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I really wanted to like this but..., 24 April 2006

I have to start by saying that I'm a fan of the games, I'm also quite forgiving of dodgy horror flicks and was looking forward to seeing this film. I even convinced my friend who's not exactly a horror fan to come and see it with me. I'm not sure that she (or even I) will trust my judgment ever again!

I found it assumed too much prior knowledge about the games to cover over the poor writing, the characters didn't seem to interact with each other in a normal way or appear overly surprised by what was happening around them, and the dialogue has to be some of the worst I've heard in a long time! I can't believe this is the same Roger Avary who worked with Quentin Tarantino!?! OK, so it's probably quite faithful to the games and it certainly looked the part but playing a video game is a different experience to watching a film - you can't just do a straight "conversion" otherwise you get the same effect that you might get from simply watching someone else playing and this is exactly what I felt here. It could have been so much better but it was just badly put together and far too long.

I think the amount of people in the cinema who walked out way before it ended sums up for me quite how poor this film was. I know the fanboys aren't going to like my opinions but I'm sorry, there isn't any hidden depth or meaning to this film, it's just plain ropey!

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Horrific!, 18 March 2006

Apparently due to some sort of legal wrangle this 13-part series of Edgar Allan Poe's classic works (made in 1995) was never aired... until now! I recently caught an episode on the Horror Channel and I think the real reason why it was never shown before is because it sucks! I'm quite forgiving of poor production values normally but everything about it looked cheap and nasty. They even titled the episode I saw "The Tell Tail (sic) Heart" which I think shows how little effort was put into it! I'm not sure how they convinced Christopher Lee to get involved but it probably seemed a good idea at the time. It should have stayed unaired as there are plenty of other "bad" adaptations out there which are far more entertaining - AVOID!!!