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"Daktari" (1966)
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Wonderful Series, 10 April 2001

It's been a while since I watched any episodes, but they are unmissable any time they're on TV, you gotta watch it.

Humorous, funny, interesting, learning, and sight seeing - these great adventures of our wild life preservation heroes will keep occupied the youngest & people of all ages.

You gotta love wicked chimp Judy, and cross-eyed lion Clarence in his almost child like form of pet lion.

And there's Jack & wonderful Paula, helping Dr. March in his efforts, it's just great show, many adventures :)

The Rookie (1990)
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lots of fun, 12 December 2000

I agree this movie is very funny to watch, there's a lot of action all over to keep you glued to screen till the end. Like the bar fight, err, bar trashing by Charlie Sheen just rocks! Or where they drive out from the 5th story building with a Mercedes while at the same time the building explodes!!! That is just one of a kind I don't care what anyone says! Another funny thing is to see 2 million dollars floating around the airport, and to top it off Raul Julias' & Eastwoods' final showdown is just cool!!!

This movie is well worth watching ;)

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Great movie indeed, 18 November 2000

It starts off showing Steve Mcqueen as a man who has potential to win the world. But as the movie develops, he & we realise that there is price to pay to get there. I won't say more 'cause I wouldn't wanna spoil it, it is just something you gotta see & feel. Great one!