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Sometimes, god is in the details...
30 March 2003
"Thick as Thieves" is a terrific, fast-paced film with exceptional (and very funny) dialogue. As some of the other reviewers have stated, Michael Jai White is exceptional, but the same can be said about Baldwin and the rest of the cast. How many perfectly putrid or at best mediocre films were released and heavily promoted in 1999 while this little gem was swept under the rug? Watch and listen carefully. You'll be glad that you did.
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Deeply Moving
24 March 2002
It's been a long time since I've seen "Ningen no joken II", the second of Kibiyashi's trilogy: "The Human Condition". One scene (and you'll know it if you see the film) is one of the most visually stunning and heart wrenching in movie history. The rest of the film isn't far behind it with Tatsuya Nakadai giving a brilliant performance playing a good man caught in the monstrous jaws of history. Deeply moving.
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The Freshman (1990)
Highly Recommended!
17 September 2000
This is a delightful little movie by Andrew Bergman, the director of "The In-Laws". It features among other things Marlon Brando doing an incredibly funny take-off on his own performance in "The Godfather". Brando and Broderick play off each other beautifully and Penelope Anne Miller is equally wonderful as Brando's sexy daughter. Despite the fact that this movie is largely farce, the direction and acting give the characters a depth that you wouldn't expect. Full of surprises and off-beat touches. The one minor flaw is the performance of a Komodo dragon that looks suspiciously like a Monitor lizard - OK, is a Monitor Lizard.
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She-Wolf of London (1990–1991)
a small gem
30 July 2000
A funny, clever and wonderfully atmospheric show that deserved much more attention than it originally received. It had an interesting quality that was very reminiscent of some of the better "Hammer Studio" horror films of the sixties and seventies. The humor of this show had a similarity to that on "The Avengers". "She Wolf of London" also possessed wonderful dialogue filled with double entendres and spoken by a really excellent cast. The leads had great rapport and the supporting players were unusually good.

The change of name to "Love &Curses" and setting to LA was a huge mistake and the loss of the distinctly English atmosphere hurt the show. However, even those episodes are funny, well written and well acted.

Watch it if you can!
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Fleshtone (1994)
A nice surprise
15 June 2000
I saw this film a few years back and remember it as a good erotic thriller. Lise Cutter, who hasn't done a movie role since this one, gives an exceptional and affecting performance. Thomerson , as usual, is fine in a supporting role.
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