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Avatar (2009)
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Fantastic like nothing else, 20 December 2009

Amazing movie. The most fantastic movie I have seen in 20 years. As a matter of fact ever, since there is nothing like it. Just go and watch it. I went in expecting something special, and it really is something else. Absolutely fantastic universe created here. The visuals are absolutely stunning. And all the details are mind boggling. This is really a movie where you cannot give people an idea just by describing the plot. They just have to go see the movie. I just want see the movie once more. My son who's 11 years old said the same. He could not forget this movie, and want to go see it again. It is not the story but the way it's presented. A must see.

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Just great, 27 August 2006

Absolutely the best interviewer around. Has an amazing ability to make his guest feel at home. They simply talk about other things on Parkinsons than they do on any other talk show. With a lot of humor and intelligence, we get little anecdotes, funny and interesting stuff. Parkinson can get away with questions, the stars would normally not even bother to answer. But on Parkinsons there's this great atmosphere that makes everyone relax. Off course there's many funny shows on TV, but when you have watched Parkinsons, you feel not only entertained, but also a little wiser. Many times, you will sit around after the show, with a little happy smile on your face. To put it shortly, it doesn't get any better than this.

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Light and entertaining, 25 December 2005

Nice little flick with good humour. Brosnan is pretty good as the somewhat bored thief. He nails the laid back thief, who just can't stop very nicely. The opening of the movie is also a nice piece of entertainment. Hayek is simply irresistible, and the director seems to manage, to show her from every angle (thanks buddy). But it's Woody that steals the movie. He's perfect cast as the half goofy half crazy FBI agent. He's got some great one liners. The shark scene is hilarious. Actually rather amusing little piece of film. Would have given it 7½, but because its somewhat predictable it gets a 7. If you have a couple of spare hours go rent it.

Great story, great cast, great movie, 8 December 2003

This movie is just down my alley. Not just a lot of meaningless action sequences. But real people with real lives. This movie is awesome. The whole cast makes a perfect job. My admiration for Mr. Penn keeps growing.

I actually think this is Eastwood`s best movie. The character description is more involving than Unforgiven, but maybe it´s unfair to compare the two. Interesting how it seems to be wrong, to take the law in ones own hands. Just think about the characters Clint himself, used to give life, on the big screen.

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Best Movie Made So Far, 30 November 2003

When it comes to what really matters. This movies got it all. The cast of the two main characters is perfect. The whole cast makes a hell of a job. The music the story. This is my all time favorite movie.

"Ed" (2000)
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Great Show with truly interesting people, 29 October 2003

One of the best shows in a long time. All the characters are just great. Ed is a loving and interesting person, great imagination. Julie Bowen is very very lovely (Its not only Ed who falls in love with her). In general the cast is great. What can I say, this show is just a pleasure to watch.

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Few laughs, boring action, Bad Movie II, 13 October 2003

Well the pace is high, sometimes. A lot of nice effects but little real story, weird persons. Parts where you just sit and wait for the next action piece. Not funny enough, bad story, too long. Lethal weapon series is funnier and more believable.

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Waste of time, 5 June 2003

This show is a total waste of time. Its rarely funny, and hopefully not all women are as superficial and air headed as these 4. This show could be considered offending to both males and females. But in the end its just too uninteresting, not funny and a waste of time.

Blue Sky (1994)
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Extremely Watchable, 17 March 2002

Everything works just fine in this movie. Tommy Lee hits just the right combination between the Military man and the affectioned husbond. And Jessica Lange glows all the way through the movie. Amy Locane, Powers Boothe, Chris O Donnel and the rest makes it all work. Despite all that happens to this family, love keeps them together. Higly recommendable.

Great Movie with only little to critizise, 25 December 2001

Great scenes so spectacular you have to see them. They take time for every little detail. The actors are a perfect choice. I can only find a one thing I didn´t like. There seem to be a little distance to the characters ( I dont know how to explain this exactly, but maybe i´t´s better if you have read the book). But dont get me wrong, I still rate this movie at 10.

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