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Lake Placid 2 (2007) (TV)
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Sci Fi Channel destruction of a good thing, 8 August 2009

The original Lake Placid was an unusual combination of comedy and drama. The violence was a bit much but not too much. The comedy was good enough for Betty White, and that made it unusual; nearly unique.

If they wanted a successful sequel, they would have shot for a story that was more Betty White. Instead, the Sci Fi Channel thought that a lot of blood and violence would be better. That makes the sequel just another of thousands of bloody horror shows. They did not have to pay for an expensive actress such as Betty White, but they should have payed for a good writer at least.

The Sci Fi Channel just does not get what it takes to succeed.

Edge of America (2003) (TV)
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Too negative, 7 November 2006

This story is too negative. It starts nice but later on the coach yells too much. My guess is that the real-life coach did not yell as much.

I especially doubt that the real-life coach got so upset about words.

The movie leads people to believe that yelling is a good way to get people to succeed.

Many people won't understand that there are better ways to get success, but I am sure that the real coach understands.

I hope that someone some day makes a better version of the story that shows more of the caring that created the successful team.

I am now curious about the documentaries to see their version of the story.

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Justine Bateman amazed me, 4 September 2005

It has been a long time since I saw this movie, but I sure remember being highly impressed by Justine Bateman. She is an amazing actress, at least in this show.

In Family Ties, Justine Bateman plays an airhead and it must be her excellent acting that caused to be so unimpressed by her. In this movie, we see that Justine Bateman is definitely not an airhead.

I don't remember much about the movie except that it is worth seeing. Justine Bateman is not blind but she sure is convincing as a blind person.

I will enjoy seeing this movie again when I can.

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A lot of talk, little action, 18 August 2005

This movie does contain nudity; if you don't want to see that then there might be too much of it for you.

If, however, you want and expect to see nudity, then this movie will disappoint you. Most of the exhibitionism exists as talk with little or no images.

The plot is definitely thin. Most of the plot involves analysis and other talking.

There is a stalker, but that does not add much to the movie. I think the stalker exists in the movie just because there is so little else in the movie.

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I sure enjoyed it, 22 January 2005

This is a nice movie. Good humor and mystery.

Unlike most movies, it does not try too hard to be dramatic or such. The Senator is not too much of a good or bad guy. The people seem real and don't get too mad or yell too much.

Of course, like a good mystery, there are surprises at the end.

The sex and violence are both very tame.

Janeane Garofalo is wonderful; a nice, humorous person. A minor flaw is that she is just too nice; she does not seem to be the tough, driven political type she is supposed to be, but any lack of believability is more than made up for by how enjoyable the movie is.

This really is a movie!, 6 September 2004

This is a comedy, action, science-fiction and animal documentary movie.

There truly is a story! The current primary comment about this show (the comment that is shown on the first page) says that this is not a movie, but it is a movie with at least as much of a plot as most action movies. The comment says that there is not an explanation of what the object is that everyone is after, but that person just did not pay attention to or see the beginning of the show.

Unlike nearly any other action movie, this show also has a lot of useful and interesting documentary information, as we might expect from the Crocodile Hunter. I am not a fan of the Crocodile Hunter; I think he exaggerates too much and I suspect he is misleading in his exaggeration. He is like that in this show too, but not as much as I would expect and therefore the show is entertaining to me also. I think the only reason some of the more extreme comments being made about this movie are made is because the Crocodile Hunter has such a strong reputation.

Teknolust (2002)
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Creative, unusual and sufficiently entertaining, 1 September 2004

This is refreshingly unusual and interesting. Don't expect anything profound but "lust" is more of a philosophical subject than something acted out.

This is definitely fiction to the extent that it is not supposed to be possible or logical; it is an extreme indulgence in fantasy. In spite of being so unusual, it is also quite predictable in many ways.

It is more entertaining than most similar shows because it does not try too hard to be entertaining; the drama is not exaggerated, which makes the story more realistic than most dramas intended to be more realistic.

Busty Cops (2004) (V)
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Surgically Sensational, 1 September 2004

If you enjoy surgically enhanced breasts, then you must watch this show. If you do not enjoy surgically enhanced breasts, then you are not likely to enjoy the show. I think there is very little more criteria for determining who will enjoy this and who will not, since the surgically enhanced breasts are nearly the entire show.

As for plot, it is done with a sense of humor and does have the advantage of comedy. I think the plot could have been written during dinner with a few friends having a little fun.

The women are good comedians. As for acting, let's just assume that they knew it would be more humorous if they did not act well. Okay?

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Lost in Boredom, 14 August 2004

In the beginning, we see Bob's (Bill Murray's) arrival in Japan. Soon after that, he is sitting on a chair, posing for pictures for the commercial he is doing. He is given direction about what to do, but it is all in Japanese. A lot is said, yet the translator says practically nothing. It is frustrating for him, since he knows the person said much more. It is frustrating for us also, since there is no translation for us either; however I assume that is the intent.

Note that the reason there is a translation problem is that there was no effort to translate. I get that impression of the movie also; there is relatively small effort (compared to how "big" the movie is) to communicate what is happening.

There is not much effort to show cultural differences, which is what we would expect, based on the title. The story is about two bored people, as if Japan is boring (is it?). We see images of Japan, but not much about difficulties relating in Japan, other than being bored.

Riot (1996)
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Stupid, opportunistic and racist, 12 August 2004

This movie is not about the riot; the riots are simply something that provides a distraction that allows a kidnapping to occur. I suppose it is not any more stupid than similar action movies, but it sure is stupid if you are expecting a realistic view of the riots.

It is opportunistic in that it uses the riots to make us think it is interesting and worthwhile. The riots were not a good solution and will not be a good solution to problems, but this movie does not show any of the desperation and other social influences that caused the riots. In this movie, the only purpose of the riot is to provide the opportunity to make the black people the enemy.

It is racist because nearly all the black people are the bad guys.

There is a military influence to the story, and that makes the plot more complicated, but that does not help much.

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