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Slow start gives way to intense moments, interesting plot, 19 March 2000

Vision of Murder began with a slow start, but increasingly picked up the pace as the plot thickened. Melissa Gilbert gives a convincing performance, as always, as a woman who sees visions that she is terrified of, and afraid to share with anyone, because her "gift" has ostracised her from many communities. In this small town, she knows there is a killer loose, and finally goes to the police with what she has "seen." The psychological battle has begun between the killer and Donielle however, and only she can stop him. The title suggests this is based on fact, as well as a living person. I'm sure Donielle prefers her seclusion, but I would have liked to hear about what she is doing now (including cases she is working on?) - maybe she'll write a book! If anything, I found myself wanting the movie to continue and not end. Maybe that's a true sign of a captivating movie, when you are sad the ride is over.

Sanctuary (1998/I)
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Entertaining cable action with an actual plot, 18 November 1999

I turned to this movie late at night mainly to see Mark Dacascos who is nice to look at, and not a bad actor either! I tend to fall asleep if a movie doesn't keep me interested. Well, I felt that, for a cable action movie (on Action Max) it was entertaining and had an actual plot that made sense. In a series of flashbacks, we see the events that shaped Dacascos's character. It's got plenty of guns, a few explosions, a government conspiracy, bad guys, good guys, a possible good gal, and an ironic ending that is both unexpected and appropriate. This is a flick that both guys and gals can watch - lots of action but not any gore. I wish Dacascos luck in catching a mainstream movie and riding it to the big screen. He deserves it!