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A sad end for a great comedic duo, 21 March 2015

Abbott and Costello are in Cairo and get mixed up with a mummy named Klaris (although he was KHaris in earlier films). It also involves a sacred medallion that Klaris wears, a cult that worships him and an evil woman (Marie Windsor) who will stop at nothing to get it.

This was the second to last film that Bud and Lou did for Universal and it's just terrible. The guys were easily in their 50s by then and their age is showing. It's full of tired slapstick and routines that were old even back in the 1950s. I didn't even crack a smile once (although the pick/shovel bit is kind of fun). The plot makes little sense and the special effects are terrible. The mummy getup has to be the worst I've ever seen in a mummy movie. Truly laughable. For the most part the acting is lousy too--Richard Deacon is the worst offender. Bud and Lou do what they can but the material isn't there for them. Also Marie Windsor (a brilliant character actress) has nothing to work with. Boring, unfunny and a waste of time. Skip it.

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In many ways this is just an ordinary romantic drama with BDSM thrown in, 2 March 2015

College student Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) interviews young millionaire Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan). He becomes obsessed with her and she starts falling for him. However he has control issues and is into BDSM. Can she deal with that?

Ignore all the controversy about this. In many ways this is just another romantic drama about a couple dealing with issues--those issues just happen to be BDSM and control. It has all the romantic meetings, the nonstop love songs on the soundtrack and some fairly explicit (but tasteful) sex. The BDSM is confined to just two scenes and it's not that bad. There is nudity but almost all of it is from Johnson. Dornan just bares his butt three times and that's it. It seems kind of strange that a movie targeted at women has so little male nudity. It's also well-directed and is more or less interesting. However it goes on for too long and keeps repeating itself. Also the character of Mr. Grey comes across as more than a little creepy. The acting varies. Johnson is very good in her role. Dornan is ridiculously handsome and all pumped up but lacks the charisma that his character should have. All in all a pretty good romantic drama.

Silly but fun, 1 March 2015

The last Universal mummy movie. This one transports Kharis and Ananka from Massachusetts to Louisiana! When last seen they sank in a swamp together. Here they're unearthed by yet another high priest from Egypt. He plans to bring them back to Egypt and will kill anyone who tries to stop them. However (in a genuinely eerie sequence) Ananka (Virginia Christie) claws her way out of the swamp and wanders around with no knowledge of who she is.

It's silly but it works. The setting is atmospheric, the acting isn't bad (Christie is excellent) and her resurrection is more than a little spooky. It also has an ending that left the room for no more sequels. Not a great movie but much better than "The Mummy's Ghost" which preceded it.

Quiet and effective, 27 February 2015

In 1971 anti-war activists Annie (Christine Lahti) and Arthur (Judd Hirsch) Pope blow up a factory making napalm seriously hurting a janitor who wasn't supposed to be there. 17 years later they're on the run with two sons--17 year old Danny (River Phoenix) and 10 year old Harry (Jones Abry). At the place they're living Danny meets and falls in love with a wonderful girl (Martha Plimpton) and finds out he has enough talent to be accepted to Juilliard--but his father won't let him go.

A quiet yet very moving movie. It doesn't judge its characters--it lets the audience make their own decisions. On one hand I felt sorry for all four of them--on the other I felt the parents should just turn themselves in and let the kids have a normal life. It's slow and a little drawn out but I was never bored. The acting was all superb--except for one person. Hirsch was TERRIBLE as the father. Very wooden and completely unbelievable. Plimpton was good as Phoenix's love interest and Lahti was excellent as his mother. Best of all was Phoenix. He was Oscar-nominated for this role and he's superb in every scene he's in. When he's on screen you can't stop watching him. Superb, quiet and very moving. Have plenty of tissues on hand:) For some reason the song "Running on Empty" is never heard--I'm assuming they couldn't afford the rights.

Silly sequel to "The Mummy's Hand" (1940), 25 February 2015

This takes places 30 years after "Hand" which means it should happen in 1970--but there's clear references to World War II! This has Kharis (Lon Chaney now) coming to Mapleton Massachusetts to kill the desecrates of an ancient tomb. How Kharis survived after being burnt to death in the previous movie and why he waits 30 years is never explained. With him is Mehemet Bay (Turhan Bay) to feed him tana leaves and order him about.

It's pretty silly since the plot makes little sense and there are loopholes galore...but it sometimes works. The makeup on Chaney is effective, it moves fairly quickly, the acting isn't bad and it all leads up to a fiery climax. All in all an OK Universal horror film.

