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"Get Real" (1999)
Dumb, 8 March 2000

This has to be the most phony, unrealistic, stupid show on TV. The characters are totally unlikeable. The plot is unoriginal. This show is the most unappealing drama on TV today. I'm surprised that great shows like "The Simpson," "Malcolm in the Middle," and "The X-Files" are on the same network as this piece of garbage.

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Laughably laughable in its laughability, 24 January 2000

Oh what a film. I must say that this little advertisement for Freddie Prinze Jr. as a leading man is just silly. I laughed and laughed, but then the previews for The Beach ended and the film began. I tried to block what was happening on screen from damaging my fragile young mind, but my efforts were in vain. I really liked the retarded slutty girl from Cruel Intentions though. Her character was so deep. Moving, really. Plus she has big boobs, so that helped.

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Not that bad, 14 November 1999

I didnt think this movie was thats bad. It was a cute, entertaining film that should not be taken too seriously. It's basically about two teens that get lost and end up at Dracula's castle. There they meet all the classic movie monster (Frankenstein, Count Dracula). There are also some extremely stupid parts, such as Elvis being resurected as a mummy, and the guy from Good Times, I forgot his name, sucks. The movie is also a musical, with some actually good songs! (The most prominant is monster mash) Its also nice to see Candace Cameron in something other than Full House.

Best vampire movie ever made, 14 October 1999

This movie is the best vampire ever made. I remember watching it when I was younger and liking it a lot, so I wanted to see it again. I was not disappointed. It was great! The casting and acting was great, and the special effects are remarkable for 1985. Also, the mixture of satire with its spooky story was done very well. The soundtrack was also really good, but it is unfortunately out of print. Roddy McDowall is right on the mark as Peter Vincent. If you pay attention to the clips shown of Vincent in his vampire movies, you can see just how silly they are, it is actually very funny. The sequence with Amanda Bearse and Chris Sarandon in the dance club is great! Totally 80's! William Ragsdale stars as Charlie Brewster, a boy who suspects an evil blood-sucker has moved in next door. This movie seems to have certain undertones, which you might be able to figure out while watching. Check this movie out. It's definately worth viewing.

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not as good as the first, but fun, 14 October 1999

Okay, this movie was pretty good, but not nearly as smart or scary as the first.

The new girlfriend should have died. I watched this movie with some friends, and we spent a long time arguing weather the roller skating vampire was a male or female. (Roller skates!? Are they kidding? Well, at least it wasn't a skate board). I wish the plot twist involving Regine revealing she was Jerry Dandridge's sister would have been developed more. That was one of the best parts of the movie where she confronts Peter Vincent. The werewolf/vampire that stalks Alex throughout the whole movie was really stupid and neither scary nor funny.