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The Moor (2005)
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This is a beautiful Short Film!, 20 August 2005

The Moor is a beautiful, touching film. It deals with memories of good times in the past. It shows how we deal with those memories. It is an unusual memorable love story. I saw it with the cast and crew. A friend of mine plays Rita, the waitress. It's fun and heartwarming, at the same time.

It premiered at the Seattle Film Festival. It also just got into the LA International Shorts Film Festival. The Moor will screen on September 11th, 2005, at the Arclight Theatre in Hollywood. If you live in the LA area and can catch the film, do so. It is a very rewarding, moving experience!

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SURVIVING Christmas NOW OUT ON DVD!!!, 23 December 2004

Surviving Christmas is now out on DVD!

I just bought it at Target in Los Angeles. They are displaying it on the front shelves of the movie section. I'm so glad because I really enjoyed this movie. I haven't watched it yet, but I'm sure the extras are funny too!

James Gandolfini and Katherine O'Hara are really funny in the film. So are Ben Affleck and Christina Applegate. The supporting cast is funny too. There are many actors in the movie that you recognize, but don't know their names.

In the very beginning of the movie there is a funny sequence where everyone is depressed about Christmas. That's hysterical! One really funny person is the "Lonely Lady." She's played by Joan Blair. She was in Daddy DayCare and Donnie Darko. She's really good!

For all of you folks that missd the movie at the theatres, have fun watching it!

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This film is mesmerizing!!!, 8 October 2004

I got to see Codename: Simon recently at the special AFI Industry screening at the Arclight Theatre, in Hollywood. The audience was mesmerized during every shot. It is so beautiful! It is also extremely well-done. The acting is superb and the story is heartwarming. I hope this film gets to be seen on TV. It has a universal story about loneliness and isolation, as seen through a little boy's eyes. I heard that it got accepted into the AFI Film Festival, in November. The production team deserves to be recognized. They did an exceptional job on every aspect of the film. I'm sure it will get into many more film festivals. The audience is taken on a special journey and you never think about the fact that you're watching a movie. This is always a great achievement.

This Show Is Great For the Whole Family!!!, 4 April 2004

I think this show is great! Today, it's so hard to find a show that is really good for the whole family. But, this one is. I can tell that a lot goes into the storylines and the characters. I especially like the theme song, written by Heavy D.

This show is filmed right near my house and there are always tons of people that want to go see the tapings. I just have two suggestions: Tracy needs to not try so hard to be funny. He should just relax. I guess part of it is the direction and writing for him to "camp it up." But, he doesn't need to. He's naturally hysterical! And Secondly: the network needs to leave the show IN ONE TIME SLOT and advertise that time. When it moved to Saturdays, I didn't know for a few weeks. I don't watch NBC that often, so I didn't know where to find the show, until I accidentally had NBC on one day and saw an ad for Tracy. Lots of people love this show, but they need to know when it's on. And, NBC should give it more advertising in other places, like TV Guide and on buses, etc.

I hope the show lasts because it fills a void for a good family show.