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Nothing like the original at all, 25 February 2010

Okay. To start with, I agree with all or most of the other reviewers about one fact, that this is nothing like the original except for some of the characters' names and other similar things. But even though this series strays far from the original I really like it. I'm a big fan of the original series and TV movies, but I really liked this "remake" as well! You don't have to be familiar with the original at all in order to like this. It's good as a stand-alone series. I thought the characters were quite good and were well-acted. The story lines were also good. Unfortunately it was canceled in the middle of a two-part episode! How low could the network go! Then later on I found out the the entire series, including un-aired episodes, was put on DVD. So the two-part episode was available to be seen in its entirety. Very good. If you can put aside the association with the original series and TV movies with the similar name, I recommend renting or buying the DVD set and watching this with an open mind. It really is very good, and I highly recommend it. I give it 9 stars out of 10. I'd give it more if it had not gotten canceled so early. There just aren't that many stories in the series.

Road Games (1981)
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Just like a Hitchcock movie, 4 September 2005

I first saw this movie on TV. I taped it and watched it later. A couple of weeks ago I bought it on DVD and re-watched it. I had forgotten just how much I loved it. To me, watching this movie is just like watching an Alfred Hitchcock movie. It's filled with suspense. The characters are amazingly intelligent too, especially Stacy Keach's character, Pat Quid. At one point he picks up a hitchhiker, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, but is a gentleman the whole time she is in his truck. That was perfect. I mean, if he fooled around with her, that would have seriously detracted from the story. All the way through it the story has good supporting characters that only add to the quality of the film. Plus the cinematography in Australia's Outback is beautiful. I also enjoyed the truck driving sequences. One other thing, even though the movie is by no means a comedy, there are some very funny scenes in it, which you should enjoy. I don't want to give any of it away though. You need to watch it for yourself. I highly recommend this one. It's worth at least a rental. You will probably want to own it after seeing it once though. I know I did.

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A masterpiece, 4 February 2003

This movie is tied with "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", as my all-time favorite western. It's one of several masterpieces put forth by Sergio Leone. I love everything about it- the gorgeous cinematography, the fantastic musical score by Ennio Morricone, the acting, the script, and everything else. It's all top-notch. What more can I say about this movie? Clint Eastwood is of course fantastic, along with Lee Van Cleef, and Gian Maria Volonté who plays the main villain of the movie, El Indio. This movie has a lot of acting without words, lots of watching and waiting, which is typical Sergio Leone Style. There are periods where the camera focuses on the faces of the characters as they watch each other and try to figure out what the other is doing or try to be the first shot in the shootout scenes.

This movie is best viewed with your VCR patched into your stereo system or a home theater system, to get the most out of Ennio Morricone's haunting score. And if you've got it on DVD, it would be that much better. Unfortunately this movie came out when I was only about 2 or 3, so I never saw it in the theater, but it must've really made an impression on those who did see it. Watching it on big-screen TV with the sound played through your stereo would be the next best thing. I highly recommend it and I give it a perfect 10 score. Go rent it, or better yet, by it!

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Great movie, with some great old cars., 29 January 2003

I watched this movie because it features old passenger-car type ambulances. But once I watched it I realized it was quite funny. I liked Bill Cosby in this movie also. The one thing I didn't like about this movie, and others too, is the fact that they put some really sad scenes in a comedy. But I guess that's the way they do things sometimes. Overall I like it and I recommend it. And of course if you are into old cars, particularly old ambulances, this is a great movie for you. Because of some mild foul language, I give this a 7 out of 10.

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A most enjoyable film, 28 January 2003

I really like this movie. It's a great little story that's fun to watch. This is Hitchcock's last movie and I think it's as good as any. I guess you could call this a mystery with a little humor injected into it. Does it have suspense? I don't know. But what else would you call it? I think it's a pretty good mystery and all the characters are quite believable. I think the choice of actors for each part was good. I give this movie an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. I'd rate it higher, but it's got some mild swearing and a bit of sexual innuendo. But all in all it's worth seeing next time you find it on TV.

