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Successful Rebirth
13 June 2008
Erin Bana and Jennifer Connelly were not the reason why the 1st Hulk film bombed. That was Ang Lee's fault; he should stick to other things. Although, I must admit Edward Norton and Liv Tyler are much better actors and a refreshing change for "The Incredible Hulk". Louis Leterrier is a relatively unknown director with very few films, but he knows a little something about action. Leterrier also director "The Transporter" and "The Transporter II." Marvel comic films thrive from great action.

Doc Sampson (Ty Burrell) Gen. Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross (William Hurt) Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) were all great cameos for Hulk Comic Fans. Also the appearance of Samuel Sterns (Tim Blake Nelson) indicates Hulk villain "The Leader" might be a future Hulk sequel. Tony Stark's comments open the gateway for an Avengers Film.

The film itself is filled with great action sequences. The computer created battle between Tim Roth's Abomination and Edward Norton's Hulk, was in my opinion, one of the greatest fight sequences ever filmed. High marks for helping regain hope for future Hulk films.
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Scary Movie 4 (2006)
Losing It's Touch
28 April 2006
Trying to scare up some laughs for the 4th time is getting to be tricky. If you have seen the trailer for this film, then you have seen almost all the good stuff. There were a few laughs but the film cannot hold a candle to its predecessors. The cameos were nice (Shaq, Dr. Phil and Charlie Sheen) and its ability to draw from many other popular films as it has done before really helps in getting the laughs. SAW, WAR OF THE WORLDS, AND BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN are only a few of the films spoofed for Scary Movie 4. Big fans of the franchise will not want to miss this one, but don't expect as much. Despite its fall from grace, I would encourage another installment, if only to show it can still bring in the laughs.
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Compelling to the End
16 December 2004
Another treasure released from the achieves and shown on TCM. This is a gem and a silent picture that you will not want to miss. Now that it has premiered for the first time on television since its theatrical release in 1928 it will likely been shown many more times, but that of course is up to TCM and/or the owners of the film.

Thomas Meighan plays (Leslie Hatton) a farmer who returned from war to find his marriage to (Rose Henderson) played by Evelyn Brent had been annulled by her parents. She however eventually marries another man, but one who is unfaithful to her. In her desperate situation she tries to seduce Leslie to have an affair with her, but he has lost all interest in her and her lack of moral character.

He eventually decides to find an immigrant wife by going to Ellis Island and finds a young woman who agrees to marry him in exchange for taking her and her parents into the country under his care and responsibility. Problems arise however when Rose's persistence puts Leslie in a bad situation with a black mask group known as "The Order" who think they are the judge, jury and punishers of moral issues in their town.
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16 December 2004
TCM came through by acquiring this wonderful, silent, comedy/drama for television. Until recently it had been locked away in an achieve somewhere. It premiered on TV for the 1st time since its theatrical release in 1927. Two Americans fighting in World War I (William Boyd and Louis Wolheim) are hiding in a defensive position with German soldiers advancing. They however are fighting with each other and working the nerve of one-an-other. They of course are caught, but after an inventive escape they are taken on a whirlwind adventure in Arabia, with all the humor you might find in an Abbott and Costello movie. Very funny and sometimes even touching. A great silent picture and winner of an Academy Award for "Best Comedy Direction". Directed by Lewis Milestone.
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Spider-Man 2 (2004)
The Power of the Sun in the Palm of His Hand
5 July 2004
I believe that is the way Sam Raimi, must feel after witnessing the success of this movie in it's first few days.

Since I was old enough to go to the movies by myself, I have never seen a film twice in the theater. I mean it's expensive $8 bucks for the film and then $10 more for soda and popcorn, but that all changed today. Some 20 years later I have found myself in a strange position, I have returned to the theater only a few days after watching the Midnight Screening to see this astonishing film again. I paid without feeling like I had wasted my money. I hope to return once more for a 3rd time. It is simply that good. Worth every penny.

I don't know if Tobey Maguire or Kirsten Dunst turned in Oscar winning performances, but that's not why I went to see Spider-Man. The film was delivered in pure comic book form. Although you do not need to be a Spider-Man comic book fan to love this film it helps if you want to follow some of the inside jokes and why some dialog may sound familiar from old issue of Spider-Man.

The film is graced by a great many things, fantastic special effects without over doing it, astounding performances from the entire cast, the right amount of comic relief to get you past the more somber moments, a super evil villain to set the pace and last but not least the beautiful and talented Kirsten Dunst who can keep your attention all by herself.

