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Imitation is Not Always Flattery, 20 December 2001

If you've ever seen the original Iron Chef (look for "Ryori No Tetsujin" right here in IMDB), you'll be disappointed in this ridiculous imitation. The bloated Shatner is perfect as the Chairman of this over-the-top bloatation of the original classic. I have to feel sorry for the excellent chefs that subjected themselves to this miserable, execrable, inexcusable waste of time. How can they show their faces in public?

In defense of the chefs, I've eaten at their restaurants before, and they really are top quality masters, especially Roy Yamaguchi. And the dishes prepared by English and the challenger on the show looked pretty darn good. But all the accompanying surrounding nonsense was hard on the eyes and ears and in very bad taste. It was the usual TV hyped-up approach that hasn't worked in the past and ain't gonna work now.

Still, I managed to suffer my way through it, just to say I had done it, but came away with a bitter aftertaste. If any of you idiots responsible for the show are reading this, remember this: it's the food, stupid!!

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The Greatest SF Movie of All Time, 16 November 2001

Don't you just wish it was actually true, that a spacecraft would come down to Earth and tell us to get our act together or have our clever little planet "reduced to a burnt-out cinder"? We are desperately in need of some of that right now! Better shape up Osama, or Gort's gonna fry your a**!

Michael Rennie is perfect as Klaatu, despite the Brit accent. And Patricia Neal's scene with Gort, as she tries to get past her fear to utter those memorable words, "Klaatu barrada nikto," is a great example not only of Neal's skill as an actor, but of the acting style of the time. Gort's suit is a little funny with the bending plastic parts, but when the visor opens up, one can almost believe the horror of the damage he's about to inflict. And when with Neal Gort finally understands the message and closes the visor, even to this day I still breathe a sigh of relief.

Great stuff and heartily recommended!!

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It's Good for Your Heart!!, 9 August 2001

I read all the reviews here at IMDB, and you know what? Not one of them is negative, with many saying it's their favorite movie of all!! And it's no wonder. Enchanted April is beautiful in so many ways.

But most of all, the movie is good for your heart. Before our eyes and ears, the characters transform from their tragic and flawed previous selves into persons full of life and love. While the story might be nothing earth-shattering, to watch the characters unfold as if caterpillars becoming beautiful butterflies is so wonderfully satisfying. If you have a heart, Enchanted April will make it feel warm and full.

I hope that soon the widescreen DVD will become available. I have it on tape, but better justice would be done with the original theatrical version.

A Sense of Doom Spoiled it for Me, 31 January 2000

The acting, scenery, characters, and plot were all very nice and nicely done. I really liked all the actors and was generally pleased with the movie.

But once the story became apparent to me and I saw how the movie would eventually end up, I couldn't help but think of the fate awaiting the characters as I continued to watch the show. While the movie was very entertaining, I can't see how it merits all the awards it got.

BTW, Virginia did not exist yet!!

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The best of all Dustin's "man" movies!!, 13 October 1999

One of my top 10 favorite movies of all time!! Chief Dan George's character is the greatest reason to see Little Big Man. He adds a leavening factor that keeps the movie from rubbing our noses in the Native American plight, but yet still leaves enough sting to remind us of those proud people and what Western Civilation has done to them.

Mulligan's "nut case" portrayal of the self-centered Custer is how I will always think of that general and his deserved end.

The beautiful Sunshine almost turned LBM into a human being for good, but her horrid death turns Jack, and ostensibly us, into bitter enemies of the white man and his westward expansion.

I both loved and hated this movie. I recommend anyone to see it who is not afraid to learn how America was truly created.

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One of my top 10 movies of all time!!, 12 October 1999

Ignored by both AFI and Oscar, The Joy Luck Club is a wonderful, beautiful, uplifting motion picture. No single aspect stands out above anything else in the movie, but put them all together and the result is a truly moving experience. The characters are so engaging and even though I am not of Chinese extraction, nor does anything in my life remotely resemble anything in the lives of the characters, I found myself instantly drawn in to their world.

I can not recommend a movie more highly than The Joy Luck Club. If you have not yet had the pleasure of seeing this life-affirming drama, I envy you that you can have the opportunity of seeing it for the first time.