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Spy (2015)
Not a bad Spy, but not brilliant!, 15 August 2016

Writer-Director Paul Feig's comedy "Spy" is a homage to Secret Agent films starring a bumbling female spy named Susan Cooper played by Melissa McCarthy. I liked this movie better when it was called "Austin Powers I mean Susan Cooper: International Woman of Mystery". OK, I am just kidding. "Spy" did not turn out to be a bad filmmaking mission, but I did not think it had enough creative mojo for top ratings, as it received from many critics. Again, McCarthy stars as Susan Cooper, a desk bound CIA analyst who volunteers to go undercover to prevent global disaster. Yes, we have heard this premise before, but Feig keeps it moderately entertaining. And it does help that McCarthy does a commendable job in her starring performance as Cooper. Rose Byrne brings some fire into the picture also as the fem villain Rayna Boyanov. Byrne and McCarthy again bring some solid chemistry in scenes together. Jason Statham was hilarious as the foul-mouthed Spy Rick Ford; even though Feig criminally underused him. "Spy" was not a master production, but it's worth to go on that possible mission of getting "under your covers" and taking a peek at it. *** Average

The Intern (2015/I)
Not the best intern!, 2 August 2016

I am internally grateful that you are taking a few minutes out of your day to read my cheesy review of Writer-Director Nancy Meyers' comedy "The Intern". I hope you make it through this puntership with flying colors. Anyways, the movie stars Robert De Niro as Ben Whittaker. Ben is a 70 year old widower who is living out retired days, but needs to fill a void. He comes across an opportunity to be an intern in a senior citizens' internship program for a start-up fashion online company. Anne Hathaway co-stars as Jules, the Founder of the company who at first is reluctant to work with an older crowd, but then takes a genuine liking to Ben as not only a dependable intern, but a father figure. Of course, there are conflicts that are incorporated into the film that causes their relationship some challenges, and Jules' own relationship with her husband. I admired how Meyers directed the first hour of the movie, but then it looked like "The Intern" ran out of steam during the second half with too many elongated scenes; and that is why I could not give "The Intern" a review promotion. I did like De Niro as Ben, and Hathaway as Jules was not too shabby either. "The Intern" was 2 hours long, it didn't have to be. This intern could have done it's job in a sheer 90 minutes, but it stayed for not-needed overtime; and for that I can't highly recommend for you to hire "The Intern" into your movie watch company. *** Average

Big Eyes (2014/I)
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Nice art!, 28 July 2016

As I am about to express my artistic review creation (or there, lack of) of the movie "Big Eyes", I must inform you that this "Big Eyes" review has plenty of cornea puns; I mean corny puns. See what I mean! OK, this Tim Burton directed movie is based on the incredible true story of painter Margaret Keane, who in the 60's painted popular paintings of sad children with big eyes. However, the eyeroller here is that her emotionally abusive husband Walter Keane was taking credit for the paintings, and no one was aware that is was Margaret who was the true artist. I am glad that Burton hid his grandiose castles and imaginary worlds this time around, and decided to go back to the passionate authentic human element as he did with "Ed Wood". So yea, nice job Tim. Moreover, we get a solid screenplay from legendary movie scripters Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski. Amy Adams' big performance as Margaret was something for your eyes to see, and Christoph Waltz' work as Water was no fake work. We also get some good supporting work from Danny Huston, Terence Stamp, Jason Schwartzman, and Krysten Ritter. So therefore, I think you should give some Keane awareness to "Big Eyes". **** Good

Night Owls (2015)
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Owl don't know about this one!, 25 July 2016

This boy in the hood named Charles Hood co-scripted and directed the independent rom-com (sort of speak) "Night Owls", and Owl tell you one thing, it wasn't very Hood, I mean good. The movie stars Adam Pally as Kevin, a video assistant for a College Football program. At a college football function, Kevin meets the floozy Madeline, and she ends up taking him to what he thinks is her house; Madeline is played by Latina actress Rosa Salazar. Kevin is bewildered when he finds out that Madeline has taken him to his boss' house, who is the Head Football Coach at the University. Why the connection? Well, why go on. Cause this plot had plenty of fumbles and its turnovers were not creative at all. Sorry Hoodie! Pally want an acting class! Well, he should, because Adam Pally's performance as Kevin was profoundly overacted. Now, I must say what saved "Night Owls" from disaster was the charismatic performance from Salazar as Madeline. But I still think the "Night Owls" will most likely put you to sleep. *** Average

