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clichéd & claustrophobic & a little tedious, 25 November 2014

a pitifully budgeted - b&w - British film - all the scenes seem shot in as small a set as possible - the few outdoor shots are a relief

altho based on a true story of a joint British and OSS effort to mislead the Germans regarding the invasion of europe by the allies - the plan was clever - but the movie's plot feels contrived and unconvincing

the actors are better than the script - Jeff Hunter acquits himself well - altho this confirms he was never a potent screen presence - but neither were co-stars Nigel Patrick or swiss actress Annemarie Düringer or anyone else

the ring of authenticity, 17 April 2013

you've no doubt seen other documentaries of the Taj Mahl - and you've probably seen them with traditional Indian instruments playing in the background - what's new and special about this documentary is the voice - the rich and melodious voice of Indian actor Saeed Jaffrey

his narration vividly brings to life the intensely romantic story of the Mughal emperor and the woman who inspired the Taj Mahal - it's hard to find a more compelling history - additionally - Jaffrey can do something many other Taj Mahal documentary narrators can't - make the names sound authentic

short yet packed with information that is effortlessly absorbed due to the skillful writing - the narrator - and the visuals

one of my favorite documentaries - ever

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so fluffy it floats in air, 23 March 2013

if you're in the mood for a romantic comedy - without anything thought provoking - this might do

the fun comes watching the two potential lovers trying to outwit each other - there were a couple obvious steps that might have been taken - but using them right away would have cut the plot short - so try to resist belaboring them

Gene Tierney & Tyrone Power were the eye candy of the time - they weren't top actors - but by this time - they had developed an easy charm in place of the finesse of the better actors - such as Carol Lombard - Claudette Colbert - William Powell - Cary Grant

the scheming and the repartee were pretty good - but not the best - and the falling in love wasn't so obvious - still the expectation was there to help the audience over the threshold

competent in all departments - which may explain why it isn't cited as one of the great romantic comedy - still - it's a good choice for a bit of light entertainment

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dull with surprising chemistry, 25 September 2012

a gentler movie than most of Audie Murphy's westerns - he's a gosh-darn hillbilly man - who meets a plum dirty hillbilly girl - and cain't see thru the messy hair & filthy clothes to her Sandra Dee appeal - but at the town where they come to trade their furs - the sheriff there does see it - while the hillbilly boy is a smitten by the lady dressed in scarlet

this was never gonna be a great movie - but it weren't even average - the story didn't generate any tension cuz of the long dry scenes - and cuz everything was so predictable

the chemistry between Audie and Sandra Dee showed considerable promise - while Gilbert Roland almost steals the movie as the suave latino sheriff

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a diverse posse, 15 September 2012

better than average Audie Murphy western with more sharply defined characters than usual - plus a good script that brings freshness - and even fun - to the heavily traveled chase 'em plot

the actors help a lot - Robert Keith as the grizzled ex Civil War soldier who keeps trying to take over the posse - Rudolph Acosta as an Indian trying to be accepted - John Saxon as a soft Easterner reluctantly shoved into posse duty - Paul Carr as an eager young man handy with pistols - to name a few - somehow the script makes this diverse group interesting without making them annoying - the one notable exception is the 1-dimensional quality of the kidnapped girl as written - fortunately - the role was given over to the way-too-talented Zohra Lampert - and she brings this small part to life

the represents the type of effort that makes genre enjoyable

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the romantic formula with colorful twists, 25 August 2011

colorful quirky romantic comedy about an ugly duckling woman who wonders thru Nagasaki thinking of Lisbon - filled with manga inspired dreams of princes and princesses and romance - and yearning for the attractive man who once said something encouraging to her

well acted - especially by Miki Nakatani as the duckling

funnily - its set during the Christmas season and the soundtrack is full of Xmas music sung in English - the only odd note coming at a wedding scene with the bride and father marching down the aisle to "O Christmas Tree"

fast paced at the start - slows appropriately as the story deepens - the plot turns more conventional towards the end - but by then - the spell had been cast

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the casting, the music, the unconventional, 14 August 2011

if you're thinking of Tony Curtis and Debbie Reynolds with their Hollywood glamor - you're in for quite a surprise - this is grittier stuff than they usually did - altho - not guttery or depressing - as it would be in todays milieu

try to overlook the residue of Tonys Bronx accent - and enjoy his eager Midwestern saxophonist arriving in the jazz musicians mecca - Noo Yook City

except he's not in a typical Hollywood success story - here the emphasis is on disillusionment - and its actually risqué for its time - with Tony and struggling dancer Debbie Reynolds sharing an apartment - both actors are very good - Debbie could have used more such roles

the script is too talky perhaps - too much like a stage play - the most memorable thing for me beside the stars is the music - especially the throbbing theme song played over the opening scenes of Tony's cross country bus ride - from the plains of the Midwest - to smog shrouded NYC

and i can still hear in my mind the driving version of THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC played with real life saxophonists Sam Butera and Jerry Mulligan - and Joe Buskin at the keys - that scene demonstrates how convincing Curtis was at faking playing a saxophone - notice his red face while playing the large baritone sax - when i was in the school band - i could barely get a sound out of one of them

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ooooo marj dusay, 27 June 2011

i've been watched some episodes from the Season 2 DVD set - and i chose this simply cuz of Marj Dusay's presence - i've always thought she was remarkably beautiful and sexy - and an equally good actress - she didn't disappoint

some of the dialog had the give-and-take that the old hardboilers had - and she and Jack Lord were very good at it

my gripe have mostly to do with the shooting - altho set in Singapore and The Phillipines - the scenes were obviously shot on sets or in Hawaiian locations - for a show that boasted of their location shooting - the effort to fool viewers seemed like a cheap trick

and what's with the Singapore cop with the fake bald head - being bald it turns out to be unnecessary to the role - altho - maybe it was feared that American audiences wouldn't realize it was the same guy in a later scene without some clue

the story was too obviously formula - but - in the case of the quasi-romantic pairing of an adversarial couple on the run - it was good formula

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Action - Average; Shim Eun Ah - Wonderful; Chinese transfer - Poor, 16 May 2011

an average sympathetic contract killer story - with moody 1-dimensional Jung Woo Sung bringing little beyond his pretty boy looks and chipmunk cheeks - the director must have told him in the beginning - "just act moody all thru this film"

the action is pretty mundane - but the romance added a little spice with pretty Shim Eun Ah playing an extremely forward barmaid with singing ambitions - she needs to be cuz our killer is - believe it or not - girl shy

the romance takes up most of the middle part of the film - with the so-called action taking up Parts 1 and 3

i must warn you about the Chinese DVD version I saw - distributed by Sky Entertainment - it has a terrible transfer - scenes in the dark were barely discernible - fortunately - those scenes were mostly in Part 1

A memorable GH episode for the right reasons, 11 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

while i'm not pretending this is great - in the Green Hornet context - and more importantly - in the context of martial arts in western films and TV - it is one of the most famous and inspiring shows

it has martial Asians against martial arts Asians - one of the first - if not the first - example in on US television

of course Mako wasn't a barehands fighter - what little he had to do passed muster simply cuz it was so little - and at the climactic fight - Bruce Lee's student Danny Inosanto stood in - producing a whale of a fight scene

we even get to see Bruce wield several different weapons - giving western audiences their first glimpse of these exotic devices

my only regret is that the standards of TV back then didn't allow more time for Bruce and Mako - they were both magnetic actors - and would brought the intensity level up several notches - instead - they played lap dogs to the white guys - which was a little demeaning - but made up for by the importance of the martial arts skills their characters brought

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