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Superbad (2007)
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Disappointing...but typical teen movie., 4 February 2008

This comedy falls short of a true classic, despite good acting performances. The cast made a valiant effort but couldn't save the film from the writer and director. (Perhaps writers are being paid too much.)

I think Superbad could be improved by judicious editing. William Kerr owes us thirty minutes that we'll never get back. Of course, what's funny to an adolescent isn't that much of a crack up to an adult. So you should see the film and decide for yourself.

It would be fun and interesting to see how this movie might turn out by giving it to a group of film students to re-edit.

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One only from Jonly Bonly?, 25 November 2006

Who was the crazy cat that gave Henry Cho's excellent comedy video a score of ONE? This is impossible! Could it have been done by "Jonly Bonly"?

After catching part of "What's That Clickin Noise" on the Comedy Channel my wife and I looked at each other and said, "Who is this guy?" We rented the video and enjoyed the entire show plus the great bonus footage filmed in Knoxville.

I have had it with foul mouth, rude, mean spirited comedians and their miserable excuse for humor, as witnessed on recent Comedy Channel Roasts. Apparently, these folks forgot that their only mission is to help us deal with the troubles and pains of everyday life and have instead chosen to add to our suffering. I will no longer encourage their efforts in any way and I have begun a one man boycott of their work. (You know who you are.)

However, perhaps now the pendulum has begun to move in the other direction, as evidenced by Henry Cho's recent work. It is suitable for the entire family and is brilliant. I don't give out many 10's but this is a solid 10.0. Excellent!

PS. "Jonly Bonly" is a character in Henry Cho's act.

Munich (2005)
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Disappointing...but typical Spielberg., 8 August 2006

I keep hoping that this talented film maker will mature and resist the urge to invent new ways to portray graphic violence. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. There are many beautiful films out there made by little known directors who understand the fine art of allowing the actors to express human drama and emotion. Enough with the splattered brains and dangling severed limbs. Full frontal nudity on corpses...more cheap thrills. This film could have been great. He raised some interesting questions. The acting was excellent but I'm tired of being beat over the head with pointless flashbacks depicting carnage, unsuitable for people of all ages. "Munich" would benefit from about thirty minutes of editing.

Yesterday (2004/I)
R rating not justified! Madala Kunene's theme song is haunting., 14 February 2006

I agree with the positive reviews I've read on IMDb but disagree with the R rating placed on this film in the U.S. The description of pervasive violence is over- stated and the single brutal scene was handled with sensitivity. I think the M rating I've seen used in other countries to describe this film is more appropriate.

With great difficulty, I was able to find the artist who performed the haunting theme to Yesterday. Madala Kunene who is called "the king of Zulu guitar" performed the title song for the Oscar-nominated film, Yesterday. I found more of his songs at Calabash Music. The movie soundtrack with the other performers may not yet exist.

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First Season on DVD Disk 1 - Highly Recommended!!!, 21 October 2004

We enjoyed re-discovering the amazing antics of the Bluth family and preparing ourselves for the much anticipated second season. Arrested Development is my kind of situation comedy. No laugh tracks, thank you for respecting our intelligence! When it's funny, we know when to laugh. There are lots of surprises, special guests, great acting and excellent writing. Ron Howard's narration is a bonus. When someone asks me what it's like, I compare it to "Scrubs" but less mean spirited and more family values. I hope it represents the beginning of a trend toward great but gentle humor. I'm just about fed up with "reality" programs. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work.

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An outline of the story of Moll Flanders, an excellent film., 4 February 2000

This is a delightful tale of an orphan born in Newgate prison where her mother was waiting to be hanged. This film is NOT to be confused with the disappointing film, "Moll Flanders", also released in 1996. Gypsies take the infant, Moll, to a small town where she is raised by a wealthy family with two sons. One is her first love, but he passes her to his brother who marries her. After he dies, she marries a businessman, who leaves her when his fortune is depleted. Moll then marries a ship's captain, who takes her to his prosperous Virginia plantation. She learns a shocking family secret so she returns to England alone to begin a new life. She meets and marries again, but this time her true love, Jemmy, is not what he appears. He has no fortune and makes a living as a highwayman. They part and she marries again. When the next husband dies, she is left a pauper. In desperation she becomes a thief. She is imprisoned in the place of her birth, awaiting the a sentence to be carried out. Moll is a survivor. Will she cheat the hangman? I enjoyed this film very much because of its refreshing blend of drama and humor.