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Painfully Beautiful, 18 November 2000

A truly wonderful movie about a 4 people who descend into the depths of drug hell. Very powerful performances and outstanding direction abound. Aronofsky blends the real and dream-like into an amazing picture. Highly recommended. I can only hope it somehow finds a wider audience.

Chachi 420 (1997)
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Great Adaptation of Mrs. Doubtfire, 23 April 2000

I saw this film for a comedy class and throughly enjoyed it. It is the only Hindi movie I have ever seen, and it was excellent. It is somewhat similar to the movie, Mrs. Doubtfire, however, there are many style and plot differences. It is funnier than the original without losing the touching family side of the story. It centers around a man, a film choreographer, who loses his daughter when he and his wife get a divorce. She moves back home and he eventually sees an ad to be his daughter's caretaker. He ends up enchanting the family with his super "woman" feats. He also catches the affections of the father of the ex-wife. Very long, but the movie is great from beginning to end. 9 out of 10