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She's So Selfish, 4 November 1999

There are a lot of movies with characters who have worthless lives with little substance or morality. Maybe it was the title that indicated to me that somewhere in this awful film about a woman's undying love for her emotionally unstable husband, I would find a trait or two that would give these people merit or make them pathetic enough to be lovable.

Most of the acting is good.

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A Wonderful Film With Substance, 30 October 1999

In an era of special effects and media hype, it is rare and refreshing to find a movie where only the passion of the actors and the strength of the script carries the weight. This film about a Hollywood star who needs to accept and transform her former self after a debilitating accident is not for action fans, but will appeal to those who understand that celluloid is often a tool for enlightening those who are willing to think & feel for themselves. Slow-paced doesn't always mean tedious. I was not bored a for minute.

What Am I Missing?, 28 October 1999

I read several of the other viewer comments before writing this post. So far the majority seem to vote that this is a brilliant horror film. Dare I say otherwise? Before watching the movie I'd already read the book and was genuinely excited about seeing it produced on the big screen. I also was eager to see Jack Nicholson in the role of Jack Torrance (I've loved him since EASY RIDER) as a crazed novelist whose dark side emerges from a case of writer's block.

Although I sat through 2 consecutive viewings opening night almost 20 years ago, I could not convince myself that this was another Kubrick masterpiece. It was certainly no Clockwork Orange and I was more than disappointed that the images Stephen King illustrated in his brilliant description of scenes like the moving topiary were not even touched upon.

Jack Nicholson is always entertaining and he really is "AS GOOD AS IT GETS" in any role he plays. Even though his now famous "Honey I'm Home" and "Here's Johnny" lines are classic, they seem to turn what set out to be a psychological thriller into a psychotic comic strip characterization. If you want to see Jack ham it up in a horror flick see the "Little Shop of Horrors." Getting all your teeth drilled without that's scary!!

Michael (1996)
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Michael is heavenly fun, 28 October 1999

Angels are pure and flawless, right? Not in the portrayal of John Travolta's Michael. This angel drinks, smokes and has sex with many women who can't seem to resist his smell. I know that many of you find this offensive, since angels are supposed to be messengers from God. But lighten up. In this feel good movie, which doesn't seem to take itself too seriously, Mr. Travolta does a fine job of showing us that angels are only human!

A love story mixed with fantasy never looked so good since Splash.

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Death Has Never Been So Boring, 28 October 1999

Before viewing this film I made a sexist comment to a friend that I could watch Brad Pitt doing anything for 3 hours. Instead I found myself glancing at my watch every 20 minutes and felt little reward for my time & money when he took his shirt off. However, I'd rather enjoy some good acting and realistic script to hold my interest. Had it not been for the always superb acting of Anthony Hopkins, I'd have been bored to tears. Speaking of tears, the many syrupy emotional scenes were overdone. It was just too long and too weepy to take seriously.

Enemy Mine (1985)
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Science Fiction With A Message, 26 October 1999

I was fortunate to come across this wonderful movie in the late 1980s and have since viewed it a few times. It has always been on my list of favorites. Although I now feel it may have dragged a bit, the combination of special effects, fine performances and the poignant message it sends, makes this film worth seeing. For parents, this is a movie that instead of focusing on blood and guts and the misguided lesson that blowing up people is something to cheer about, teaches that learning to love your enemy is the finest reward.

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A Different Kind of Love Story, 26 October 1999

Love comes in many flavors. This is a movie that portrays a special relationship between two social misfits. I do not know why it has been criticized as being insensitive to the problem of mental illness. On the contrary, many of us are suffering from our own demons without donning a scarlet letter, and it demonstrates that even the most tormented is capable of finding a soulmate when human bondage turns into human bonding.

A touching, well acted film. Johnny Depp's talent is demonstrated in his remarkable Charlie Chaplin pantomime.

A true classic worth seeing a second time., 25 October 1999

When acting is so good and a story is so engrossing, it's not unusual for such a movie to be enjoyed over and over again. No special effects, no complex story line, just a tale of the human spirit that captured my attention as well as my heart.

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Even garbage can be frightening, 25 October 1999

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I sat alone tonight in my house with all of the lights off watching what I expected to be a masterpiece. Perhaps that is why I sat through the entire film. I was patiently waiting to be entertained in some way. This never happened. However, what really frightens me is that I actually was affected by it or I would not be online at 3:30 in the morning when I need to go to work in a few hours. I guess I have a vivid imagination. So,was this a good flick? ****May contain spoilers ahead*** Well, I was at first disturbed by the obvious flaws. Not expecting to be lost for days, the 3 students ran out of basic supplies, but seemed to have enough film, batteries, etc. to keep shooting. Also, being a high maintenance wimp, you couldn't pay me to go camping except at the Ritz, and even I have enough common sense to be better prepared than these kids who couldn't find their way out of a shopping mall.

However, what was truly frightening is that the characters were college students whose use of dialogue was worse than most 6th grade drop-outs. I am not easily offended by violence or profanity, but I am offended by others who believe that this is the way most educated people communicate with each other. Sucking down cigarettes only added to the annoyance.

I did tap into my imagination a bit and found myself getting more and more engrossed in the film and thought that the last several minutes were spooky. However, my analytical side won't allow me to stop asking the question "why the hell would they run into the house?" If I really stretch it a bit, I guess I can say that this was a psychological film depicting madness and fear so I can try to justify its popularity. But maybe I'm only doing that to convince myself that the rest of the world hasn't gone off the deep end by promoting it as a work of art.

So, I guess I could conclude that this is the worst film that I actually liked in some strange way, because it has sparked enough interest in me to spend time writing this comment. (and that makes as much sense as the movie.)