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Really? Seriously?, 12 February 2011
1/10 is just bad. It's definitely not in the "So bad,it's good" category of bad. Bad acting,bad singing(it's not even the actors' real voices) and boring sex(including one scene that has absolutely no place here)add up to nearly two hours of absolute torture.

William Shakespeare would not approve. The songs stink.The lead actors are bland and have zero chemistry. Johnny Rey,who actually won an award for his role,can't act his way out of a paper bag. The "story" is predictable from the moment these two jerks meet. How this thing got made is a total mystery.

Don't bother wasting the money to buy,rent or stream it online.

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Sort Of Disappointing Sequel To An Already Disappointing Sex Comedy., 18 July 2009

Ho-hum... Like the first movie,if they hadn't put in all the gross out scenes and its over-reliance on "guest star" cameos,as well as a tighter(no pun intended)story,this might have been a better movie instead the disappointing,muddled mess that it is.

Performances from OK(i kinda liked the guys who played Andy & Jarod and Jonah Blechman(?) is a stitch,as always)to the "WTF?".(Perez Hilton,anyone..HELLO!)

The storyline is all over the place,however Again,not a terrible movie but not a winner either.

Stick with the movies it parodies.

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Waste of Time and Talent!!!, 1 January 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Obviously made for the Playboy Channel. A pre-Queer as Folk,out gay and proud Robert Gant was the main reason i spent $10.00 buying the DVD. It's $10.00 and 90+ minutes i'll never get back. I can't even watch the sex scene between Gant and the lead actress without replacing her with Hal Sparks. The plot,something about a woman who has nightmares about a woman who may have been killed in her apartment some years earlier,is silly. Gant,who plays the hunky building super who falls in love with her,is OK as is the lead actress. but the movie,as a whole,is boring,tedious and not very sexy. Although,seeing Mr. Gant nude is a real treat for the ladies and his fellow gay brethren. Watch it only if there's absolutely nothing else on on late night TV.

Uhhhhhh.....Huh?, 30 March 2003

Ran across this on Showtime. yes,that Showtime! The one with "Queer as Folk" and its lone lesbian couple,Mel & Lindsay.

I can't see them renting THIS on a saturday night.

Not unless someone has rented the last copy of "Desert Hearts".

The "plot" concerns three butt ugly lesbian astronauts(do NOT make me repeat that!)who crash on an ape-infested planet. one of which is a stereotypically pink one named Dr. Queera!(the movie's one big laugh,actually)

If constant lesbian sex,bad dancing and acting and even worse RAPPING are your thing,grab a big,BIG bottle of wine and enjoy the'll hate yourself later!