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One of John Woo's better films, 26 June 2000

Mission Impossible 2 stars Tom Cruise as a secret agent trying to find a theif. The only way to get the theif though is to get the theif's ex-girlfriend, so the theif can be pre-occupied, while Cruise and his team can get the tools to stop the theif. This leads to an action-packed ending.

This movie got a little bit boring between the beginning and middle, but then comes back for an explosive ending. It had the explosive stunts like they had in Face/Off and Broken Arrow. Great special effects with the $125,000,000 budget. Also starring Anthony Hopkins, Ving Rhames.


Fantastic Movie, 12 May 2000

The Green Mile stars Tom Hanks, who works with the in-mates who are on death row. One day a big tall man named John Coffey (Micheal Clarke Duncan), "a miracle", comes from being wrongfully accused for murdering to little girls. In the movie Tom Hanks has a urinal infection, and then John Coffey helps in out with it. That's when Hanks realizes this man is going to die and he's really a gift from god.

Great movie with great performances by Hanks and Duncan. Although some parts were tough see. There are even a lot of surprisingly funny parts in the movie. Also starring Gary Sinise and James Cromwell.


Whoa!, 12 May 2000

Romeo Must Die is about a war against black people, and chinese people. Jet Li breaks out of prison finding out that his brother was murdered, so he wants revenge!

Very wild movie, with a bunch of kung-fu scenes. A little bit to unbelieveable, like when Jet Li is jumping like 20 feet in the air. But if these things don't bother you in a movie, you would like it. But if you don't, I suggest you skip this movie. Also starring DMX, Aayilah, and Delroy Lindo.


Almost as good as the first one, 16 April 2000

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me is about Austin, now married to Vanessa (Elizabeth Hurley), finds out that she's a fembot (a robot made to seduce Austin, that was made by Dr. Evil). So after that Austin finds out that Dr. Evil went back in time to try to steal Austin Powers' mojo. So then Austin has to go back in time to try to find him.

Pretty funny movie has Micheal Myers in a good role once again. This time he plays 3 people. This time the movie had even better music. Although when it got near the ending there wasn't really to many funny parts. Also starring Heather Graham, Micheal York, Robert Wagner, and Seth Green.


Funniest movie of 1997, 16 April 2000

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery stars Mike Myers as Austin Powers, who a spy in 1967, who finds that Dr. Evil has chryogenically froze himself, so the Powers freezes himself too. Dr. Evil then comes back in the year 1997, and so does Powers. Dr. Evil then has a plan to hijack a nuclear warhead, and give it back. Only if they pay him $1,0000,000 ($100,000,000,000.00).

Very funny movie has Myers playing Dr. Evil and Austin Powers. Had great 60's music, great performances. All in all, its a great movie for any fans of secret agent movies.


The Matrix (1999)
Ground-breaking Sci-Fi movie, 14 April 2000

The Matrix stars Keanu Reeves, a computer hacker,has been searching for a man named Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), nearly all his life. He finally gets to find him, but the Neo (Reeves) finds out that their is a question that is more mysterious then Morpheus, and the question is, "What is the Matrix?"

Ground-breaking Sci-Fi movie with some of the greatest special effects of all time. Reeves is good as Neo, Laurence Fishburne is outstanding as Morpheus. Another highlight of the movie is the kung-fu scenes. Also starring Carrie Ann Moss, and Hugo Weaving. Won 4 acedmy awards.

*** 1/2

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Great fun, 12 April 2000

Jurassic Park is about billionaire Richard Attenbourgh, who makes a park, that has living, breathing dinosaus. It seems to be great. Until a storm hits, and a person shuts down the electricity, and then that sets the dinosaurs free.

Fun movie, with the greatest special effects I've ever seen. The dinosaurs actually look real! Although probably had some of the worst mistakes of 1993. Still, even with a horrible story, it still is a fantastic movie. Also starring Sam Neil, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum.

*** 1/2

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Could have been good, 12 April 2000

The Lost World is about a group of people, led by Jeff Goldblum, to go to another island where they were supposed to make a park. Then they realize that their is another group out to catch the dinosaurs, so the group has to stop them.

OK movie with fantastic special effects. This could have been a good movie, if they didn't copy off another movie (the movie they copied off of was King Kong). Enough cliff-hanging action scenes to be an ok movie. Beware: the Godzilla of 1997. Also starring Julianne Moore.


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Surpisingly good, 11 April 2000

Enemy of the State stars Will Smith as a normal guy, with a normal job. Then one day a friend from college comes and sticks evidence in Smith's bag. This is leading to a murder, by a muli-millionaire. So then the people who work for the millionaire, try to do anything they can, to get that from Smith's bag. Along the way Smith meets up with Gene Hackman, who helps Smith along the way.

Suprisingly good pyschological thriller, has Smith and Hackman in good roles. Very intelligent, and smart at times, although in my opinion their were to many endings. Also starring John Voight.


Twisted Sci-Fi movie, 10 April 2000

Men In Black is about a secret angency, that knows one thing that others don't, there are aliens in the world. So then Will Smith becomes part of the angency, and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), and agent J (Smith) fight off the aliens.

Good movie has Smith and Jones in good roles. Smart, usually funny, and has some creative moments here and there. Great special effects all the way.


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