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Not any usual stuff..., 2 December 1999

The plot summary said that S&J is sometimes tasteless... Whatta? I've seen a lot of that series but I've never seen a tasteless scetch! Well - you could say they are "tasteless" not tasteless. Have you seen their clothes: red shoes and green ties. And the scetch they were by the pool with their "swimming costumes" on... That's really something. The actors are just amazing. The series is one of my favourites. I just don't understand why they stopped doing it?

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Surprised, 10 October 1999

I was surprised to see the movie here, in IMDb. It is very famous here, in Estonia, but I didn't think it's also known in other coutries. Well... it's a big achievement for estonians - the movie. Anyway Hardi Volmer is one of our greatest moviemakers in Estonia. I really like his work. There are some special effects and lots of good humor in it. I really recommend it to all. 9/10