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A list of all the official EON 007 movies ranked from best to worst.
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There might actually be so much badassery on this list, the Internet may not be able to handle it!
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This is not a list of films that I would describe as the best movies I've ever seen, nor is it a list of films that I would cite as my personal favorites. It is, however, a list of films that I consider to be the most entertaining and fun films I've ever seen. Sometimes when I just want to kick back and watch a movie without having to think or challenge myself, I pop in one of these films and have a blast.
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Only one sequel per franchise unless there is some kind of a reboot or retooling involved. And only then I'm using one sequel per reboot/retooling. I'll make a note where this happens. I'd also like to note that this is not necessarily a list of the best sequels of all-time. There are some great sequels that didn't make the list due to the fact that I don't consider them better than the first movie. So you won't be seeing films such as "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" or "Sanjuro" on this list due to me not considering them to be better than "Raiders of the Lost Ark" or "Yojimbo", respectively.
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Best western TV shows, movies, and mini-series...