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Rush (2013/I)
Hell of a ride!!!, 22 November 2014

There is no Tom Sawyer, Limelight, or even a Getty Lee in this "Rush"; but it does not matter, because for those who wish to dream seeing a great movie, they should steer over to the movie "Rush". Director Ron Howard's masterpiece is based on the real life rivalry between 70's Formula One Drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Hunt being the playboy & carefree one, while Lauda is more of the standoffish but focused one. Chris Hemsworth accelerated his serious acting career with a grand performance as Hunt. But it was Daniel Bruhl that won this acting race by putting it up in Oscar-worthy gear with his winning performance as Lauda. Howard geared the film with precise precision in his direction. Peter Morgan's script was riding, I mean writing high with right lanes, I mean lines. So yes I am rushing you to see this movie because it had the right formula. ***** Excellent

Draft Day (2014/I)
Good Draft!, 16 November 2014

I would not select "Draft Day" as the best movie of 2014, especially of what is still available on the cinematic board that we still have to see. Nonetheless, Director Ivan Reitman's sports flick is still worth scouting. Kevin Costner stars as Sonny Weaver Jr., the NFL Cleveland Browns General Manager, who must make some crucial decisions on the team's draft. The film follows Weaver as he weaves himself into a wide array of conflicts & dilemmas during an entire draft day that include not only NFL draft personnel decisions, but also personal agendas of his much younger pregnant girlfriend Ali (who also happens to be the team's CFO) and conflicts with his overbearing mother Barb. Jennifer Garner and Ellen Burstyn did not really score too many thespian points with their mediocre performances as Ali & Barb. However, I would not trade Costner's impressive performance as Weaver for nothing. On paper, the film is not a brilliant piece of filmmaking; which the same could be said of NFL Draft prospects. But if you are a NFL fan, you will touch down and relate to all the football jargon, dealings, and excitement. Oh one extra point before I leave, if you are a Fantasy Football fanatic (present company included), you will even like "Draft Day" a bit more. I think you should feel a draft coming in, and don't turn over away from "Draft Day" **** Good

No thanks, 11 November 2014

*** Average

"Thanks for Sharing" does not really warrant your welcome. It' s not a total disaster but Director Stuart Blumberg's movie about a trio of recovered sex addicts was mostly a turn off. Mark Ruffalo leads the cast as Adam, an easygoing New Yorker who falls for Phoebe played by Gwyneth Paltrow. The thing is that Adam has not informed Phoebe about his addiction. When he does, Phoebe says "let's just be friends"; not really, just wanted to include "Phoebe" and "Friends" in the same sentence. Next, there is Mike (Tim Robbins), the senior sex addict, who has been longtime married to his high school sweetheart and trying to fix his relationship with his estranged kleptomaniac son. To round out the sexoholics, there is Neil (Josh Gad) a young chunky doctor who clumsily fights his addiction in a semi-comedic way and befriends a new addict named Dede played by Alecia Moore (or otherwise known as Pink); hey, the pink stuff had to be included in a movie about sex addicts. "Thanks for Sharing" lacks substance and you don't really care if the characters get it up in their relationships with others, pun intended. That is all I have to share for "Thanks for Sharing"; thanks for reading.

Sex Tape (2014)
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"Sex Tape" is really a "Mess Tape", 1 November 2014

What a turn off the comedy "Sex Tape" was!! Director Jake Kasdan's bore of a movie stars Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz as Jay & Anne, a married couple and parents of two children who try to spice up their sex life by shooting themselves having sex. When the footage mistakenly makes its way to the I-Cloud, it becomes visible to many. I was really in the clouds and wanted to shoot myself as I watched this unfunny, lifeless movie that did not erect me with cinematic pleasure in any way. Segel & Diaz were in the "overacting zone" with their "over the top" (bun intened) performances. This "Sex Tape" should be banned and disposed of as soon as possible. Don't download this "Sex Tape", please!!! ** Needs Improvement

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"The Conjuring" does bring down the house!!, 1 November 2014

