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Stick to the first 3, don't bother with any of the rest, including this one, 25 October 2002

After watching the first 3 in a two period to see what was so good about the series, I decided to watch this as an off-chance. I was horribly disappointed. While it might have come out before Shanghai Noon, this was just plain unbearable to watch with painfully BAD stereotypical dialogue with a plot thrown in around the last 2/3rd of the movie. Do yourself some justice and skip this movie if given an option. Only watch it for morbid curiosity, but you'll only be disappointed. I feel like this horrible film tainted my eyes after watching the first 3, which were full of movie magic. The action scenes in this one didn't even keep my attention at times.

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Shot itself in the foot, 22 August 2002

Usually an Asian film based on the mafia/yakuza or the police with nothing but gunfights will be instant crowd pleasers with most men. There is not much to it as all you need is good choreographed scenes, high body count and a lot of bullets flying throughout the movie. This film took a rather simplistic formula and completely botched it. In real life, you'd never give a child nor an idiot a gun and just tell them, "Go kill people with it." This film lets 4 bumbling idiots go shoot at anyone they want. At times, I wasn't sure if this film was trying to be a serious film or just a bad comedy. If you want to play a cruel joke on your friends who are into Asian action films then have them watch this film. For anyone else, avoid this film.

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One of freshest, funniest animated series to come out in the past 5 years., 9 August 2001

Family Guy <> Simpsons. Family Guy >= South Park. I been a fan of The Simpsons since day 1 just when I a kid and grew up on The Simpsons. I lived through Bartmania. When The Simpsons went popular in early '90's, all the other channels tried to jump on and failed miserably. Then in '95, a cult cartoon became a national phenom with South Park, and I also became an immediate fan. Lastly in '99, right after the Superbowl I became a fan of a new series called Family Guy. While the animation is nowhere as good as The Simpsons but not as crude as South Park, it is not comparable to The Simpsons. The dialogue & jokes seem to definitely be more South Park influenced than The Simpsons. At times, Family Guy pushes the envelope a lot more often than South Park (movie & series).

The first season was tamed compared to the 2nd and now finally the 3rd season. Family Guy has become a cult hit even after it was pulled off the air in mid-2000. I tend to find Family Guy to be way more offensive with its jokes than South Park. Its unbelievable the amount of sexual innuendoes and no-hold barred dark humor on just about every subject possible to be offensive on has been poked at in this series and this is aired on a public channel. Cable can be a bit more lenient, but just watching this series on Fox I'm just utterly amazed what it gets away with. While it's tame on the cursing, the humor goes to the absolute absurd. One particular example is when the character Meg is talking to guy, and to keep his attention she blurts out, "Well I can't taste salt." While younger kids who watch this show won't some jokes, adults should be able to pick it up quickly and will just have you rolling on the floor laughing. Actual actors could never do the material on this show. That's what makes it brilliant since its not done by actual actors it allows the extremely creative writers to find things to poke at. This show it tailored for 18-34 male audience with frequent pop culture references from 70's-90's but seems also to have racy humor that I don't think women would find to be humorous.

The last several years of The Simpsons have not been great and at times down right weird and South Park has been hit & miss with each particular episode in the last 2 seaons and they seem to be missing the original formula. This can not be said about Family Guy as it just keeps improving with each episode. If you like your humor very dark with no sugar or cream, this is a series you just can't miss.

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Irish kids going crazy, 3 August 2001

There doesn't seem to be enough good movies about the mental asylum anymore. While this film will inevitably be compared to Girl, Interrupted, it really shouldn't be. Girl, Interrupted focuses on girls going crazy, while this movie is mainly focused on three young adult characters trying to figure out how to deal with traumatic amounts of pain after losing a significant other.

The quick story is that a person named Jonathan cracks after his father passes away and attempts to kill himself by taking a stolen car and driving off cliff yet still manages to survive. He is sent to a place for the criminally insane to get rehabilitate. This movie tries to be both a love story & a coming of age story, but I don't know at times which its trying to be. The main plot is that Jonathan is attracted to a patient named Rachel who also has a thing with blood. Jonathan becomes a friend with Toby and they seem to become best friends. Whenever the two would be together, Toby would end up getting in trouble and Jonathan would have to bail him out. I found this subplot to be much stronger in the film and feel it should of been explored a lot further. Another turnoff was the relationship between Toby and Rachel that was barely scratched on yet was a major turning point (no spoiler here) during the film.