It is not surprising that both men and women will love this film. Guys and kids will flock to see the greatest superhero ever swing through the best superhero movie ever, while women will surely enjoy the love story and moments that will bring a tear to ones eye. The only thing that was bad about this film is that it set the stakes to high and may be impossible to follow up this film with another squeal of equal or greater appreciation, I mean this truly is a hard act to follow. I have given a score of ten out of ten to movies that I can count on one hand from over 1400+ I have rated, but their is no doubt that this film gets that rating as well.

In short this is the best film of 2004 and I doubt anything else will even come close.
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Frankenstein more frightening than Frankenstein's Monster
30 October 2003
If you try to compare this remake to the original, it will of course fall short as most recreated films do, but this feature is still very good for a late night scare. The biggest difference between this and the original is Victor Von Frankenstein is practically more frightening than the monster himself. He is a cold blooded, emotionless character, who uses Frankenstein as his personal executioner. He is also intelligent and careful to tie up loose ends. Great Halloween time film. No need to worry about watching it alone, but a fine flick with some exceptional acting to boot.
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Sinful Temptations (2001 Video)
It was a Sin to sit through this movie
16 July 2003
No acting ability, a predictable plot a horribly bad film. It looks like they picked up a bunch of fair looking people off the street to get naked in front of a camera. 95% of the cast got nude at some point during the film some more often than others and this went on throughout the entire film. Too weak for Porn and to strong to be taken seriously. Don't waste you time unless you just want to see a bunch of T&A.
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Spider-Man (2002)
Spectacular Spider-Man Movie
20 May 2003
A few liberties were taken with the origin of the web slinging hero, but a dated character will need a little help making it in today's world. This created a modern day Spider-Man that took block-buster to a whole new level, shattering box office records in it's opening week. Adults and kids alike could finally experience a big screen adventure with Spider-Man. He's a character that's been in comic books for decades. It even crossed gender lines as many girls flocked to the theater, perhaps because of the kookie little love story. Spider-Man's CO-creator Stan Lee had a cameo in the film. The special effects were great and the action was almost nonstop. Don't analyze the movie just enjoy it. Millions of dollars in sales can't be wrong. Lets hope the sequels turn out to be half as good.

Superman and Batman were products of DC Comics, Marvels biggest competitor. Did anyone notice that only the 1st Superman and 1st Batman films were really big hits and their sequels all were huge disappointments? Hopefully this curse will not befall the Amazing Spider-Man. Spidey has a few things going for him though. First of all he is Marvel's flagship character and not to take anything away from DC, but Marvel super villains have always been a whole lot cooler. Second advances in special effects can do almost anything today so we can expect to see spidey do a lot of really neat stuff. Finally Tobey McGuire actually looks like Peter Parker making him a perfect fit. Batman suffered changes in 3 lead actors throughout 4 movies which got consistently worse and none resembled Bruce Wayne the man behind the mask.

Spider-Man appears on the screen exactly the way you would expect him to be in the comics. They captured that image perfectly. The liberties I already mentioned, work a lot better in an updated version recreated for the BIG screen. This must be Marvel's decade as we await more super powered action flicks such as, The Incredible Hulk, X-2 and sequels to Spider-Man. Keeping comics cool with movies is a great way to enjoy your favorite childhood super-heroes all over again!
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Titanic (1997)
Film about doomed ocean liner attracts the masses
4 April 2002
What can be said about `Titanic' that hasn't already been said? Seriously who hasn't seen it? Well if your one of the few and you finally decided to take the uhmm…. Splash (pun intended) there are a few rules you need to remember. First, give yourself time for an intermission the film is quite long. Second, the film caters to all people. There is a love story for the pre-teen girls and for hopeful romantics (generally women) and for us guys there are some cool special effects in one of the most intense disaster films ever made. The final rule, sit back and enjoy.

Working with a `Titanic' budget James Cameron (director) put this gem together and created this intriguing story. Obviously the fate of the doomed ocean liner is true, but the fictitious love story is thrown in to attract more viewers. Warning there is a brief, but tastefully done nude scene and parental guidance is suggested. Also the illustrations of death and dying in the later parts of the film may be a bit too much for younger viewers. Now aside from that, I mean honestly, what more convincing do you need? The film earned over a billion dollars worldwide and scored a number of Oscars including best director and best picture.
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X-Men (2000)
Action Packed Fun
14 July 2000
The greatest comic book of all time is transformed into a very well made film. Incredible special effects and a great cast make this a must see film. You do not need to be a comic book or X-Men fan to enjoy this action packed block buster, but you may enjoy it more if you are a fan. The film does not have the best acting in the world, but action films aren't necessarily made for superb acting. Still there were a few performances worthy of mentioning. Patrick Stewart better known for his "Star Trek: The Next Generation" role is one of the better performances. In this film he plays Professor X the leader of a school for gifted children. Film veteran Ian McKellen turns in the best performance of the bunch. He plays the powerful revenge seeking mutant Magneto. Coincidentally both Stewart and McKellen are English and about the same age. Stewart enjoyed a birthday the day before the "X-Men" premiere.