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Has its moments but gets way too cruel and vicious, 25 February 2015

Gary "Eggsy" (Taron Egerton) is a teenager who has no direction in life. His father was part of a secret agency called Kingsman who battle evil undercover. His father was killed when Eggsy was a baby. His fathers mentor Harry (Colin Firth) persuades Eggsy to try out for the Kingsman. Then there's evil Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) who has a (pretty stupid) idea for world domination.

This has been a hit with critics and audiences seem to like it. However this directors last film was "Kick-Ass" which was OK but got way too violent and vicious in the end. This is no exception. The beginning and middle are not bad. Full of action and energy and some excitement. The violence is restrained but really kicks in at the end. As a rule violence doesn't bother me. However this movie seems to take an unhealthy attitude to it. They seem to LOVE showing people being viciously killed or tortured. It's all speeded up so it's like a Looney Tunes on acid so it isn't too upsetting but after a while it wears you down. It got depressing and uncomfortable. Also the movie is far too long. This doesn't have to run over two hours. Worst of all is Jackson. He's TERRIBLE! His OTT performance wasn't funny or amusing--it was just incredibly annoying. And what was with that lisp? Pretty stupid plot too even for a spy spoof.

On the positive side the rest of the acting was pretty good. Egerton is a likable main character; Firth is always good; Michael Caine is good also in his too few scenes; Mark Strong is fun as Merlin and Sofia Boutella is interesting as Gazelle. So it does have a lot of action, suspense and violence but it's too much and far too cruel.

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Why all the praise/, 19 February 2015

Surveillance expert Harry Caul (Gene Hackman) is hired to spy and record a couple. He begins to suspect they will be murdered and doesn't know what to do.

An early film by Francis Ford Coppola. It's been praised to the high heavens by critics since it came out and was even nominated for three Academy Awards. Why? It's a terrible film! It moves at a snails pace and basically goes nowhere. I was fighting to stay awake through this one. Any point it might have been trying to make is totally lost to mind-numbing tedium. Hackman was a great actor but this is easily one of his worst performances. He's constantly blank-faced and boring. It is kind of fun to see Cindy Williams and Harrison Ford so young and good-looking but they're no reason to sit through this. An incredibly dull and ultimately pointless film.

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It's a mess but visually incredible, 12 February 2015

The plot is needlessly convoluted but it goes something like this--Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) is in her 20s and hates her life. Then she finds out she's the reincarnation of a murdered queen on a distant planet. The kids of the queen want her out of the way but bounty hunter Caine West (Channing Tatum) protects her with help from Stringer Apini (Sean Bean).

The plot doesn't make a lot of sense. The plot gets needlessly involved into characters and situations that add nothing to the story. There's also plot holes galore and the dialogue is unbelievably bad. Acting doesn't help. Kunis and Tatum (playing a half man half wolf) can be good but not here. Even worse is Eddie Redmayne playing the bad guy. Seriously--WHAT was he thinking? He whispers all his lines while occasionally screaming a line now and then. It's isn't scary or amusing...just annoying. Only Bean gives a good performance. Still, aside from all this I sort of enjoyed it. The visuals are incredible--there's always something to look at. The special effects are flawless and there's plenty of fast, furious action with PG-13 violence. So visually it's worth seeing but the lousy plot, dialogue and acting detract.

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Good documentary, 2 February 2015

Documentary about the Academy Awards. It covers how and why they came into being and how they evolved and changed over the years. It consists of actors, producers and directors talking about getting nominated and getting (or not getting) the award. It also shows footage from Oscar TV telecasts and some of the more memorable acceptance speeches. The most amusing were seeing Ben Affleck and Matt Damon winning Best Screenplay for "Good Will Hunting" and Michael Moore winning Best Documentary for "Bowling for Columbine". They even cover the technical awards. All in all I was entertained but wanted more. They totally ignore the Best Song category and (for some reason) go into detail about animated films being recognized. So it's worth seeing but is lacking.

The Fork (2008)
Corny but I loved it, 1 February 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Very syrupy but effective short. A young bride is about to get married but is unsure. She's wondering if she's making the right choice or rushing into things. Her grandmother tries to comfort her by telling her that her husband was not her first. After that I saw every thing coming.

Yes it is very predictable and some people would probably laugh themselves sick at the resolution but it worked for me. It was well-done on what was obviously a low budget. It looks great, the script is well-written and the acting was great across the board. I won't lie--I cried at the end. So this would probably not work for most people but if you love soap operas and believe in everlasting love no matter what you'll love this.

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