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Just as good as the original, 27 January 2003

Finally someone has done a re-make of the Twilight Zone that is just as good as the original. I didn't think it could be done. I didn't even know the show was being made till about 3 weeks ago or so (early January 2003), so I missed a few months of it. But of the episodes I've seen, most seem to have the same imaginative writing as those of the original series. The stories are most definitely modern, yet made in the same spirit as the originals, at least the ones I've seen. I recommend this show to fans of the original series as well as to those who have never seen it. I think if you watch it with an open mind you will like it. My only gripe, and this is just nit-picking, is that the voice that speaks in the opening sequence doesn't do it right. He should have listened more carefully to Rod Serling's opening sequences. This one just doesn't sound right, but that is a small thing. If I were to rate the original series a perfect 10, I would rate this one an 8 or better. It's that good.

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Best of the courtroom TV shows, 27 January 2003

I believe Judge Judy is my favorite of the real courtroom-type TV shows. But I like all of them, at least all of the regular, small-claims court shows. (leave out Animal Court and Divorce Court) Judy Sheindlin appears to be very conservative, and judges very fairly. I also like her personality, even if she does yell at people from time to time. But I think most of them deserve it. Hope she continues a long time. When Hollywood first found her and asked her to do a TV show, I think they had a great idea.

"Maigret" (1992)
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A great, but short-lived mystery series, 27 January 2003

Unlike many Maigret fans, I have never read any of Georges Simenon's books. So I never heard of Maigret till one of our PBS channels started showing it on "Mystery!" several years ago. Right away I knew I loved it. This show is so realistic! Michael Gambon is great as Inspector Maigret, and his subordinates and the bad guys are all great characters as well. The cases the Chief Inspector solves are really very interesting. Also the locations and sets make you feel as if you are right there on the case with the Chief Inspector and his men. It's great to sit back and watch him slowly solve a mystery. You can tell that a lot of thought was put into the making of this show. Pity it was only made for 2 seasons. But at least that gives us 12 great episodes to watch. I was able to tape series 2 before our PBS channel stopped playing it. Fortunately it's available on video if you know where to look. I'd rate this at least a 9 on a scale of 10.

The Car (1977)
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Great science fiction, 27 January 2003

This has got to be my favorite science fiction movie of all time. If not then it's at least in the top 5. The acting is very believable and all the characters seem like real, everyday people. And to top it off, the car itself is my favorite movie car. I love that thing. I believe it's a George Barris creation. Also the location shooting for this movie (in Utah) is terrific. What beautiful scenery. Unfortunately I never saw this movie till I caught it on TV sometime in the early or mid 1990s. I had a friend who knew someone who taped it off TV and I got a copy of that tape. But then finally, just a few years ago, it was released on video! Unlike many of the people who have commented on this movie, I have not seen Duel, so I cannot compare it to that movie. But I still say it's a great movie, and a much better one than Christine. I gave this movie a perfect 10 score and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to watch some great science fiction.

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Very entertaining, with well-known actors, 27 January 2003

I remember watching this TV series on occasion back in the 1970s. Unfortunately since it's been 20-25 years since I've seen it, I no longer remember any of the episodes. The only thing I remember clearly is the sound effect that was played whenever a ghost was present. Before reading about this on the IMDB I did not know that it was later re-named Circle of Fear. That was new to me. To me it was always Ghost Story. I remember that I always found the show interesting enough to watch it till the end. If you can find this on video (It's extremely hard to find), I highly recommend it. I did find one source for it on video, some years ago and purchased one episode that starred John Astin and Patty Duke Astin. This episode was from when the series had been re-named Circle of Fear. Very entertaining if you can find it. Maybe some day the Sci-Fi Channel will pick it up. Who knows?

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