Australian born actor Hugh Jackman has his hands full playing the X-Men's principal character Wolverine. He appears to be a good casting choice despite the fact that the comic version Wolverine has a stronger build and has a Canadian accent. Oscar winning actress Anna Paquin plays the character known as Rogue, but she suffers from the same problems as Wolverine, she is supposed to have an accent. In her case that of a southern belle, but she is observed only a few times actually trying to muster one. However aside from the few flaws the film is really sensational. You get to see three beautiful and talented ladies Halle Berry, Famke Janssen, and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos.

Look for Ray Park's particularly entertaining role as the otherwise disgusting mutant called Toad. The best costume of the bunch would go to Tyler Mane's character Sabretooth whom most closely resembles his comic book counterpart. Halle Berry's costume would follow a close second.

The film is about two groups of mutants living in a world were they are not wanted. One group focuses there unique individual powers on bettering themselves and one day protecting those who do not trust them. The others are revenge seeking mutants and want to wage war on humanity because of their differences. It will take mutants against mutants in order to save humanity.
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A True Work of Art
18 June 2000
A marvelous, beautiful film with stunning cinematography. The story which takes place in 1920s China is about four concubines. The wives which all live in separate houses must compete for the affections and privileges of the master in accordance with his customs. Jealousy abounds between the wives and the scheming keeps tensions high. Each night a lantern is lit in favor of whom the master will be with. Shortly afterwards all the lanterns of that wife's home and courtyard are also lit and the privileges begin. Although they are wives they are treated like well cared for prisoners. Each having servants and their own space.

The first wife and eldest is more like a mother to the others and has the experience and right to make important decisions. The second wife is quiet and reserved but calculating on the inside. The third wife is spoiled and openly displays her dislike for the others. The fourth wife in new and must learn the customs and rules of the master. The film is exhilarating and has a surprising climax. The film is subtitled in English but it is nicely paced so you are not constantly reading or trying to keep up with a lot of dialogue. Nominated for an academy award as best foreign film and although it did not win this is still one great must see film. In fact it is less like a movie and more like a work of art.
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It's Not Stephen King's Fault
17 June 2000
Fans of Stephen King books will probably hate this film since the most compelling elements are lost in the transition from book to screen. Fans of Stephen King movies may tolerate it a bit more. If you sit through the long version which is about 160 minutes then you are either bored to tears or worship Stephen King. The film is not scary and it has no humor or comic relief, but somehow it has a compelling element that makes us watch. I think the name of that element is Ed Harris. He's a superb actor although he brings nothing special to this film.

The film is about a small town in Maine called Castle Rock where a strange shopkeeper opens a store that mysteriously has something for everyone in town. Something tailored to them that they would love to have. The shopkeeper Leland Gaunt (Sydow) AKA Satan manages to use the trinkets to turn the town against each other. Sheriff Pangborn (Harris) is the local law and the only one not enticed by the strange new dealer. From there you need to see the film or read the book to see how it goes and I believe in this case the book may be more satisfactory.

As a bit of trivia the town of Castle Rock, Maine is fictional and is named after the production company Castle Rock Entertainment. There is even a lighthouse to match the trademark. The film in fact was filmed in British Columbia, Canada. If it matters to anyone half the cast has previously appeared in movies derived from Stephen King books.
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High Class Submarine Story
13 June 2000
A great submarine movie based on the popular Tom Clancy novel. It seems there has never been a bad movie made about submarines. "The Hunt for Red October" is of course the best, but there are several other great choices including "Crimson Tide," "Das Boot," "The Hunley" & "U-571." Even the comedy "Down Periscope" is both funny and intelligently made. A great cast brings this action/adventure to life with a lot of credibility. The film is the first part of a Trilogy and is followed by "Patriot Games" and "Clear and Present Danger."

