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Not Bad, 27 November 2004

OK. I got to admit that I was not expecting a horror movie when I rented this movie, but more of a investigation film. It turned out to be mild horror movie. The way the story is told and how the Elizabeth Dean girl gets intrigued and hooked into the real horror of the movie, gets the audience hooked. Little by little the story seems like a schizophrenic girl who refuses to leave her department, but as you begin to understand what happened that Halloween night and what has occurred after that you begin to understand why she doesn't want to escape her fortress.

The girl Jennifer Servary definitely deserves to be invited to do more films. There is some good acting and good presence thanks to her. I wished there was more information about her in the web.

4 out of 10 is a fair score for the film. And a very good score for a flick film.

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I can't think of a title for this crap, 2 November 2004

Honestly, I don't understand why they called this movie post-impact. When you title post-impact, you think of how people might be able to survive after the impact of a meteorite.... Well that's not the issue on this movie, the true issue is about the guy trying to come back to rescue his daughter and wife who got trapped in the disaster zone.... no no no.... I'm sorry that's not the issue. the issue was about saving the world from a crazy genocide who controls a massive destruction weapon.... no no no that was wrong too, the issue is about an infiltrated enemy who tries to get control of the weapon to jack up the prices of oil... no no no, I'm sorry the issue is about restoring the world to its initial state prior to the meteorite impact. No I'm sorry that was not the issue either... The issue is about... Yikes, The truth is I can't summarize the movie. In fact, I really don't know what the movie was all about.

Virtual Girl (1998) (V)
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I watched the movie, 25 September 2004

It is about a virtual girl who falls in love with a man. How can a software/computer fall in love with its programmer? well!!! the case is that they live a torrid romance in virtual world where she knows exactly all of his fantasies and will do anything to satisfy him... UNTIL he decides to quit dating the virtual girl. Somehow she goes out of the vitual world to the real world and things could turn freak and nasty. And yes!! it's got a plot. And yes!! it is about sex.

Do I recommend it? I don't know it just depends on what you're looking for. I just like science fiction and this movie contains a lot of science fiction. How can anyone know the deepest sex fantasies you have? And further more, how can a computer program use them? It's weird, but in a sense wouldn't you like to know a woman who knew all this and was acting the way you ever dreamed? the virtual girl does it.

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Video Game Characters cannot be Brought to Hollywood Movies, 19 December 2003

The second film was better than the first one in the sense that it relates to stories that are more accurate to the video games. However the fantasy used to create the stories of the video games does not suit very well hollywood movies. Successful video game stories turn out to be cheesie on the movies and a movie stories of video game characters are too far away from the original.

Who won on this movie? Tomb Raider fans happened to see their fantastic character finally materialized in a Hollywood star which matches most of the characteristics described in the original Lara Croft. Now the Tomb Raider video games are well known by the name of Angelina Jolie. Jolie's fans win because they have another opportunity to see her dressing outfits that remark her green eyes and very long black hair. Outfits that she would very rarely dress ever again, but that will certainly add more points to her sexy image. I saw the movie because I fell in love with the character materialized in Angelina Jolie. After seeing this film I ended up becoming a little fan of both: Lara Croft & Angelina Jolie. Something that I couldn't feel on the first film.

Some things that I believe are valuable to appreciate from this movie are: Jolie's professionalism to play scenes that are normally executed by stunts: Lara shooting from the horse, All martial arts fighting scenes, Playing those jetsky tricks, or doing the shooting when coming down from that rope, and when being elevated by the shark. All in all I think this film increased Jolie's sexy image in that unforgettable silver suit.

X-Men 2 (2003)
Much Better than the first one, 15 December 2003

A better version of the first movie. The power of the X-men is used more like in the comic cartoons. Introduction of new characters which give a better sense that mutants are a minority that is rejected by a few people who deny to accept people that is different. The same thing happens on the other side where a few mutants reject human people. But in the good side appear human and mutants who are willing to accept their differences and try to find a way to work a way to coexist.

Mystique show up with her real disguise in two scenes and this time we can enjoy better views of her famous body painted costume. Wow!!!

To my taste too many couples were paired: Psyche & Cyclops, Rogue & Iceman, Storm & Nightcrawler, Mystique & Wolverine!!! Was there any mutant woman left for the fans?

In this film, we had a chance to view evil characters just as human which really give us an understanding that in this life there is no good or evil, but only people fighting for what they believe in.

Good Plot! Good Acting! Good Effects! 2 hours worth of watching for science fiction fans like me.

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It's Great to see Angelina Jolie in the role of Lara Croft, 18 November 2003

I like Lara Croft. I like Angelina Jolie playing the role of Lara Croft and I liked all the special effects they used to make this movie. Movie is entertainingly good. I wished Jolie considered playing a third part, but she already declared she won't do it again. "Two Tomb Raiders is enough" I hope she changes her mind.

How the Grinch Stole the people's money around Christmas, 9 December 2000

This is not one of the best Carrey actings. As a matter of fact I don't like him but I don't why I can't stop seeing his movies. Since, Carrey's face is covered by the Grinch's mask it doesn't look as funny when he is doing his actings (minus 1). The character of the grinch is gross and Carrey plays that role nicely. He is gross and disgusting at times (minus two). He came back to his Pet detective type movies (minus one). The movie becomes tedious at times. Nothing like Liar Liar. (minus one). Overall this is a forgettable movie. They could have done more if they had chosen another actor for the Grinch, like Robert De Niro. I guess it's okay if you see it with your children. Bit first try to see the 6th day or the unbreakable. Those are better choices.

Not as good as 101, 4 December 2000

This movie lacked of fun. I was expecting something similar to the first one, may be a repeat of the first. I did but the first one was funnier. Parts of the movies were entertaining but other parts were boring. Overall the movie will be forgotten easily. I rated it 6.

Contact (1997)
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Good Sci-Fi Movie, 4 December 2000

This is one of the good executed films on Sci-Fi. It does not come with many special effects. Actually, the story is more marvelous. Jodie Foster is always an excellent actress and she deserves most of the credit for my enjoyment of this movie. The message is that even an atheist like Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster) understands after her trip that there is a God who is the engine of the universe. I scored this movie 10. I think it has all the ingredients for Sci-Fi movies: An original plot, Good Acting and Special Effects.

Very Original Idea, 1 June 2000

I can't really give you much information because it would destroy the plot of the movie. I rated the movie (10). The movie is mysterious, some terror is involved which at the end dissappears when everything is cleared out. I would call it mystery without terror, Fear to the Unknown. You will find a lot of these ingredients in Sixth Sense.

Some Times You Are Not Who You Think You Are. Jerr. Hope it helps