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Duplex (2003)
Gross, uninspired and rather boring., 4 April 2004

I like Ben Stiller just not in this movie. He gives it his best in this slapstick based comedy but his performance alone can't save this one. The comedy is based on pratfalls and lame gross out humor. I sort of felt like I was watching a slightly more sophisticated Home Alone movie. Drew Barrymore was suprisingly good to look at. She opted for see through blouses and for me that was worth the price of admission. Looking at her kept the movie in the DVD player and not stopped half way through. Other than that though I found the movie to be very gross. At one point when someone gets a face full of vomit my wife got up and said "that's it I can't take anymore" and walked out of the room. I would of also had it not been for drews wardrobe! :)

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Spades' worst movie to date, 6 March 2004

David Spades' worse movie by far. I am a fan of his, he is funny and versatile. This movie sucks so bad though that it is painful to watch. It is uninspired, stupid, boring and a total waste of time. Spade reads his lines in this movie like he's half asleep, as if he knows how bad the movie is and can't wait to get it over with. There are literally not five funny lines in the whole thing. The premise of using washed up has been child actors could of worked well, had it been done right. It was not done right.

One tip off that this movie would suck was that John Lovitz was in it. Is it just me or is that guy just not funny? Well he's not funny in this movie either. In fact the whole cast is not funny. A poor attempt, uninspired, waste of good film.

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A Funny Movie, 10 December 2003

Having read the reviews prior to seeing this movie I was expecting the worst. There are quite a few bad reviews. I was pleasantly surprised though. I watched it with my 10 year old kid and we both laughed heartily at a lot of the scenes. It was exactly as the title implies DUMB, which is what made it so funny. It was stupid, good stupid. If you don't compare to it to the original it stands on it's on own as a decent film. The pranks and jokes are quick and well... funny. I know there a lot of people who really hated this film and generally I agree with the majority on when a film is not good. This time I must disagree. It was very entertaining. Watch it with a kid and you'll enjoy it even more. Oh one thing in closing, Bob Saget did get a little annoying with the S word one too many times. It was funny the first 5 times but lost it.

Typical Hugh Grant film, 27 November 2003

If you have seen any Hugh Grant movie in the past ten years you have basically seen this movie. Unless you are in love with him or a huge Sandra Bullock fan skip this one. Hugh plays a debonair, handsome, rich, endearing, goofy, guy. Quite a stretch for him, I know. He fumbles his way through this film with his facial expressions and charm. There is very little substance and very little humor. Predictable and long. Tedious and not funny. It's almost as if at the end the writer said `wait a minute, we have to make this a happy ending, write one quick!!!!!!!!' If you're into chick flicks with happy endings this may be your bag. Otherwise do yourself a favor and rent an old Hugh Grant film. Any Hugh Grant film will do. They are all the same.

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Horrible film, simply bad bad bad, 22 October 2003

This movie was the worst Harrison Ford film I have ever seen. I fast forwarded past many parts to get to the conclusion, which was equally stupid. The only cool thing about it was that you get to see Dwight Yoakum without his cowboy hat on. Dwight listen up my man, LEAVE THE HAT ON!!!!!! He looks like that weird looking brother of Ronnie Howard. You know the guy Ronnie throws into his films for three minutes to throw him some work. Seriously though, don't waste your time on this bomb. It's a bad as they come.

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Superb film making at its finest., 18 December 2002

This movie was engrossing, riveting, horrifying and thoroughly entertaining as well. Dull it was not. It was so well told and the story interwoven so perfecty that it just flowed on,I found myself hoping that it would not end soon. The casting was excellent and the acting by all involved was top shelf. They were so very believable in this enthralling and brutal look at a heist gone bad. Do yourself a favor and see this. One word of caution though, even though it is ten years old even by todays standards it is a sometimes scary and very brutal film. Kudos to Quenton for a job well done.

Pretty Actors making very confusing hard to follow film., 15 July 2002

If you are a lover of Cruise this is a must see film. As I suppose every Cruise film is. This is a bunch of pretty people (Carman Diaz being the prettiest) getting together and making a very confusing nearly impossible movie to follow. As much as I tried to figure out what was happening it was just not happening for me. Now, don't get me wrong there may be people out there who will say `this guys probably just too stupid to figure deep plot analysis' Doesn't he know that the face represented his sole and that he was screaming out because of his edopis complex or whatever. Or some such dribble. The movie is interesting in that I thought the acting was there. I thought Penelope Cruz was excellent and so was everyone else. The picture was pretty all around. The sets were interesting too. Times Square and all. It's just that I didn't get it. I just didn't get it. A few changes and this could have been a very good movie in my opinion. Unless you love Cruise or Cruz or Diaz skip this one.

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Beautiful mind, not beautiful movie, 13 March 2002

I must admit that this review is somewhat unfair in that I only lasted for an hour before I had to leave. It was that bad. It was a very disappointing film. It was corny, overacted, and predictable. The premise of the movie intrigued me, as did seeing Crowe in such a divergent role from that of the character he played in Gladiator. In the movie he has this ability with numbers and uses mostly facial contortions to portray to us the fact that he is using his ability. Well as I watched this I thought `how could they possibly be talking Oscar for this guy' His acting was so painfully bad.

In one shot be bangs his head on the window (he acts like he just took a bullet to the groin) and it produces a spider crack in the glass. Well, he bled like a stuck pig, with a gash on his head O.J. would have been proud of. His roommate rushes over and gushes over him like Crowe was his love interest. Sickening. Then, in the very next scene not so much as a scratch on Crows head. Oscar? Smoshker. This movie was well received by many others who reviewed it on this web site. I can only imagine that most of them are women who are infatuated with him, and would give two thumbs up if he played in say `The return of Pee Wee'. The acting from not only him but also most of his costars is so contrite and overacted it leaves one actually in shock as to how bad the movie is. The one bright spot as far as I could tell was Judd Hirsch. Who played a professor. Do your self a favor and wait till this stinker comes out on video and borrow it from the library.

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Cute,Clean and Kid Friendly, 19 February 2002

This Movie is really an entertaining, good clean fun movie, for the kiddies. Kaley(played by Nickelodeon's talented Amanda) is the sidekick to a rambunctious boy who has a hard time telling the truth. He eventually works this into a movie script that gets stolen. I won't bore you with the details. If you have children and want to see an entertaining if not thrilling kids movie, I highly recommend this one.

Kid loved it, I hated it., 3 August 2001

This movie was excruciating boring. However, my eight year absolutely loved it. Which is the important thing, I guess. I will say that the way in which they make the creatures talk in the film is quite remarkable. This will keep an adult interested for about as long as it takes you to take your second bite of popcorn. After the initial cuteness wears off its all downhill. There was some "eye candy" ie. special effects, that kept you somewhat interested, but not for long. There was very little in the way of plot. I found myself ecstatic when it finally ended, (only an hour and a half, thank goodness.) I must stress again that your kid will probably love it. So unless you really have a thing for seeing dogs and cats talk, (convincingly), or you have nothing else playing at the local bijou I would steer clear of this stinker.

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