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The Piano (1993)
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One of the worst movies ever made, 23 November 2003

I still find it hard to believe people actually like this movie. There was not one redeeming thing about the lead characters that made you want to feel any sympathy for them. The only word I can say to describe the movie is pretentious. The only characther that had any depth whatsoever was the husband. And he was ultimately portrayed as a stereotype, which totally went against his persona in the earlier part of the movie. Ada should have been slapped for her childlike behavior. If this is supposed to be a love story, it falls far short, and only serves to insult the minds and the hearts of the viewer.

Mousehunt (1997)
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Genius, 20 January 2003

When I first saw this movie in the theater, I did not really know what to expect. In the end, I never laughed so hard in my life. Granted, its not everyone's kind of humor (which certainly can be seen by the IMDB people that trashed it) but it is an extremely intelligent, yet slapstick dark comedy that may have you rolling on the floor.

I do not think that this movie is good for kids. From the very beginning, the movie isn't afraid to "cross the line" by causing upheaval at a funeral. But it handles things without the gratuitous use of sex, unlike most comedies these days.

Some of the funniest things about Mousehunt are in the details. (Keep an eye on the painting...) But the thing that I enjoyed the most was how the mouse was interweaved into the rest of the story. Although the movie isn't really about a mouse (it was about two brothers coming together in the wake of their father's death), I think we all could use a little chaos in our lives once in a while.

horrible, 29 May 2000

This was one of the most boring and predictable movies that I have seen in a long time. Not only was the plot weak, but almost every moment could have been predicted, the chase/fight scenes were way long, and the love interest between the two main characters just didn't make sense. I thought the original Mission Impossible series was great, but this had nothing to do with that series. Oh well, yet another horrible summer movie.