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Unexpectedly Sherlock, 17 February 2007

I read all of the Sherlock Holmes stories at once this past year. It was the perfect reading experience--the books I read were reprints of the original magazine editions, down to the illustrations and the name Conan Doyle without "Sir Arthur" looming in front. Doyle amazed me by making Sherlock & Watson my contemporaries. The stories leapt over the decades, over the differences in fashion (wardrobe, philosophy, & vocabulary) to show me these were just a couple of guys sharing an apartment, one of whom being rather eccentric.

Adaptations of literature can deeply offend me. My disgust over The English Patient hasn't died down yet (story and various emphases, not cinematography or acting), for instance. Therefore, after Doyle had made Sherlock so real to me, I didn't believe there would be a portrayal that didn't anger me. At the same time, I had finished all of the stories, and Doyle being long dead, there would be no more. So when my honey discovered some episodes online, I gave some a try.

Jeremy Brett brought together important physical characteristics, the desire and intelligence to bring the character to life, and the acting capability to actually do so. Supported by exceptional writing, with changes only to the point of necessity given media constraints. Brett even added gesture and expression not mentioned in the story, yet fitting as well as if they were.

Fans of the stories should not hesitate to watch this series given the opportunity. Even more, fans of the shows would gain to read the stories because of the greater elucidation of deductive principles.

I actually gave it a ten.

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Free Speech!!, 7 May 2000

I love this movie because I love my Constitution. H*ll yeah!! I cried with laughing so hard the first time I saw this, and I've cried with emotion a few times since. When the time came to decide whether or not to judge a work "obscene," Justice Hugo Black always reminded his peers, "'Congress shall make NO law...." And I agree. Nothing more need be said.

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Good movie, 7 May 2000

Even though the characters and story are over-drawn, this is one good movie. Racial conflicts aren't usually this entire, but it's a good dramatization of how they could be. Because it depicts racial relationships in such a manner, it better shows what can, and often does happen. No one is right, that's certain, and we're more than the color of our skin. Still, most of us let that divide us..... We have many lessons to learn.

Awesome Show, 19 April 2000

I watched "The Cosby Show" when I was a kid; I liked it then. Lately it's been showing on a couple of stations and I've watched it again--and I'm SO impressed. I saw a review that called it one of the best sit-coms, and I must disagree--it's the best sit-com ever made, truly. Not only is it funnier than most, it's more real than any sit-com I've ever seen. The kids act like kids, parents like parents, and their interactions are classic! I've also noticed that, even though I was young when it originally aired, I remember so much, even the lesser characters, specifics of most of the episodes, and character traits of everyone. It's so much fun!

Scream 2 (1997)
not as good as the original, 26 March 2000

I'm watching the movie, again, as we speak. I think this is my fourth time to see it (while I've seen the first hundreds of times). It's the least entertaining of the trilogy (see my rave reviews of the other two), though still fun if you're a fan. The best parts, really, are the revamped scenes from the first one, as well as such references. If you liked the first, watch it, and then see the third--whether at the theaters if not too late, or at home when it comes out. IT'S A SCREAM BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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an all-time favorite, 26 March 2000

This movie is my therapist: whenever things couldn't seem worse, I pop it into the VCR, and feel a million times better for it. Last I knew, I understood that this was Christian Slater's favorite of his movies. It > angst, certainly, but with a kind of catharsis. Is it a great movie? H*ll no! But is it fun? Completely. And if you're a free speech nut like I am, you'll love it.

Scream 3 (2000)
it so rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 7 February 2000

Okay, I've been waiting forever for this. :) It was very, very good. Many details from the previous two were resurrected, for us, the supreme fans. Boots from previous movies, etc. Several scenes from the first two movies recreated and changed. If you are a fan you must (and probably will) see it in the theater. I saw the 11pm showing opening night after having watched the first two again, and I'd bet a large portion of the packed theater had also. The atmosphere was awesome; much yelling when portions of the first two were related. The scene at the movie set was the best--the more so, I think, the more you've seen the first. This was the best of the trilogy, but that would never have been possible without the first two.

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Wow, 1 February 2000

I saw this movie in a film class, and am so glad. I can't take brutal, cruel violence, and had I seen it anywhere else I wouldn't have continued to watch. Don't take that to mean that I don't feel the violence was necessary--it was, to bring you into the life these people lead. Truly FEELING for them is required, and feeling the horror helps in that. I read someone contrasting "Before the Rain"'s vignettes with Tarantino's and I completely agree. Here it serves as much more than just a way to make a simple story seem complex. This is one of those movies in which you can truly look at every aspect and find meaning intended to be found.

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Pretty good, 14 December 1999

I just happened to run into this on tv one afternoon. Very cheesy horror flick. Terribly predictable. Pretty scary, nonetheless. I pretty much like that in horror movies, so I liked it. The title character's actor is fairly impressive.

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Okay, 14 December 1999

Having read the play, I felt that the movie was incredibly lacking. None of the complicated themes of the play really came through. And I don't think it was possible, since the play is so... unusual. Not just in the story and themes, but also in style.

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