The movie is about a Russian submarine Captain (Connery) that wants to defect with a few officers and a billion dollar submarine to the US. To achieve his goal he will need to overcome both US and Soviet forces that wish to destroy him. However he will need some unexpected help in the form of an American intelligence man named Jack Ryan (Baldwin) who recognizes that this is probably a defection and not a renegade attack as the Soviets suggest. Connery's character has another advantage, years of experience and a secret stealth submarine at his disposal. There are many other great performances in the film such as Sam Neill as Connery's first officer, and Scott Glenn as one of the American Submarine Captains. A simply wonderful, fun film.

Alec Baldwin did not wish to return for the second and third installments of the Trilogy but instead Harrison Ford signed on and boosted his already successful career. Ford seemed to make it a habit of picking up roles originally slated for Alec Baldwin as he also took the role of Dr. Kimble in "The Fugitive" after Baldwin turned it down. In both cases Harrison Ford's success soared even higher.
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Greed (1924)
Silent Classic with Interesting History
12 June 2000
Although I am not a big fan of classics, I know a good movie when I see one. However the legendary butchering of the film is more interesting than the movie itself. The original film was over nine hours long and was trimmed down to just over two and a half hours. Director Erich von Stroheim condemned the newly formed Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) for slashing his film. Continuity and subplots were torn from the masterpiece. Turner later tried to restore the film with publicity stills and new dialogue cards. This helped the film regain continuity and bring to light some of the subplots in the film. Turners new version is four hours and is splendidly done.

The film is about a miner named John McTeague who becomes a dentist through an apprenticeship. He soon opens his own business and meets a woman already involved with his friend Marcus. Marcus agrees to step aside since McTeague is obviously in love with the woman. After the woman named Trina wins $5000 in a lottery the story really takes off in what can only be described as a serious case of "Greed." I can tell no more without spoiling the film, but if you can stomach silent films this is one of the best.
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Pleasantville (1998)
Beautiful Black, White & Color Mixing
4 June 2000
Feel good movie with great cinematography. The black & white with color mixes are beautiful. Fairly good acting by a great cast. The story is about a brother and sister that get sent literally into the brothers favorite classic TV program called "Pleasantville." While there they make some changes that shakes up the TV characters otherwise perfect world. A little overlong, but should keep your attention. Nothing extra or special in "Pleasantville" other than an original idea for a movie that works well and is pretty entertaining. Several scenes in the movie intentionally mimic famous scenes from other films.
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Dark City (1998)
Descent Film-Noir & Sci-Fi Flick
3 June 2000
"Dark City" is a good example of what good special effects can do for a movie. Still there is so much more this film could have accomplished. The story was a bit confusing and when things started to clear up towards the end there was still a lot of unanswered questions. A more well defined story could have helped. Let me give an example using two more popular films. Take "Godzilla" and "Jurassic Park" both featured great F/X but only the latter had a strong exciting story. Now granted "Jurassic Park" & "Godzilla" were aimed at a younger audience, but then take "The Matrix" into account. Here is a film with strong appeal to adults, great special effects, and an exciting story. Still I give "Dark City" above average marks for descent acting and originality. William Hurt was delightful as always and Kiefer Sutherland who is one of my favorite actors does a good job as the mad scientist although anyone could have probably played the part. I'm still glad it was him though.

The story is about a guy named John Murdoch (Sewell) that awakens in a bathtub with very little memory and soon finds he is being sought for murder. In his attempts to escape he learns about some strange beings that control the dark world he is living in and finds that they posses great power. In time Murdoch finds he has some surprises of his own. Frank Bumstead (Hurt) is the inspector that captures Murdoch and thereafter realized that there are some strange things happening. Dr. Schreber (Sutherland) is a some what unwilling pawn of the menace known only as the Strangers. A definite for Film-Noir & Sci-Fi buffs.
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A True Melting Pot Film
3 June 2000
Delightful film is one of Robin William's serious roles. He plays a Russian Circus band member named Vladimir Ivanoff that decides to seek political asylum while on tour in New York City. During a 30 minute stop in Bloomingdales he announces to a mall security guard that he is defecting. The film then follows him through a series of adventures as he becomes "Americanized." He realizes that adjusting is hard but in the end he discovers the grass really is greener. Look for strong performances by Witherspoon as the guard and by Maria Conchita Alonso as (Vladimir's) Italian girlfriend. Although meant to be a serious film there are some funny moments performed by Williams.
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Sergeant York (1941)
Absolutely Brilliant
29 May 2000
"Sergeant York" is my favorite classic movie. Gary Cooper stars as Sergeant Alvin York one of the most revered hero's in World War I. The movie takes you through his life from the days when he was a lot less responsible. When he drank a lot and had a short fuse, but ends when he become a hero of the war. The black and white picture enhances the beautiful cinematography in the film. Keep in mind most of the film revolves around his life before the war and so you get to see a lot of the fantastic scenery.