The main point of the film was Jonathan learning about himself, how he affects over people, and the changes of good & bad things happening to people. With a great soundtrack of music put in this film, this is recommended film to people who are 16-28 dealing with issues about life, death, losing someone important, and suicide. Just be sure not to bring a significant other, as this is not a date movie.

Totally unexpected from a person who usually hates singing, dancing & Bjork., 3 August 2001

This film had all the elements I usually can't stand of singing, dancing & Bjork (not a fan of her music). Usually, musicals will snore me. After seeing this was on iMDB's top 250, I decided to give this movie a chance. I was absolutely floored by this movie. This had me moved and I was actually shedding a tear at the depressing ending. I never knew Bjork had it in her to be this multi-talented. I definitely see why this is on the Top #250. While this is truly a love/hate film, this person is now convinced that it is possible to see a totally unexpected film that is actually worth every minute of your time.

A true comedy classic, 12 June 2001

I saw this movie the first time when I was eight years old. It still holds a dear part of me of comedy classics, even now at the age of 23. This movie is a true rare classic that leaves no rocks unturned. This movie even stands the test of time, as the jokes are still hilarious even after 25 years. This movie has so many quotes & scenes that will stick to your mind like glue, its amazing. This movie just got re-released in widescreen to theaters, and if you can catch it, do so. Afterwards, be sure to grab the DVD, and grab your friends to watch it. You will watch it, LOL, ROFL, and other acronyms until your gut hurts watching this film. This is about as good as a comedy can get with being too disgusting.

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Dare yourself to see this movie, 6 June 2001

Typically when I see a movie, I see it once, then never really think about it. If I really like a movie, which is not often, I'll watch it again if the chance is given. Anything past twice, is a rarity. Only a small select list of movies I can stand watching more than twice and never get bored. Requiem for a Dream is now on that list. I saw this movie three times in the theaters, and ended up weeping every time at the end. This is truly one of the best films I have ever sat down to watch. Screw D.A.R.E, give this movie to schools, and watch the drug problem disappear. You feel like when watching this movie that you know these characters. These are your brothers, sisters, mothers, blood relatives. It is one of the most gut wrenching films ever. While people are wonder how some films are able to be R when they should be NC-17. The MPAA did a grave injustice of making this NC-17. This is a must see for anyone who wanders the dark side of drugs. While Traffic, also a good film, covered the broad range of drugs from different views, this took the side of the actual user and showed the cold hard reality.

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Skip this, 17 May 2001

Never heard of it? Good. This is your typical straight to video type movie. While it is watchable, it is so boring, so predictable, and uses about single cliche in film about corrupt cops & seeking revenge. Be sure to skip this along and actually find something with REAL actors and a REAL story.

Takedown (2000)
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Entertaining to say the least., 8 May 2001

I know all about the Mitnick story, the "Free Kevin", the story from both sides. I'm well aware how the hacking scene thinks this paints an unfair portrait of hackers. Compared to what is usually painted, this doesn't really paint them too bad. Compared to the really atrocious movie "Hackers", this does a lot better at showing what hacking is really like. You don't hack with a Mac, you hack from a PC in different ways. You get to also see the other try & true techiques of Social Engineering & Dumpster Diving. While any true hacker could point out the blatant lies in the movie (Mitnick & Shimomura never met in person until after the arrest), it was cool that the film made some clear distinctions in terminology. If this movie showed actual hacking, it would of been a snoozer. This was able to keep it a bit more interesting without making it look cheesy to the semiliterate computer user. It's funny how this won't appear in the United States, maybe the US Government is afraid of the truth about how afterwards Mitnick was stripped of his constitutional rights. Watch this film, and be entertained, but don't believe it, as most of it is really fiction.

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So bad.. its good., 25 February 2001

You ever watch something that you thought was so bad, that for some reason, you couldn't stop watching? It's why we like B-Movies, and just about everything that Aaron Spelling can throw at us. It's also why Undressed is so good to watch. It has 3 simultaneous storylines of different people in relationships, and it's not always completely heterosexual. While most of the time its completely unrealistic (if I myself was getting as much action as the people on this, I wouldn't be watching!), and it has everything that makes it such a bad drama/soap opera (and typical MTV drivel) of bad acting, bad storyline, and cheap 2nd rate actors. It's fun to watch the predictability of the whole episode. This is also what keeps it interesting, as each situation lasts a few episodes, and you just pant out loud wanting to see what's going to happen next. Just when it ends for one story, another starts up in its place. This is something the 16-28 year old audience can watch and relate, maybe for a present relationship, or something that's happened in the past to them.

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