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Valentine (2001)
Comparable to the book? Probably not, 10 February 2001

Well this isn't your average romantic Valentine's Day movie, which is exactly what makes this film fun. Full of surprises and suspense, you'll want to catch this film. Although all your questions won't be answered, chances are, you will mildly still enjoy the presentation.

Ever see a film with lots of recognizable 'pretty' faces, that you know you've seen, but can't actually name, this is it. You'll probably see the actors all again, not because this film did something for their career (it wasn't that good) but because they all were noticeably good actors. Some of which actually do serious acting. David Boreanuz of TV's 'Angel' plays the main character, it's great to see him actually break out of his gothic role as a vampire, and actually see him in daylight. Also the beautifully curvacious Katherine Heigl of 'Roswell' (from the same network as 'Angel'). However, there are questions to be answered........why would a beautiful woman be at a morgue all alone at midnight? Why are three gorgeous women concetrating on finding the right man, especially when two of them are already taken? I don't know.........there were some definite cliches, but the film is scary, which makes for a good go see at your own expense, you probably won't be disappointed if you're looking for a good scare.

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Extremely Different, 13 March 2000

Satan's School for Girls is not one of the slasher films that seem to be gathering box office money. In fact, if it were released in theatre's, I am sure it might not do that well. But as a TV-Movie, it really attracted an audience. When Shannen Doherty's sister commits suicide, Shannen (Beth) is positive that she was murdered. To find out how or even more, Beth enrolls herself into her sisters college, where she finds out secrets she wished she had never known. Being a huge fan of Shannen, I found this film a must-see, but I found that her character was a lot alike to Prue Halliwell, the witch she plays on Charmed. She even has powers in this film. But, like always, her performance was good, just similiar to her previous work. You might recognize Kate Jackson in this film, as the colleges head mistress. She even starred in the original film, yes, this is an Aaron Spelling remake. Julie Benz also turned in a great performance as Shannen's unsuspicious room-mate. The middle of the film is where the climax really begins, when you start to unravel the basic plot of the story. The ending may leaved some shocked, I didn't suspect it at all.

Well written, 12 March 2000

I loved this movie. It has this certain differency then most of the teen films around today. For one thing, it pretends to be filmed like a documentary. Not like Blair Witch, but it follows each one of the characters around, and you get to know them all. It's really entertaining. Kirsten Dunst is great, and even gives a good fake accent. Denise Richards is great also, and you even feel sympathetic for her at times, since her mother (Kirstie Alley) is such a Bitch. I personally loved Brittany Murphy and Amy Adam's performances. Overall, the entire cast was great. Rent this, and you wont be disappointed. Why? Because I recommended it!

Nowhere (1997)
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Different, 20 February 2000

Greg Araki is known for his movies. Their all different in their own little way. And I have got so much respect for that. Watch Nowhere, and I guarantee you have never seen anything like it before. It's definately not some teeny-bopper film. In fact, I found it even more enjoyable, since I had never seen anything like it. The photography and cast were all so enjoyable. I happen to be a huge Rachel True fan, so this film was a must see. But the thing is, your bound to have someone you love in this film. Almost every starlet in Hollywood makes an appearance into this film. Rose McGowan, Traci Lords, Shannen Doherty, and The Brewer Twins are just some of the many cast members.

Rent this film, and watch it with your friends, I certainly think that you will enjoy it.

Not doing wonders....., 6 February 2000

Embrace of the Vampire was not necessarily a terrible film, it just wasn't good. And I am sure it didn't do any wonders for Alyssa Milano's career. Besides the fact that the movie did not establish itself well enough, or introduce its characters as individuals, it did make you think. I personally thought that if some master film director/writer remade this film, it might actually be well off.

Alyssa Milano will always be one of my favorites. Her acting in this film, as well as others, was very good. Alyssa even manages to bare all for the camera. Which has been well publicized.

Rachel True is also great as Alyssa's college friend. This actress is awsome, and should be getting more credit, then she has now.

The rest of the cast was forgettable and annoying. Even Martin Kemp, who's vampire is not scary, more stupid. This movie could of been promising, the cast and plot should've been taken into better hands.

