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Juan (2010)
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The Opera Movie for those who hate Opera, 11 January 2011

This is a bold interpretation of Mozart's "Don Giovanni" with modern settings (Budapest) and modern language(English, cause we have the best swear words!)including profanity, and even a smattering of nudity and violence. The singers, all international stars, are young, slim and attractive. They do not lip sync, but sing live on location, so there is an immediacy to their performances. I was lucky enough to see the US premiere at Palm Springs International Film Festival, even before the Danish premiers. The director explained at the festival Q&A the complicated process of recording the singers live to give the movie it's "real" feel, and it works.

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Worth the price of admission for the audition scene alone, 11 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I heartily agree with all the positive comments about the writing and acting, but have to mention the audition scene (with "Martin Scorsese's casting director") that Andy Garcia plays. It is brilliantly acted and written, a must to see for any actor or anyone who loves good acting. There are many wonderful scenes in this film, but this one stands out for me and I will be thinking of it for days to come. Andy Garcia gives the performance of a lifetime in this role, and I hope this movie takes off this summer and becomes one of those sleeper comedies. Everyone in the theater was howling with laughter in nearly every scene. Make a point of going, and go with family!

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So glad this film finally got distribution!, 19 March 2005

I just loved this movie. Anyone who values character driven indie films lucky enough to be near a screening of this film should rush to see it. I left the film feeling I really knew these fascinating characters, and felt lucky to have known them for the last two hours. This film would be perfect for the film festival circuit, I don't know why they didn't go that route, for that would have built word of mouth for a better placed release. It deserves the art house circuit, but is screening in multiplexes that won't nurture it; and audiences that prefer this kind of movie never venture into these theaters. OK, the film: Magical New Mexican vistas, wonderful paintings, sensitive direction, breathtaking acting by all. Every character had their own story, whether it was coming-of-age, sensual awakening, recovery, or fulfillment. Yet all these stories seamlessly integrated into the whole. Just go and enjoy.

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Gentle, sweet, lesiurely character study, a real winner., 2 September 2003

I heard about The Station Agent at Sundance, and was looking forward to seeing it. I got to see a pre-release screening in Philadelphia in a packed theatre, and like most of the audience, I was captivated. There was plenty of wry humor, pathos, and atmosphere to keep any thoughtful viewer interested. What really moved everyone was the fine acting of the three principle actors, who held your eyes and attention everytime they were on the screen. Peter Dinklage, in particular, captivated with his most expressive face. The director allowed the actors to slowly change before your eyes, as gradually as if it were real life. There was such an organic nature to this film, it really felt lived-in. It was beautifully filmed, and framed the actors effectively so you were aware of their humanity, not their physical scale.

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Hilarious and original treatment of three men in their 30's, 18 March 2001

They even slightly resemble that trio of fellows that used to run on TV on Thursday nights. But the resemblance is only on the surface. Stuart Hyson Culpepper has crafted a serious exploration of issues such as fatherhood, immortality and death within the framework of witty, quick dialogue between men, the kind of stuff said when women aren't listening.

This movie deserves wider distribution, and may prove to be the "She's Gotta Have It" of Stuart Hyson Culpepper's career.

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The best movie of the summer!, 27 June 2000

Now, knowing what's in store for us this summer, I am probably not out on a limb saying this, but this should be the best film this summer, if not this year.

Full of wit, sight gags, homage to prison escape movies, yet completely adorable and exciting to even very young children, this movie has everything you would want in a movie. I was lucky enough to catch it at a sneak preview while on vacation with my 19-year-old son while in San Francisco, and even at the price of NINE BUCKS, it was worth it.

All this and voices from two Ab Fab actresses!

At last, the trailer didn't give too much away!, 30 October 1999

I was afraid that after seeing the trailer, reading a few reviews and articles about this movie, that there would be few surprises and no laughs left. I was happy to be wrong. The trailer is just a bare hint, unlike so many movies these days where the movie trailer IS the movie (perfect example: Pleasantville).

There is so much more to this movie than it's premise, and I won't go over that, there are plenty of sources for finding out the plot of this movie.

What I want to comment on is the unoriginal comment everyone's making, how blindingly original this movie is. I sat there, while enjoying the humor and pathos of the characters and the twists and turns of it's incredible plot, wondering how in the world this screenplay was sold to any backers in today's Hollywood!

This movie makes you think about the cruelty of fame, the difficulty of acting, (especially with Malcovich the man playing Malcovich the actor playing John Cusack's character) sexual roles and identity, and even immortality!

The acting was excellent and it is a truly funny film, and can be enjoyed totally at that level.

If you liked "Raising Arizona," try this..., 12 October 1999

There I was, in a nearly empty theater, often laughing alone, and as often holding my laugh, cause I seemed to be the only one who got it! Now, that doesn't seem to be much of a recommendation, but this part of the country didn't get "Fargo" either! (The rental clerk told me "Don't waste your money...It was the worst movie I ever saw.") Maybe it's that Texas thing, the armadillo jokes, Steve Zahn's deadpan (or is it just empty headed?) innocence, or Jeremy Northam's face as he switched gears from one relationship to the other. Maybe it was the ensemble acting, the sense of place, or the little girls who never failed to do the unexpected. And who is this Ally Walker? She was wonderful, a woman who, like Sarah Polley, is luminous even with all her faults showing on the big screen. And, of course, William H. Macy once again brought depth to a role that other actors would just parody. I can't wait to drag my brother and sister to this film, much like my sister dragged my brother and myself to "Raising Arizona." Drag yourself, and you, too, will be happy!