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Conan vs. Dune vs. L. Ron Hubbard., 10 June 2004

Saw an advance screening.

If Conan's writers sat down with the writers from Dune (for the Sci-Fi Channel) sat down with L. Ron Hubbard while he was writing Battlefield Earth, this is what they would have written. Basically, an unbeatable badass fights across a futuristic setting, and everything in the plot is kept very basic.

The plot is thin. It doesn't matter; the thin plot is intentional. This is an action film; it's not meant to make you go home and think about your life, it's not meant to make you a better person, it's not going to make you sad, it's entertainment for entertainment's sake.

This wasn't half bad, and going in with the low expectations, I came out really, really happy. Put otherwise, if they make a third, I'll be there.

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Elvis, JFK, and the Mummy, 8 January 2004

Bruce Campbell thinks he's Elvis, with a black man who thinks he's JFK, fighting an evil mummy named Bubba Ho-Tep, who is sucking the souls out of the people at the senior center they live in.

It just sounds terrible. Which is all the more reason to see it.

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Hilarious., 5 August 2002

This is hilarious.

Lucas and company didn't realize the success they had on their hands, and they made... this. If you like Star Wars *and* aren't a raging geek, you'll get a chuckle out of watching this.

Groove (2000)
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Wow. Skip it, see Human Traffic instead., 5 August 2002

This was hailed as a fictional documentary of a night in the rave/party scene. The party sequences are fun, but if you have no experience with raves, the best parts of the movie are somewhat missed. If you do have experience with raves, I feel that Human Traffic is a better movie.

My main gripe with this movie is the fast-paced character development doesn't really leave you caring about the characters; other than that, the movie is good enough to hold interest.

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MUCH better than Groove., 4 August 2001

The movie Groove missed the mark; Human Traffic hit it dead center. Whereas Groove really wanted you to care about weak character development in a somewhat serious documentary, Human Traffic wants those of you who catch the joke to laugh.

If you're on the party/club scene, this is the movie to see. If you're not familiar with that scene, you're going to miss a lot of the references.

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Television defined the eighties, 16 October 2000

Nothing defined the eighties so much as the television we watched. Dallas. The Young and the Restless. The Dukes of Hazzard. He-Man. The Greatest American Hero. Airwolf. Knight Rider.

In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they did not commit. They promptly escaped a maximum security stockade into the Los Angeles Underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they exist as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire...

The A-Team.

With a script any eight year old would love, the four members of the A-Team went off every week to somewhere in America to help someone who couldn't find help anywhere else. They battled impossible odds (with impossible storylines) and managed to stay one step ahead of the law. They were always predictable, heroic, and fun. God bless the eighties, and long live TV Land.