Gary Cooper won himself a well deserved Oscar for the film, but there were some other fine performances in the film. Walter Brennan, the star of almost 200 other films, plays York's small town Pastor, Rosier Pile. Young Joan Leslie plays the part of Gracie Williams who later marries York. Then there is Ward Bond in one of his many films (Over 250 of them I believe). Now a little for the trivia books. Cooper was 41 when he made this film and Leslie was only 16, but this is fairly consistent with the true ages of York and Gracie when they were beginning their relationship. So the film tries to be very accurate and honest. You won't find that in a modern film.

If you have not seen "Sergeant York" then you have yet to see one of the most touching films of all time. It is as much an attention holder today as it was back in 1941 and makes an excellent Memorial Day film which is in fact the best time to try and catch it if you happen to have cable and some of those classic film channels.
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Cheaters (2000 TV Movie)
Well Done HBO Production
20 May 2000
Writer and Director John Stockwell puts together and tells the true story of a teacher and a group of students that agree to cheat at an academic competition. Jeff Daniels flexes his acting talents proving he can do everything from a Civil War Colonel (Gettysburg) to a raving lunatic (Dumb and Dumber) and now as a teacher and coach of some academically gifted students. When one of his students acquires the test questions that will be asked at the State competition all the students and the teacher conspire to cheat. The story tries to explain and justify why this course of action was taken. Whether or not you agree with the logic, the story is still quite interesting. Worth seeing if you have the opportunity. The film is an HBO production and therefore shown exclusively in their medium.
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Blade (1998)
Vampires Galore
20 May 2000
Blade starts off exciting and with great special effects, but it ends the same way and that's why it loses it's punch. Rather than have a better ending fight sequence with some new and exciting moves or some fresh F/X, it just has a longer fight sequence and the same F/X. To be more specific Blade (Wesley Snipes) does the same thing in the beginning that he does in the end, except it's more drawn out. Since the film is an action film we don't concern ourselves with the terrible all around acting, but you need to change things up a bit if you want to prevent a tacky ending to an otherwise mediocre film. All around though it was not too bad and I give it just a little over average for an action film because it has plenty of action. The story is about a good vampire (Snipes) with superhuman abilities fighting bad vampires. Along the way he utilizes the help of some friends.
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16 May 2000
You can read 1000 reviews and learn that Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening did an excellent job in there "American Beauty" performances. So I am just repeating that which is so disturbingly obvious. It should also be mentioned that Thora Birch, Wes Bentley, and Mena Suvari were no less sensational in Sam Mendes film directorial debut. The Academy awarded "American Beauty" the best picture Oscar for 1999 and it had some stiff competition. Personally I would have chosen "The Sixth Sense" as best picture but that does not take away from the fact that "American Beauty" was a sensational film.

Sam Mendes deserves the Oscar he was awarded as well. Although new to the big screen Sam Mendes is not new to directing, he is a popular British theater director with credits that include "Cabaret" and "The Blue Room." It's hard to find anything wrong with the film, and I wasn't looking, but I think they could have done without the Thora Birch nude scene. Since she was only 17 at the time special permission had to be obtained from the California child labor board and her parents had to be on the set during the scene. That is reason enough to have left it out and I'm not sure it was even important to the story's development. Still it is the only gripe I have and it is very minor.

The story is a comedy/drama with dark humor about a middle class family that looks good on the outside but is crumbling on the inside. Lester Burnham (Spacey) is the man that hates his job and is stuck in a loveless relationship with his wife Carolyn (Bening). Jane (Birch) is there teenage daughter that resents both of them and thinks they have gone crazy. The neighbors include a drug selling teenage boy (Bentley) and a homophobic, ex-marine father (Cooper). Finally there is Angela (Suvari) Jane's friend and a precocious vixen that Lester become infatuated with. You may remember Suvari as Heather in "American Pie." This is one of those films you can't afford to miss.
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Entrapment (1999)
Some Action a Mega-Star and a Babe
7 May 2000
There is good and bad in every film, so I'm going to tell you a little about both that I found in "Entrapment." Let me start with the good. Despite what half the armchair critics like myself wrote about the chemistry between Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones it was not all that bad. Will Smith and Kevin Kline's "Wild, Wild West" is an example of bad chemistry and that wasn't even their fault. If you must sit there and waste your time trying to figure out that Connery has 40 years on Zeta-Jones then you are already looking way to far into the film. If this were intended to be a very serious Drama then maybe you'd have a gripe, but this was an action/adventure and for all intensive purposes it is not supposed to be taken to literally. The same thing can be said for all the Hi-Tech toys. I thought they made the story too easy and fictitious hence if you got the money you can steal anything, but that's the breaks in an action/adventure film.

