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An Amazing Experience, 8 March 2004

Having watched The Passion of The Christ a few times in theaters now, I can only say that it has been a spectacular cinematic experience. I would have liked to have seen more done with the Resurrection, but the film was still very powerful. As I was done watching the film, I was emotionally drained, yet spiritually filled, as I knew what that brief moment on film (the Resurrection) meant to me personally as a Christian. The movie takes God's truth from Scripture and puts it right in your face. I commend Mel Gibson for having the courage to show on screen what Christians already know when Christ died on the cross for all of us…Satan had lost the battle; truth and love prevailed! This movie was a portrayal of exactly what it was: good versus evil.

I know no motion picture can truly capture what Christ went through for us as sinners, but as I watched the scourging scenes and His walk to Calvary, I was deeply moved to tears on numerous occasions. The imagery of what occurred onscreen had a profound and humbling effect on me. I have read many reactions to the film by other Christians and I feel the following from another person online describes best how I felt about the viewing experience:

`I can't tell you how the movie will affect you, any more than I can tell you what God's plan is for your life. If you have rejected Him, you may see yourself in the mob. If you have denied Him, you may see yourself in Peter. If you have made fun of Him, you may see yourself in the Roman soldiers. If you have allowed Him to save you from your sinful life, you may see yourself in Mary Magdalene.'

If you have studied Scripture (not just read it, but studied it) then you will understand that this movie is by no means anti-Semitic, as many reviewers of the film have felt after viewing it. All I can say is that you either get the message of the Scripture, or you don't. Sure, Jesus Christ could have prevented all the suffering he endured before it even started, but as mentioned in Scripture and in the movie at the Garden of Gethsemane, this was part of a bigger plan that was meant to happen because of God's will and love for ALL of us. Christ underwent great agony as he accepted God's will knowing that great betrayal and suffering were to come shortly thereafter.

As is the case with many other films, The Passion of The Christ will affect different people in different ways. Most Christians will watch the film and understand why, for the context of the film, there will be a lot of violence. The title of the film alone tells it all. The Passion, or suffering, of The Christ. As I watched the film all I could think about was what really went on 2000 years ago in Jerusalem. I understood that the person on screen was not the actual Christ, but the dialogue and visual imagery onscreen reminded me of what went on as Christ staggered and struggled to Golgotha to be crucified. Even in his most agonizing moments all he could think about was love and forgiveness towards his enemies; moments, which were further supported by the flashbacks to earlier times among his Apostles and followers. This is the message I got from the film, not hate the Jews or anything else. It amazes me how people can watch this film and not understand that this was what Mel Gibson was trying to get across to his audience. It was clear as day to me. Why not to so many others.

The main performers in the film, especially Jim Caviezel (Jesus) gave outstanding performances, as did Maia Morgenstern as Mary and Monica Bellucci as Mary Magdalene. Another moving thing about the film was the musical score, which was timeless and beautiful. It definitely helped make the film that much more powerful. Also, viewing the film in Aramaic and Latin added to the mood and setting giving it an almost documentary like feeling as the film progressed.

As was the case in other testimonials I have read about the film, the audience I was with sat in stunned silence as the credits rolled, and then one by one began to quietly leave. I believe it was because many who watch this movie will see a little bit of themselves in each character. I know I did. Please watch the movie as soon as you can.

John 3:16

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TV Show That Never Gets Old, 8 March 2004

I have enjoyed watching this show for years since I first saw it in syndication on local television back in the late 1970s. From the first time I watched The Monkees I was hooked and have watched the show ever since. Whenever it would be shown over the years I was there to watch it, including the revival in popularity that arose in 1986 when MTV ran a Monkees marathon that exposed their antics to a new generation of fans. The show had a great zaniness that blended a unique mixture of music and comedy, which made the show a delight for me. As a kid I enjoyed the entertaining plots and thought it would be cool to hang around with these 4 guys. I did, though, always look forward to the musical numbers that occurred in each episode.

The music on the show was what really appealed to me and made me a fan in the beginning. Their albums from the 60s still make up part of my music collection. The show was never that popular when it was originally airing on commercial television, but the music really helped push the popularity of the band giving The Monkees a cult-like status similar to The Beatles at the time. I especially like the music of Michael Nesmith. The songs that appeared in the show by Nez were most appealing to me and this carried over to his solo career as well. Another thing that was a great part of the show was the comic timing of Mickey Dolenz. He always cracks me up with his wacky style of voices and improvisation. All four were talented in their own way, but Mickey Dolenz was the funniest to me.

It is still one of my all time favorite shows and has left a lasting impression on me that will stay with me my whole life. One of the more memorable shows was the parody of Faust called The Devil and Peter Tork. It had some seriousness, but that helped the comedy to play. Some episodes played out better than others with the second season being a little more reflective of the 60s culture that was growing popular during that period in America.

Was it a TV show? Was it a rock n' roll group? It was neither, and it was a little of both. Mickey Dolenz equated their becoming a group to Leonard Nimoy becoming a Vulcan. No matter what you believe, we can all agree that The Monkees, although brief in its original run, was about a group that did play, that did perform their own music and the way they did it left an impact on generations both young and old and will do so for years to come.

