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A Z-grade film and proud of it, 27 September 2002

I recently was lucky to be invited to a screening of this otherwise unreleased movie. And what I got is what I could expect from its title: a funny, mindless, no-budget movie that's really proud of its humble origins. People looking for something serious or some production values must stay away of it (alas, what could you expect from a movie made from stock film from several shootings, including some from the spanish Z guru Jess Franco?). First time director Temboury offers a post-modern product: he is recreating his Z-movie heritage, and delivering a movie for fans of the genre. Of course the movie is technically very poor (except some nice touches like the credits, wich are impressive), but Temboury manages to make the viewer forget about these shortcomings thanks to his great sence of humor and his obvious knowledge of filmmaking language.

Shadow of Destiny (2001) (VG)
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The path to the future of movie making, 9 August 2001

Ok, so this is not really a game: the puzzles are really easy, and the cut scenes are usually longer than the game time. This is, in fact A MOVIE in a videogame disguise. The main plot concept is excellent (a man is killed many times, and he must goes back in time each time to try to stop the killer... and guess who he is and why does he want to kill him), and it develops very well, creating, as in a good time travel movie, many plot twists to keep you interested. In fact, one can spot some plot holes, but the main thing about this game is that the tight combination between game-times and movie-times makes the viewer feel a lot more 'inside' the screen than in any 'real' movie. Even though the dialogue is not great and the choose of shots for the scenes could be better (not being so the great -for being subtle- music score), I felt more moved by this 'movie' that for any other good film in the past months... May this be the future of movie making???

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It represents the virtues of the genre in the mid-eighties, 15 November 1999

For me, this movie has the seminal components of what were adult films in the eighties and it never has been again. A remake of Stanley Donen´s 'Blame it on Ginger', it also has the same plot, which makes a difference with other adult movies, and a very fresh sense of humor. Highly recommended.

The most interesting in a series of awful sequels, 7 November 1999

'Conquest...' is not a good movie, but it has some points of interest. Of course, it goes along with the awful contradictions with part one that started in 'Escape from...', but we can appreciate some positive things.

First of all, Roddy MacDowall´s performance, maybe one of his best even under that make up. His portrayal of Caesar is very different from his previous role in the series. On the other hand, there are some very good scenes, and the revolt of the apes is well crafted even though they had a tight budget.