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Sliver (1993)
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Lousy Plot, Not Quite Porn, 18 September 2006

Finally saw the uncut version of this on a premium channel. First, the movie was based on a novel by Ira Levin, who wrote "Rosemary's Baby" years ago, about a bunch of weird witches in a kinky New York apartment building and several unexpected deaths in the building. This is about a bunch of perverts in a kinky New York apartment building and several unexpected deaths in the building. So there's an odd feeling of familiarity.

Next, the script, by Joe Ezterhaus, is "Basic Instinct" meets "Jagged Edge." The film starts out like a classic woman in peril film, except the woman is Sharon Stone and the camera lingers on her obsessively. It's soft porn in some shots and hard core in the shower scenes where we get to imagine her masturbating. The scenes with her in them just go on and on. (Yes, she is/was beautiful, but a fabulous face can't carry this sorry mess.)Its a mish-mash of a bad plot, bad dialogue, uneven acting and we've seen it all before. Twice. Nothing new is added to the film to make it interesting except the concept of voyeurism and it's not enough.

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Great Writing, Disappointing Movie, 9 April 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** I don't know how I went so many years without seeing this film, but when I finally saw it last night on cable I was disappointed.

Yes, Ava Gardner was beautiful, but her Spanish (the accent and when she spoke the language) and her lengthy monologues on love and desire, especially the "Barefoot" monologue she has with Bogie near the beginning of the film, were overwrought and not at all convincing. I realize the movie was made in the fifties, however the smoldering looks she gave all the men and the veiled sexual references throughout the film -- and the absurdity of her husband handing her a letter (A LETTER!) on their wedding night describing his war injuries -- made me laugh out loud several times. (Note to movie fans: even in the 1950's that would have been grounds for an annulment of the marriage, ESPECIALLY in Catholic countries like Spain and Italy. I don't care how much she supposedly loved him. To stay in a sexless marriage would go against everything the audience has been shown about her character up to that point.)

Most of the writing and the dialogue was fabulous, but the execution left a lot to be desired. We are given very little reason why her father shoots her mother, for instance, other than to foreshadow her own demise. (Since when is it a surprise that poor peasant families scream at each other in movies? And since when does that lead to murder?)

The scene where Edmund O'Brien tells his boss where to get off was great, and Bogie was, well, Bogie. He was fabulous and convincing, but all in all, I wasn't that impressed.

I wish someone would do a re-make so the sexual situations and tensions could be clarified and the music updated for the screen -- the full orchestration was tedious, frankly -- but knowing the movie business today they'd probably cast someone like Mischa Barton in the title role and screw it up even worse.

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Ditto -- Best Film of 2005, 17 December 2005


I agree with so much of what the others who love this movie are saying: go see it.

From the opening shots of the guard towers and the sound of distant clapping at Folsom Prison, this film had me.

Joaquin Phoenix is amazing; he eats up the screen. Powerful and incredibly convincing performance. (And yes, it's him singing. Nobody is faking this. It's really him and it's really her.) And by the way, while I knew Reese Witherspoon was a really good actress, I didn't know she was THIS good... A fabulous, nuanced performance on her part.

The music takes you through their lives and through a lot of the musical history of the 50's and 60's. Worth seeing in the theater for the cinematography and sound.

Spanglish (2004)
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What to Do About This Mess? (One Spoiler), 24 April 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was extremely disappointed in the latest offering from the wonderful writer and director James Brooks. It is difficult to believe or like ANY of the adult characters. First, poor Tea Leoni is the most hideous, narcissistic mother seen on film since the 1930's. Her husband is a wuss of monumental proportions and this couple, supposedly together since high school, communicate in nothing but Westside L.A. feel good code: They need their "space;" they "validate" feelings. It's as if they've spent their entire marriage in aroma therapy and self-esteem building classes.

The gorgeous, thin Mexican maid -- and trust me, none of them look like her in Beverly Hills -- wears two hundred dollar blouses she could never afford and presents us with a portrait of almost saint like devotion to her only child. Then in the end, she refuses to allow the child to continue her education on scholarship at a private school. We are supposed to believe that this daughter went on to a public school I guess, on the other side of L.A. and ended up applying to Princeton? Puh-leese! Did anyone involved with this production visit a public school in L.A. recently? I attended one 30 years ago and my mother still teaches in the school system, which is now about 90% Hispanic and/or African American. The schools today are disaster areas with metal detectors, under-performing warehouses for the children of the poor that do not prepare their students for state college, much less the Ivy League.