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Watch Mr. Heston Bring The Good Book to Life, 1 March 2004

This is Charlton Heston's odyssey into some of the greatest stories of the Bible. I feel he does a great job in bringing the Bible to life as he presents four different stories to the viewer in a way that only he he can do. The video consists of stories about Genesis, Moses, Jesus of Nazareth and The Passion of Christ. All of the stories were shot on location in the Holy Land and are presented with Mr. Heston reading directly from Scripture as well as discussing historical facts about the time and places he is bringing to life. One of the places he resides in while reading includes a first century Roman amphitheater located in Israel.

My particular favorite is The Passion which presents the tragic and triumphant story of Jesus Christ that occurs in the New Testament. It may seem to some that watching one person stand around quoting Scripture on screen would get boring after awhile, but I thought it was really done well with paintings and images of specific scenes as he read through the Good Book. Mr Heston presents the readings in a powerful and impassioned way which left me wanting more. I recommend this video collection if you are a believer in the Bible or even if you are just a Charlton Heston fan. Music, imagery and Charlton Heston's style of presenting the Gospels all make this a memorable experience that you will watch time and time again.

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An Amazing Effort, 1 March 2004

This is one of the best motion picture documentaries I have ever watched. It is right up there with Hearts of Darkness, the documentary about the making of Apocalypse Now. James Cameron opens the documentary by talking about something he feels is cold, dark and made up of unrelenting pressure: the movie business. The documentary really gives the viewer a good idea of how The Abyss was a challenge on many different levels. Not just on a technical level. The documentary also shows how it was a challenge, both emotionally and physically, for all the cast and crew involved in the project. It would soon be considered by many to be one of the toughest shoots in film history.

It was interesting to learn about the innovative underwater equipment developed just for the film, plus seeing how some of the best underwater photography for a motion picture to date was accomplished. James Cameron has a reputation of being difficult to work with and this film shows why this may be the case. It is up to the viewer to decide whether or not this is true once the viewing experience is complete. If you have not seen the film you will have a great appreciation for what went into the making of this underwater epic. If you have seen The Abyss, you will enjoy the movie even more than you did before.

Miracle (2004)
Great Sports Film, 1 March 2004

I don't know how anyone, at least here in the states, can come away from this film and not be feeling a sense of patriotism. The movie is focused around the 1980 Olympic hockey team and what they accomplished in route to the gold medal in Lake Placid. I felt the movie did a good job in presenting what most viewers of the film probably already knew going in...a team of individuals that rose to unexpected heights and pulled off a miracle victory against a superior team in the Soviet Union.

I went to see this movie for numerous reasons including my enjoyment of hockey and being a Kurt Russell fan. Kurt Russell did a great job as the US hockey coach, Herb Brooks, who did whatever it took to bring a group of individuals together as one team, a team playing for the name on the front of the uniform as opposed to the name on the back. This is the kind of sports film that I will watch time and time again because it worked for me on so many different levels. The film had a few flaws here and there, but overall it is a good family film that everyone can watch, both adults and kids, and come away in a feel good mood.

Great Action Flick That Never Gets Old, 22 February 2004

I have seen this movie repeatedly over the years and never grow tired of it. The movie entertains me on so many levels. The cinematography, musical score, the characters all breathe life into the movie so well. The action sequences are really exciting and Harrison Ford is at his best in bringing archeologist Indiana Jones to life. I enjoy the character so much because he does not come off as a superhero. He seems human, not invincible as some screen heroes are often portrayed coming through huge trials without a scratch. Sure Indiana Jones does some things that seem over the top or impossible, but his character isn't without flaws. He is human and gets beaten up pretty badly as he goes through numerous trials and tribulations.

The movie never fails in keeping the viewer's interest as one great action scene occurs after another. This particular movie is my favoite of all the Indiana Jones movies. I feel the movie holds up very well even after all these years. The film does not feel dated at all. The movie launched quite a few ripoffs during the early 80s, none which ever stood up to the success or greatness of this one. Many tried, but very few succeeded. This movie will always go down as one of my all time favorite movies.

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Another hilarious Curly short, 22 February 2004

This one falls into my top 5 favorites featuring Curly. The Stooges play laundrymen who are mistaken for rival reporters by an editor. He sends the Stooges to go and cover a pressing story. This particular episode is famous for an ongoing gag where Curly can't seem to smoke a cigar without getting it smashed prior to lighting. It also has the classic "parrot in the turkey" gag which was seen in a few other Stooge shorts.

Some other moments that come to mind in this one for me are when Larry gets a scalding hot turkey platter placed on his back by Moe. Perfectly timed to occur when he bends over after getting gum on his shoe. This one has so many great moments, so many great one liners. Everytime Moe sings that song to the turkey in the sink, "Nice little turkey, getting its bath at 7:30 and will be well cooked by 8 o'clock" I roll on the ground laughing my head off. As if it would only take half an hour to cook one. Watch this one if it ever runs on TV or on video. It's a classic!