When renting this film, you might have the instict that this is pornographic. Well, if you're looking for pornography, this film is not what you're looking for. The sequences were not at all seducing, and actually a bit tiresome.

Rent this or watch, if you like Alyssa or Rachel, or if it's a rainy day. Nothing scary or tempting about it.

Boys (1996)
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Mysterious, 30 January 2000

Boys is a very confusing film. You wonder, from the very beginning, what the problem is with Patty. There's something mysterious about the way she acts when the police man first comes to her house. And throughout the movie, you realize why.

Lukas Haas is good, as he goes from child actor, to an adult. And Winona Ryder, like usual, is great. The other boys in the film, play their characters well. They get extremely annoying, but their all really good.

Of all things in the film, the ending was good. Although it was undeveloped, you liked the fact that the teenage boy was leaving his verbally-abusive father behind. This film didn't get much credit, but it certainly should.

The Crush (1993)
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Good Plot, 30 January 2000

The Crush is actually not that bad of a movie. I rented it, hoping for some scary fun, and ended up not getting any. Although I was disappointed that this film wasn't as scary as the trailor made it out to be, I did enjoy it.

Alicia Silverstone shows off her talent (and much more) in the role of Darian Forchester. She plays the obsessed girl-next door so well, you wonder if she has had the same experience before. Cary Elwes is also good.

Although, the film had a great plot, there could've been several changes to make it better. They could've elaborated more on the ending, making it somewhat better. It does leave room for a sequel, but unfortanately, there was none ever made. It's definately campy, and watch it in the dark-you might get freaked out.

Hip, stylish and more!, 30 January 2000

Three to Tango is such a great comedy. It takes a load off of you, and you just enjoy the film. The dancing, and acting, their all great.

The film is also easy on the eyes, because of the gorgeous Neve Campbell. She shows off her acting talent, not playing a screaming teen this time. Instead, she shows off her romantic side, and her dancing side. "Friends" star Matthew Perry is also great, even though he acts a lot like Chandler Bing.

Rent this film, you will not be disappointed.

Not worthy of its original, 28 January 2000

Halloween H20 definately has its scary moments. I admit I cringed when the young boy stuck his hand down the garbage disposal, or when Jimmie goes into the dark house alone. However, I did think the movie was too short, and did not elaborate much on anything. Jamie Lee Curtis is suddenly an alcoholic. Is it Michael that makes her drink? Or is it a history in her family?

Another question, why do they pretend like the other sequels never even happened. Did Laurie Strode not even have a daughter named Jamie Lloyd? I personally think they could've added her into the plot/story somehow.

Many teen starlets make appearances in this film, including Jodi Lyn O'keefe and Michelle Williams, who are both great. Josh Hartnett and LL Cool J are also good. I also loved the cameo given by Nancy Stephens.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt character would've been better if they had introduced him, and at least let him have a decent death scene.

Although "H20" could stand for an hour and 20 minutes, I think it had had potential, and excellent writers, but they seemed to have failed somewhere in there. The movie, even though I am a fan, lagged length-characters-death scenes, and the list goes on.

But do rent this if you're a fan of the Halloween films, you won't be completely disappointed.

All That, 28 January 2000

She's All That may be predictable at some moments, but it gives you such a great feeling while watching it. You will laugh, and you might possibly cry.

Rachael Leigh Cook plays the nerd, surprisingly since in my school, she would be considered drop-dead-gorgeous. She has such great acting, she pulls it off smoothly. Although her character seems naive at times, everyone knows she is tough, although you will wish she would've punched the light's out of Jodi, for spilling beer all over her dress.

Tamara Mello and Gabrielle Union are both good as supporting characters.

Freddie is great as the main popular lead. She's All That is definately what made him famous. Notably good is Jodi Lyn O'keefe, who plays her snobby character perfectly. Although questionable at times..... who really dresses that nice to go to school? Why is that jock smoking on school grounds? The films is good, and you find yourself able to relate to a lot of the things that go on.

Rent this, it may be in the teeny bopper category, but give it a chance. Note-if you're an Usher, Lil' Kim fan-their in the film for about 5 minutes each.

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