There were some great one liners and the two young girls who played the daughters are both excellent actresses, but all in all, this was a real mess -- and a miss by Brooks. It can't hold a candle to "Terms of Endearment" or even an old episode of Mary Tyler Moore.

Ladyhawke (1985)
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Loved it Then, Love it Still..., 7 October 2004

Fabulous fantasy film that struck all the right notes. I was an adult when I first saw it and it still holds up. The music works extremely well, beautiful cinematography, and the performances were all wonderful -- especially the dotty old monk and Michelle Pfeiffer. (Remember that first look at Michele Pfeiffer's face, in the dark? Talk about a face you could die for!) I had to sit through this movie more than 20 times over the years, with my son, who used to dress up as Navarre when he was a child and watch it over and over again. If you didn't like this film, you're simply not a romantic or you're too inexperienced. Not all movies are supposed to be "Citizen Kane." Some just tell a lovely story. As for the comments about the "Disco Music." Puhleese... I remember Disco. The musical score was nothing like it.

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Gawd-Almighty-Awful, 8 August 2003

How did the man who gave us "M*A*S*H" and "Gossford Park" come up with this misogynistic mess?? Rich, overdressed women who hang out in their gynecologist's office (a gynecologist with no partner in sight, which means he must be on call 365 days and nights a year) and spend their days planning weddings or bitching about things. When not being examined by the good doctor these women have so little in their lives that they either go insane or turn into lesbians. Must be from too much shopping at Neiman Marcus.

And that's about it, plot-wise, for nearly two hours.

I tried watching this movie with a few glasses of wine and then the next morning, after coffee and exercise, I tried again. It didn't make any difference. Jaw droppingly bad, from beginning to end.

Showgirls (1995)
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The Thing Is, They WERE Serious..., 25 August 2002

A "camp classic" and considered oh so cool in NYC??? Oh, Really? People, People Work with me here!!! They were SERIOUS when they made this film, they weren't trying to satirize anything. Ezterhaus is the most overrated -- and most obscenely wealthy - screen writer of the last generation. This was just "Flashdance" with naked dancing, no music, and an even more absurd plot. It was like watching a trainwreck in slow motion.

As for the director, producers and the rest of those criminally liable, I can only imagine that the months of looking at bare-breasted actresses parading around left them brain dead and salivating. Even a good editor and a P.R. campaign AFTER the FACT, claiming that is was an inside joke, couldn't save this turkey.

Bolero (1984)
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Yes, It WAS that bad...., 25 April 2002

Nothing I have seen in 30+ years of movie going compares with "Bolero." Basically, John Derek put his wife into an adolescent, pornographic fantasy and not coincidentally ruined her career in the process. There was no story to follow and no acting to see. More than half the people in the theatre walked out. A truly classic waste of celluloid.

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Correction on the Previous Comment, 7 March 2002

The two part Episode of Dr. Kildare that featured Yvette Mimieux was called "Tiger,Tiger." (The title of a famous poem) It was one of the highest rated shows of the year, which I believe was 1963. Miss Mimieux played a beautiful epileptic and she died having a seizure while surfing, which her doctor had warned her not to do.

Oh, the heartbreak! Oh the teenage hormones! Oh, how the ratings soared!

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The Only Soap I've Ever Watched, 7 January 2002

The summer I was 17, before I went away to college, I tuned into a black and white episode of AMC(half an hour)and since then I have always tuned in to see what was happening. Through various jobs and the birth of my son and times when I couldn't watch for over a year,AMC was always there. And, let's face it AMC means Erica Kane.

But as I am middle aged,I would like to suggest that the show deal MORE with reality. Erica is on trial right now for yet another murder - after 30 years of watching, I can hardly recall all the people she has been accused of killing -- and the prosecutor is her former lover. Could the writers please get a clue??? Prosecutors are not allowed to even KNOW the people they are trying. Please deal with the rules of 2002.

Also, The Greenly and Leo story is a total BORE. Unless you are 17,,,,, interesting...But I suspect Leo is gay, myself.

Nice twist on Proteus, however, I like it.

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