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Very Disappointing
25 April 2003
Warning: Spoilers

This was the most disappointing video I've rented in months. Not only is it insulting to the thousands of EMTs and paramedics who work heroically across our country to save lives, but the character's actions lacked believability. Of course there are instances of medics using, but to imagine their peers are so blind and so disinterested that they would be permitted to go on duty in the condition these men were in? No way! I found the overall film a sorry waste of my time and attention. Two thumbs down and one finger up.
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Paris, Texas (1984)
Like Travis, the film loses its way
10 November 2002
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILER WARNING The movie was often engaging, but there were times I wanted to fast-forward through the seemingly endless pregnant pauses. And then, after establishing the depth of love and committment to Hunter that Travis' brother and sister-in-law had for the boy, the story abandoned the couple in favor of Travis' drawn out, moon-eyed angst. Also, it was never established that Hunter's mum was in any way prepared to regain custody of her son. Hunter had already come to love his foster parents, and they, he. What about the emotional trauma of suddenly ending that relationship? We haven't a clue, because the writer/director didn't think it was necessary to resolve the issue. I'll give it this; it's one of those movies where one truly feels they've gotten their money's worth: it seemed longer'n a Baptist sermon in June.
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Wild Things (1998)
How did I miss seeing this before now?
14 October 2002
Warning: Spoilers
This was terrific entertainment. Dynamite cast, bare nekid beauties...oh, I know; that's not pc...but my, oh, my this was *way* more than a skin-flick. The acting was excellent, no kidding, absolutely first rate. The plot had more twists than Pike's Peak Road, the direction was artful, and the music was spot-on righteous! WARNING: SPOILER COMMENTS TO FOLLOW: We rewound the court scene just to watch it unfold a second and third time, it was so electrifying and delicious in every detail. I still have to work out some of the details in my mind, but I appreciated the director's interesting ploy of tying up loose ends during the end credits.

All in all, a very satisfying movie. jack j
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Pathos, eh? As in a pathetic waste of time?
2 June 2002
Weak,stale, tired, cliched; wants to be Basic Instinct, but misses opportunity after opportunity for fresh perspectives, new insights. Insipid, trite, grotesque, and without the possibly-redeeming value of brevity; oh, was only 90 minutes must have just *seemed* a lot longer! I'd rather clean bus station toilets with my toothbrush than have to sit through this again. I'm expressing an opinion here: I guess this means I didn't like it.
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Amazing Stories (1985–1987)
"Go To The Head Of The Class" (episode # 2.8) 11/21/1986
1 March 2002
I don't know how many times I've searched for this movie [I didn't realize, until now, that it was an episode of "Amazing Stories" and not a movie-of-the-week]only to draw a blank. It's almost been as frustrating as trying to find, "The Ghost of Flight 401" with Ernest Borgnine, which I'm convinced, the airline managed to pull from distribution because the story was too disturbing. Ahh, yes...another conspiracy therorist! Since both were made-for-TV movies, what are the chances of picking either of them up on VHS? I remember thinking that "Go to the Head of the Class" was truly exceptional. The following info was copied from IMDB's Christopher Lloyd, TV appearances: "Amazing Stories" (1985) playing "Professor B.O. Beanes" in episode: "Go To The Head Of The Class" (episode # 2.8) 11/21/1986 So...anyone know where to find either of these? jack
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The Closer (1990)
Unremittingly AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL
19 January 2000
OK - maybe I sugarcoated my opinion just a little.

The central character is a raging lunatic. The entire premise of the film is weak,threadbare, laughable (sneeringly, not humorously).

Dear God --to have back, the time I wasted watching it! I wanted to rate it in the minus column, but apparently that's not an option.

Choose a root-canal, if you have a choice of that or this film. You'll thank me.
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