The Abyss (1989)
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Director's cut is a great cinematic experience, 16 February 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really enjoyed the theatrical version of this film when it first came to home video. I then saw the director's cut of the film and felt that an entertaining movie became a fantastic one. In the theatrical version it seemed as though the aliens kind of popped up at the end to save Ed Harris. The director's cut is by far a much better viewing experience because it gives more depth and reasoning for why the aliens are there and what there purpose is. It has some underlying messages in the film about the dangers of nuclear war, but that was seen in many of James Cameron's flicks from the original Terminator thru True Lies. Some of the characters are a little annoying at times, but I felt The Abyss is a great roller coaster ride with its action sequences. The movie also did a great job in making the viewer claustrophobic at times, especially in the diving scenes aboard the sunken sub.

It amazes me that there is some negative feedback that appears on the IMDB regarding this film. I sit there thinking to myself…what film did that person watch? You only have to watch the documentary, Under Pressure: Making The Abyss, to have respect for the finished product, and an all-new respect if you have seen the film already. Don't listen to the negative feedback about The Abyss. Decide for your self by watching the director's cut today. It is a great cinematic viewing experience.

Spider-Man (2002)
Greatest Comic Book Adaptation since Superman: The Movie, 5 May 2002

It has been a long time since I went to the movies to watch a comic book adaptation and come away so completely and utterly satisfied. I drove 65 miles to an AMC Theatre in Overland Park because the theaters in Topeka are relics that should be condemned. It was worth the trip out there!!

Sam Raimi hit a bull's-eye with Spiderman sticking closely to the comic book's central theme. He also succeeds in having a good balance between the drama and the humor in the film as well as presenting a lot of storyline detail in a movie that is just over 2 hours long. I have quickly become a huge fan of his over the last few years, and after seeing Spiderman, I enjoy his work even more than before. There are some minor problems and changes with Spiderman compared to the comic book, but they are just that...minor.

Tobey Maguire made a believer out of me as Peter Parker. I was quite skeptical when I first heard the announcement he was going to play this role. He turned out to be a great pick proving me wrong. I felt he did a good job carrying out the transformation his character goes through from high school nerd to an individual presented with great gifts who, through various trials and tribulations, quickly learns that with great power comes great responsibility. Willem Dafoe pulled off Norman Osborne beyond my expectations playing him and his evil alter ego, The Green Goblin, with diabolical delight. I liked the fact that the director allowed the movie to be dark in tone when it needed to be and also to be violent in its portrayal of The Green Goblin as he wreaks havoc and carnage towards his enemies and in the finale as he meets his demise.

The movie doesn't necessarily have an upbeat ending, but rather nicely sets up for the upcoming sequel. It showed the viewer that the abilities Peter Parker now possesses are not just a gift, but are also a curse because of occurrences that took place due partly in fact to his being Spiderman. For example, the events that took place with Mary Jane and his Aunt Mae. When his enemy learned who the man behind the mask really was, those closest to him were tormented. There is also great tragedy in the fact that Peter Parker is between a rock and a hard place as his alter ego, Spiderman, when it comes to his best friend Harry Osborne. As the movie winds down, Harry has animosity and bitterness toward Spiderman because he thinks he murdered his father, but at the same time considers Peter Parker the only real family he has left.

It was also very cool to see Bruce Campbell have a cameo as the ring announcer during the wrestling scene. Although brief, it is a memorable scene for Bruce Campbell fans. I will definitely see this one again. Just a wonderful 2 hours of movie making that gives me hope knowing there are still moviemakers out there that know how to bring superhero flicks to the big screen with major success. This movie was meant to do nothing more than entertain its audience and it goes above and beyond that. Go and watch Spiderman today!!!


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Who are these Mystery Men?, 4 May 2002

Mystery Men is a comedy that is not for everyone. You either get it or you don't. It takes a certain sense of humor to enjoy this film because a lot of the humor in the film is subtle. This is why I feel a lot of people did not understand the film or thought it was stupid.

I never get tired of Mystery Men. It never takes itself too seriously and often displays a witty sarcasm when dealing with the main characters. Fans of Ben Stiller who are really familiar with his style of humor will have a much better appreciation for the kind of corny dialogue he expels throughout the movie.

The set designers, art directors and Kinka Usher did a great job in capturing the mood of what a real super hero city could possibly be like. I think the setting and mood of Mystery Men is much more appealing as a comic book world than any of the Batman movies ever were. The Batman movies were just too fake. Another reason I think I enjoyed this film is that much of the mood and setting of this film reminded me of The Tick (animated show), another one of my favorite super hero shows. The supporting villains and super heroes, the dialogue and atmosphere could all be part of the Tick universe. Unfortunately the FOX live action show failed to capture what I feel Mystery Men did quite well as far as creating a comic book world. I for one would love to see another movie with the Mystery Men, but in all reality I know this will never happen. No matter, I still consider this to be one of my all time favorite comic book films.

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