I made a conjugal visit (well, maybe not conjugal) to the horror flick "The Conjuring", and it was pretty satisfying. The movie stars Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as Ed & Lorraine Warren, paranormal investigators in the early 70's. Ron Livingston & Lili Taylor co-star as Roger & Carolyn Perron, parents of five females who move into a two- story haunting, I mean haunted, farmhouse. So who you gonna call? The Warrens of course for a Warren investigation to lift the spirits, away that is. Director James Wan does wanna keep us spooked, and does a good job of it. The thespian fems Farmiga & Taylor do stand out with their work here, while Wilson & Livingston should have been scared away from the set with their humdrum performances. Hear my voices and give "The Conjuring" a try. **** Good

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered!, 25 October 2014

The gripping "Lone Survivor" has that "eye of the tiger" as a surreal cinematic experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This adapted true story stars Mark Wahlberg as Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell who is sent on a mission with his three Seal compadres to kill or capture Tabilan leader Ahmad Shad. When the mission turns into a nightmarish experience, Marcus and company have to fight for their lives by combating a full army of Tabilans. Director Peter Berg, who has not been much of a Berger Directorial King in his past work, does surprise here by brilliantly capturing the authenticity of the misery of war through Marcus' & Co. unforgettable experience. Wahlberg was on target as Marcus, and Ben Foster also fostered in nicely with his work as Navy Seal Matt "Axe" Axelson. There are many scenes that are a bit too heavy-handed for some viewers, but "Lone Survivor" is a must-see and a true valiant lesson of overcoming insurmountable odds. And I don't think I am the lone critic (or pseudo-critic better stated) that has the same sentiment. **** Excellent

Short but sweet!!!, 19 October 2014

There was real talent fostering in the independent film "Short Term 12". I promise I will provide you some short puns, but not too many because I will then be terminated by you. The film stars the talented Brie Larson as Grace, the manager of a temporary fostering home for abandoned adolescents. When the conflicted teen Jayden checks into the home, it brings back Grace's dark past as a teen. There was a lot of goodness gracious in Larson's astounding performance as Grace. John Gallagher Jr. was also impressive as Mason, Grace's boyfriend and co- manager of the center. Writer-Director Destin Daniel Cretton deserves much Cretton credit for his impressive little film that will touch your heartstrings. So please don't abandon "Short Term 12" and register to it as soon as possible. ***** Good

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Off the mark! Entirely!!!!!!!!!!!!, 13 October 2014

"Blue Caprice" was out of cinematic fuel from the beginning. This indie movie is based on the Sniper incident that rocked the Beltway in Virginia & Washington in 2002. Speaking of Washington, Isaiah Washington's performance as John, the angry father figure sniper, was off target; and Tequan Richmond did not add much firepower either as Lee, the lost teen who gives himself entirely to John, and becomes John's surrogate son. Director Alexandre Moors focused on the father- son relationship of John & Lee, but I wanted more from Moors on the insight of the Beltway sniper killings and how it affected the fabric of society. "Blue Caprice" was not a true blue picture! Sorry Madonna! * Failure

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Straight Apes, I mean A's!!, 13 October 2014

I went ape crazy with entertainment with the "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" which is set years after hail ape Caesar and his ape peeps escaped& attacked the Golden Ape Bridge, I mean Golden Gate Bridge. In this installment, Caesar and his entourage take refuge but it is threatened by a group of human survivors who need electrical power to survive; the problem is the plant is near Caesar's crib; but Caesar informs them "I Got the Power"!!! OK, enough! I highly recommend this movie! Andy Serkis turns yet again another classic Serkis capture performance act as Caesar. Director Matt Reeves' riveting picture is dawning and not yawning! ***** Excellent

Neighbors (2014/I)
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Worthy enough I guess to go ahead and knock on this Neighbors' door, 13 October 2014

The comedy "Neighbors" had its uproarious moments, especially the Robert DeNiro impersonation scene, that was really talking to me with laughter. However, it did get a bit outlandish throughout the third act of the film. Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne star as Mac & Kelly Radner, a young couple with a baby daughter who find out that their new neighbors are a party-animal crew of fraternity brothers led by Zac Efron''s character Teddy. Teddy just can't bear the nose complaints from his neighbors and neighboring feud havoc follows. Nick Stoller's movie did have its gags, goo, and gaga's, but to me it was just some good old comedic popcorn entertainment, and nothing more. **** Good

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