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Right Guardians!, 20 July 2016

Call me lost in space for taking an eternity to experience the "Guardians of the Galaxy", but I finally launched into it and it was worth the ride. The blockbuster stars Chris Pratt as a charismatic intergalactic criminal named Peter Quill who also goes by StarLord. Peter himself was abducted as a child by a clan of intergalactic criminals just after his mom passed away. His national treasure has always been a walkman with a cassette of some classic tunes, which was one of the classic aspects of the movie. Through unexpected circumstances, Quill teams up with other intergalactic bad guys that are really good; including the green gal Gamora (Zoe Saldana), the vengeful prisoner Drax (Dave Bautista), the sarcastic loudmouthed raccoon Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper), and the one-phrase tree Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel). Sure, they are a diverse bunch but their mission to stop madman Ronan's Run to control the universe was quite imperative. Director James Gunn sure had some fun developing this one, and he did a commendable job, even though there were one too many action sequences. Where Gunn hit right on target was on the witty screenplay he scribed with Nicole Perlman. What I thought was really a blast off about "Guardians of the Galaxy" was the zany, pitch-perfect vocal performance from Bradley Cooper as Rocket. His Rocket launched vocal greatness, even though Rocket was off his rocker. OK, my pun mission is done here. Have a blast with this one, if you haven't already. **** Good

Sicario (2015)
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A hit!!!, 14 July 2016

Director Denis Villeneuve has imported in a tour-de-force picture in "Sicario". The movie stars Emily Blunt as FBI Agent Kate Mercer. She is recruited by the mercy (sort of, kind of) of a U.S. government task force to aid in the escalating war against drugs at the border area between the U.S. and Mexico. Half mercy on Mercer because even though she volunteered for the journey, this is not what she envisioned it to be. Josh Brolin co-stars as the Government Agent Matt Graver who does not want to dig his own grave in this dangerous mission, so he manipulates Mercer in ways I will not reveal. At the center of this mission, is the mysterious Alejandro played by Benicio Del Toro. Villeneuve marveled in his orchestration of "Sicario" by keeping it tense and unpredictable. Taylor Sheridan's screenplay was a little bit of a bust, but not so much to lessen the movie's strength. Blunt delivers the best performance of her career as Mercer; and Mercy, Mercy, Me why in the world was she not nominated for a Best Actress Oscar! Brolin was his usual steady self in his work as Graver. Del Toro was the scene stealer of the movie though, and there were plenty of hits to that statement; I will just leave it at that. "Sicario" is sic!! And A must see, so open your borders for it. ***** Excellent

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Not exactly White on! But Abbott and Nixon shined!, 8 July 2016

"James White" is the story of the New England Patriots' running back struggle to make the team, and insert himself as a 3rd Down specialist. Just kidding! And only die-hard football fans will get that one. "James White" is actually a mediocre somber film about a mother dying from cancer and her party-festive son's struggle to care for her. Writer- Director Josh Mond sure insert some "Mond"ay blues in this film showing the deterioration of a middle-aged woman dying from cancer, and her party-loving son's difficulty dealing with it. The Mond issue here is that there is not much more to this. The film lacked a layered screenplay, and creative direction. However, I must state that the acting was superb! Christopher Abbott dazzled as the title character, and Cynthia Nixon was outstanding as James' dying mother Gail. So I would not subject "James White" to the bench, but I would not exactly touch down with "James White". *** Average

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Should include it in your short term list of things to do, 27 June 2016

Hello! My name is Meeza, and I am going to now present you my movie review of Disney Pixar's sequel to "Finding Nemo" called "Finding Dory". This time around the primary fetch star is the lovable, short-term memory loss blue fish Dory. Hello! My name is Meeza, and I am going to now present you my movie review of... Wait a Second! I am ADoryble myself, as most of us are who reach our mid 40's with our short term memory. Anyways, "Finding Dory" is very similar to the original in narrative content but does not exactly reach Nemo's depth. Dory's dilemma in "Finding Dory" is that she suddenly is aware that she has a mother & father and goes from sea coast-to-coast to try to find them, Nemo and his neurotic dad Marlin do help Dory in her sea quest. There are new characters in this one including a wonderful octopus named Hank who Dory meets along her search for Ma & Pa. Writer-Director Andrew Stanton, who also scribed & orchestrated "Finding Nemo", did a fine job also this time around; but the originality was not as creative as before due to similar plot line of "Finding Nemo". Ellen DeGeneres nailed the Dory voice once again, and the Ellen Show was one of the main reasons what baited me into liking the picture. Albert Brooks was also superb in his vocal performance as Marlin. Ed O'Neill also was quite the modern squid with his voice work as Hank. Right now there are not too many movies in the "to see" tank from what's playing in theaters; however, "Finding Dory" is one you should find. **** Good

