and Economic Crunch that we do not know when it will end I give 10 to "Aviva my Love". In recent years Israeli cinema has grown in international Popularity and this movie can be compared with Assy Dayan's work.

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55 Days at Peking 2008 compared to 1963, 27 September 2008

I am commenting on the DVD version that I have now and I have not seen since 1963. There is a very big difference as in 1963 not only I was much younger but Cinema has changed. 55 Days was a Large Screen Movie compared with the Ten Commandments, Cleopatra of the same year 1963 and The Sound of Music and many others at that period. In those days of Cinema Hollywood convinced people to go to the Cinema with Movies that are not the same on Black and White TV on Small Screen. Watching it on DVD is not the same. Technirama an Advanced Technicolor, Dolby Stereo not as big as Cinerama. I specifically remember sitting in the cinema and the sound moved behind us. For example the Musical Bands in the opening scenes playing the anthems. About the History of China read the other comments. Still a very exciting Movie where a minority overcomes the Mass's winning at the end. David Niven does an interesting part that reminds me of the Guns of Navarone. Heston and most other actors do it very well too. Nine out of Ten in Sam's Scale.

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