What's the story about? Well, it seems to have similar traits to the "The Thomas Crown Affair." Of course I'm talking about the later 1999 version with Brosnan and Russo. Rich thief's of valuable art becoming involved with women out to catch them. "Entrapment" is not trying to prove anything and the dialogue and plot has many unfilled holes, still it's worth seeing. If you are an action aficionado then you should make this a must-see. For guy's that just like beautiful women then sexy Catherine Zeta-Jones may be all you need to keep your eyes glued on this one. I admit she is not very talented as an actress, she was cast here for one reason only, to be beautiful, and she does a fine job of that.

I must give credit for some beautiful filming locations in the feature. Then, I must also include that another big name Ving Rhames is in the film and does a fine job in his small role. The most disappointing part of the film was the ending, but even it had a plot twist. So on a final note, if your too wound up and can't enjoy a movie unless it's serious and realistic then you may want to let this one slip by, but if your an average JOE and just need your weekly fix of action and a hot chick then give "Entrapment" a try.
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The 4th Floor (1999)
Lacks Believability
4 May 2000
The story revolves around a young woman named Jane (Juliette Lewis) that moves into an apartment with some very strange tenants, particularly the mysterious one below her on the 4th floor. The first problem is no one should have cast Lewis for this role. There are certain roles in which she is ideal for but, this is not one of them. Still I will give her credit for trying hard and doing a better job than she has done in the past. William Hurt on the other hand seems to have deteriorated since his great acting days in such films as "Broadcast News" & "Body Heat." The second problem with the film is too many questions are left unanswered. That causes the film to lose direction. Finally the biggest problem is the film has no believability to it. For this film to be successful you have to believe what you are seeing in order for it to surprise you later. At the first sign of trouble most people would have left the building, but the character Jane seems impervious to every attempt to scare her off. She keeps putting up with it and that's where the plausibility lies. Definitely not a well made thriller.
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The story is about a young girl named Blue
3 May 2000
The story is about a young girl named Blue (Siemaszko) who takes a job in a brothel after her Jazz playing father (Skerritt) dies as a result of drugs. She later decides to leave and finds it difficult because of the dictator like headmistress (Hughes). The story is really weak and prevents the film from being any good. Then there is a lot of nudity and sexuality but it is not strong enough to keep the voyeurs attention either. Top it all off with poor acting and no imagination and you have "Wild Orchid II: Two Shades of Blue." So the film fails all around. The story has absolutely no similarity or connection to the original "Wild Orchid" starring Mickey Rourke which isn't much better.
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1941 (1979)
Whatever Floats Your Boat
1 May 2000
In 1975 Speilberg gave us the spine tingling horror of "Jaws." In 1977 we were visited by the mothership in the awe inspiring "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." In 1981 he made "Raiders of the Lost Ark" a modern day artifact. He then took time to write "Poltergeist." Finally in 1982 he put together one of his greatest and most profitable films to date "E.T. the Extra Terrestrial." So with these credentials what happened right smack dab in the middle in 1979 when he tried to pull together "1941." With this odd ball comedy you either like it or you don't. It's either funny or it's not. Sometimes when there are a number of huge stars you expect too much and then become disappointed when your anticipation is not met.

Another example of this is "The Bonfire of the Vanities" you may feel the story lacks but still appreciate it for the big stars whether they meet your expectations or not. Myself I didn't care for "1941" on the other hand I liked "The Bonfire of the Vanities." The point is for every good review you read about "1941" your bound to find a bad one and the only way you will truly know is to see the film yourself. If you like that "Three Stooges" type comedy then you may appreciate "1941." There is no doubt that this is not Speilberg's finest work, but it does offer some laughs. Now if you are one of those types that must see everything Speilberg has his hands in then you need to add this to your rental list.

The film is a comedy centered around California preparing to defend itself from a possible Japanese attack. In it's wake a silly Japanese submarine crew delivers many of the laughs.
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