Big Ben scores again!, 20 June 2016

I am warning you this might be a pun grind by reading my review of Writer-Directors Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck's independent movie "Mississippi Grind". But I promise you it will be fine, well maybe not. The vastly underrated (just my opinion) Ben Mendelsohn stars as out-of-luck gambler Gerry. He resides in Iowa, but really is living in the state of "I owe all of you" due to his gargantuan gambling debt. In one of his poker dealings, Gerry meets Curtis; he is the suave gambler full of stories that takes a friendly liking to Gerry. Curtis is played by Ryan Reynolds. Gerry and Curtis team up and take it on the road to deal with the cards that have been handed. OK, maybe not. But they do take it on the road, to try to make some gamble winnings in New Orleans, St. Louis, and yea Mississippi. Boden & Fleck's narrative is not overwhelmingly superb, and they are not really "jack of all cinema trades" filmmakers. But they do develop an adequate road trip movie that is built upon the winning chemistry between Mendelsohn and Reynolds. Both were excellent with their performances but I would double down more a bit with Mendelsohn's rousing performance. It's in his bloodline I mean lifeline for Mendelsohn to get an Oscar in the future. The rest of the cast needed a bigger wheel to spin with, especially Sienna Miller's useless character Simone who plays an intermittent love interest of Curtis. But it was not a big loss to deal with. It's your call, but I think you should take the gamble and visit on the "Mississippi Grind". **** Good

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A Mastepiece Lobsterpiece!, 10 June 2016

Please do not get clawstrophobic with my pun-filled review of the masterpiece independent film "The Lobster". I just don't sea, I mean see, a better movie coming out this year than "The Lobster". Director Yorgos Lanthimos has yorgone where few directors have gone to with his apex originality, creativity, and quirkiness of this gem of a film. "The Lobster" stars an excellent Colin Farrell as David. His wife has just left him, and has to go to a hotel where they provide you 45 days to find a new mate. The rules of this futuristic dystopian society is that if mating is not made within 45 days, then the guests are transformed into an animal of their choice. David selects a Lobster because he loves the sea, they live to more than 100 years old, they are blue-blooded like aristocrats, and they always remain fertile! I have been saying this for years!!! At the hotel, David befriends two other male guests; a lisping quasi-looney dude, and an abrasive limping man. There are unorthodox occurrences that occur in the hotel that will leave you flabbergasted; either with bitter disgust because of its unconventionality or with cinematic euphoria due to its originality; I was hit wit the latter. So yea, "The Lobster" is not for everyone to stomach. Rachel Weisz co-stars as the Short Sighted Woman, she is part of The Loners; a guerrilla-type group that guests in the hotel must hunt on. Consequently, David and the Short Sighted Woman meet and then the film becomes an insightful love story like you have never seen before; from near or far. Lanthimos and Efthymis Filippou's screenplay of "The Lobster" was a clawsic case of delight! It's as inventive as they come! I will boil with anger if "The Lobster" screenplay is not nominated for a Best Screenplay Oscar nomination during next year's award season! Moreover, Lanthimos also better land plenty of Best Director nominations for his phenomenal direction of the picture. Farrell has never been better, it is the best performance of his career with his perfect work as David. Also sensational was John C. Reilly as the Lisper and Ben Whishaw as the Limper. I also envision Weisz with much award accolade for her perfect performance as the short sighted woman. Other Lobster kudos acting feeds also go to Lea Seydoux as the Loner Leader, Angeliki Paupolia as the Heartless Woman, Ashley Jensen as the Biscuit Woman, Jessica Barden as the Nosebleed Woman, and Olivia Colman as the Hotel Manager. The Acting Lobsemble here is as good as it gets! So yes, I am a "The Lobster" lover, and it has clawed its way to my cinematic tops! ***** Excellent

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