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X-Men (2000)
Not just another action movie
28 July 2000
I mean well, in a way, it is just another action movie but honestly, could anyone have done a better job than Bryan Singer?

He gave the characters depth. Although I have friends who argue against it, insisting that characters like Halle Berry's storm "do nothing but strut their stuff on stage with her more than tight leather pants and quite phony africano-exotica accent." I mean i thought she was rather convincing as Storm, maybe its the boobs thing that got to them. It was sizable. Uhm, but that's not the point.

About character depth... well, Singer couldn't have possibly concentrated on ALL the X-men characters and expect to pull it off. It was smart of him to concentrate on Wolverine - possibly the edgiest and most discussed X-men. He is the protagonist of the story and the other characters revolve around him. Their traits are brought out through their interactions with him. And mind you, Singer's characterization did keep to the original recipe. Marsden was pretty credible as the I-don't-take-no-s**t-and-keep-away-from-my-grrrl leader of the X-men. Janssen gave Jean Grey both body and brains but she looked a little old for Marsden. But I won't chide anyone on that because it just means they're progressive enough to think its ok. :) Well, Storm. she had those little prickly fringe and her attire screamed `look at me body' but no one can take away the fact her power was the ultimate coolest. God, I wish I was one of them.

Rogue didn't really have a name like Marie in the original X-men, right? I think one of the major overhaul from the original was Rogue, portrayed by Anna Paquin. They added this vulnerability to the character, which is, perhaps realistic to a certain extent? But honestly, did Rogue ever have such rapport with Wolverine?

Oh well, I really shouldn't act like a grumpy X-men groupie because this is one of the best comic-based movies. All the batman movies don't even come close. The plot was commendable and somehow, I couldn't think of a better word to describe this movie than cool! Magneto's power and affliction was mentioned so precisely and poignantly at the start of the show. Seriously, its hard to think of how it could be done in a more tasteful fashion.

Ok, maybe this show isn't a perfect 10 because they had some corny and cheezy bits that they could do without. But it does provide many sharp one-liners, mainly from Wolverine. Hugh Jackman really carried it off with a tour-de-force performance. Ok, not THAT fantastic because film critiques will undoubtedly argue that his role doesn't require much. However, he really slipped into Wolverine's persona and skin with such comfort and ease.

Talk about skin, did anyone miss out mystique? Honestly, need I say more?
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Truly Exceptional
9 July 2000
The show was fantastic. It is one of the best, if not the best Chinese swashbuckling show. With that simple and to the point assertion let me continue with my review.

The kungfu choreography was marvelous and beautiful. With Yuen Wo Ping as the martial arts director, things can hardly get better. I dare say that the kungfu movement in this show was definitely more varied and graceful than his other works, for example, the Matrix which obtained such raving reviews. Even when compared to his other Mandarin titles, like Last Hero in China, this show stands out. In other movies, you get the feeling they're merely fighting it out, but for this one, there is a genuine fluidity. The aesthetic and artistic direction is definitely top-notch. Although there were times things were a little overdone, that will not compromise the overall quality of the show.

The acting was excellent as well. Chow Yun Fatt and Michelle Yeoh were fine as the constipated middle-aged `we're a little old but we still love each other' couple. The scene at the end was absolutely heart breaking; so subtle and yet absolute racking. As for Zhang Ziyi, she was perfect as the slightly brat-ish aristocratic daughter of a governor, who's yet to find what she really wants in life. From blithe to confusion to angst to despondence and then despair, there is a character journey which she succeeds in portraying. And all this while, yes, she somehow manages to stay likeable. Its pretty amazing if you consider she's still in acting school.

This must be one of the better adaptation of Chinese `Giang Hu' Novels. Usually, they're so badly adapted they result in one hodgepodge mess of a conglomerated movie. This one has an exceptional script which is easy to follow and not merely as inane as having only good versus evil. Here, our protagonists have their own personal battles to overcome and their own personal devils to defeat. And if any of these sound boring, it isn't! It's one of the fastest 2.5 hr movie I've watched. The ending is also one of the classiest and most beautiful I've seen.

This show is cinematic poetry. The music score compliments the Kungfu sequences well; the lyrical dialogues emerge charmingly. Everything fits in so darn perfectly. You have to concede to the fact that Ang Lee is undoubtedly a visionary and amazing director.

Even if you don't give a damn about any of the above, this show is a visual treat. Go watch the show for the scenery, the martial arts, the actors. The bottom line is to go and watch it because you will rarely find a better one. 9/10.

Yes yes, i'm a groupie and if u watch it, i think u'll become one. :DD
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Patch Adams (1998)
predictable and irritating
5 March 2000
Warning: Spoilers
As with all Robin Williams show these days, this show tries to be heart-warming and inspiring. Unfortunately, it isn't. Gone are the good ol' RW shows like Dead Poet's and Mrs. Doubtfire. This show tries too hard to play by this formula and it turns out cliched. I could predict everything that was about to happen. And the bits that was suppose to be touching (like when he placed the red thingy on his nose to amuse his patient) were really corny. The supposedly extremely 'difficult' patient was not so difficult considering how he was so susceptible to patch's lousy jokes.

Patch's persistent way of chasing Carin (monica potter) was equally annoying but as with all things else, she eventually became impressed by him and she became his steady. I hope this isn't considered a spoiler coz it is too very obvious since the very beginning.

The themes in the show are pretty common. Like daring to be different, to stand up to what u believe in and unfortunately, these overly discussed themes are the basis of the show and it ends up tragically superficial.

I couldn't bring myself to support Robin William's character but i wasn't really against him either. Just simply, annoyed. :) 3/10.
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8 February 2000
This show is definitely one of the worst around by far. There is no plot, no storyline, no character development and no nothing except bad and crass humour. I felt bored by the film and felt like sleeping throughout. I'm amazed at how it did so well in the singapore box office compared to other much better singaporean shows like eating air, the road less travelled etc. The show is a degradation of all singaporeans and portray us as money-minded bigots with a crude sense of humour. I left the theatre with a huge feeling of repugnance and indignance. Even the sound recording and filmography was bad. Jack Neo should stay out of the burgeoning Singapore film industry lest he tarnishes it even more with his crude direction and monopolist attitude. Watch this if you're feeling really masochistic.

This is literally the worst show ever.
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