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These are the movies that I can pop in at any time and will be overcome with joy and the inability to stop. If any of these movies showed up on TV in the 90's, I would stop what I was doing and sit my butt down.
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This list consists mostly of films that I have not seen, and films that are predominantly from the 70's. Some of these are available on Amazon Prime - (Fighting Back, The Stranger '1987') - but otherwise these are not available on DVD or Blu Ray.

Criterion, Twilight Time, Synapse Films, Kino Lorber, Shout Factory, Warner Archives, 20th Century Fox Archives, and many other fine distributors can take note! If any of these titles are of interest - send an email.

Many of these were released on VHS.
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I have an affinity for 80's horror films. This is kind of a messy list in that I have some slashers on here, some movies that arguably gravitate more towards thriller rather than horror, and some that have sci-fi elements.

A few notes:
I love 'Aliens' but consider that more of an action/sci-fi as opposed to a horror film.

Admittedly, I strongly dislike Friday the 13th, a film that many horror enthusiasts hold in high regard - I just think it's poorly made, poorly-shot, and has a very mechanical feel to it.

I am constantly searching for new horror films, especially ones with interesting make-up effects or clever concepts. Give suggestions!

10 that I haven't seen but really want to:
- Night Warning
- Cujo
- Society
- Night of the Demons
- The Prowler
- Maniac
- Street Trash
- Intruder
- Motel Hell
- Opera
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I don't want to give any spoilers away. The brief descriptions are meant to entice, though it may come across as vague...

I love all of these, despite (and in some cases, because of) their imperfections.