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Should of been a direct to video sequel!OK animation and songs, 24 February 2002

In this sequel to Disney's Peter Pan we see Wendy all grown up with children of her own. Wendy's daughter Jane is having family problems as London is sending all the children away during World War 2.

Wendy is kidnaped by Captain Hook and his pirate crew. Hook kidnaps her thinking he will finally get Peter Pan. Peter Pan discovers that Hook accidently brought Wendy's daughter instead. Peter tell Jane the only way is to fly. This sounds like something from the "The Wizard of Oz" type story. Jane gets herself into a deal with Hook which she eventually regrets.

Hook manages to capture Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. It's up to Jane and Tinker Bell to save them. There is also a sub-plot with Tinker Bell dying . Jane saves everyone and goes home. The ending of the movie is a happy one as Disney always seems to do. One question though . Was the trip to Neverland all a dream?

The animation was like watching one of the many direct to video sequels Disney has done over the years. The songs were OK. If you really want to see this wait until it gets to the cheap movie theaters.

Dragonfly (2002)
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A cross of The Sixth Sense, Ghost and What Lies Beneath! Semi-predictable! Felt like a made for TV movie, 24 February 2002

In Kevin Costner's latest movie, Costner plays a doctor who recently lost his wife while she was away doing work for the Red Cross. There is accident and his wifes dies. She is also pregant.We see the funeral etc.

Then Costner is told by his co-workers, boss etc to stop working so much. Costner starts to see things with hospital patients who have near death trips. He believes that they are talking to his dead wife. Eventually Costner finds out all along what his wife was trying to tell him about. I will not give away the ending as it was kinda sappy and sugar coated.

This movie is basically a cross of "The Sixth Sense", "Ghost" and "What Lies Beneath". It's been done before so we did not get anything new from Hollywood again. If you've seen any of these movies, it will be semi-predicatable for you.

The movie at times felt like a made for TV movie thriller. Sure you get to see Costner going crazy over his wife from beyond the grave. But the supporting players as just window dressing, Kathy Bates has done a lot better work than this. So has Joe Morton and also Ron Rifkin. Overall , watch this movie if your are Kevin Costner fan ,otherwise wait for it to hit the cheap movie theaters or DVD.

Impostor (2001)
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One of 2002 worst movies of the year! Should of gone straight to DVD & video! Lame! Stupid!, 6 January 2002

This movie was shelfed for over a year until Disney could find a dumping date to bring this to movie theaters. It should gone straight to DVD and video! This movie was very much a "paint by numbers" film for bad science fiction and movies in general.Not to mention it ripped off several other science fiction movies like "Total Recall","The Thing","Invasion of the Body Snatchers". and "Blade Runner'.

I saw this movie today at the last matinee after I find it out it did not get into the Box Office top ten.Perhaps a bad marketing killed it at the movie theaters. The cast does what little they have in terms of a script. There even a "cat and mouse" game in the movie. I suspect that this movie will be on DVD very fast. Needless to say the audience was laughing out loud at this flop!

I find hard to belive that with 2002 being only 6 days old,I'm already writing a review for one the worst films of the year. The cast all has done better work than this pathetic movie.

This movie also a very close boardline "R" movie. The amount of swearing ,violence , and nudity almost make it a "R" movie.Maybe the MPAA was asleep when they rated this box office turkey?This film is just as bad as the movie "Supernova".

Wait for this turkey on DVD or better yet wait for it hit the cheap theaters.

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A wonderful biopic about John Forbes Nash,Jr and his life's problems to the Nobel Prize, 30 December 2001

I guess I'm one of the lucky people who have seen this movie before it gets a wide release.

This movie is a biopic of math prodigy John Forbes Nash,Jr and many of his problems in life.When we first meet John(played by the awesome Russell Crowe) he is a student a Princeton. John makes a few friends at the school. But John's problems are about to increase in his life big time. John graduates from Princeton and moves on to bigger things.

A few years later( the mid-1950's) John is working for the Dept. of Defense at MIT. John is recruited by a strange man in black to decode stuff for the government. John meets a beatuful woman who understands him.

After John and Alicia(jennifer Connelly) get married, John's life seems pretty normal. But their married problems do not get any better.Eventually John ends up in a mental hospital for his schizophrenia. John gets the medicine he needs to get better. But John is still seeing people and talking to people who do not exist. Eventaully John Nash wins his Nobel Prize in 1994.

There's lots more but I've already said enough.

This movie has Oscar written all over it. The cast should gets Oscar nominations for thier work.Ron Howard finally made a movie far better than his last movie(How the Grinch Stole Christmas). I hope this movie gets awards as it a very well done film about a real life person,

If you are sick and tired of all the typical mainstream trash out there, check out this wonderful biopic. It's about 2 1/2 hours but it goes by quite fast. This movie was better than the movie trailers before it! If not check it out when it comes out on DVD!

Spy Game (2001)
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In a word: BORING!, 16 December 2001

This movie was not like the trailers/ TV ads for it.It is a long boring movie with Robert Redford and a bunch of men sitting around a table for most of the movie. There are too many flashbacks back to the past about Redford's and Pitt's relationship.Eventually I got up and refilled my soda becasue I was bored. Since this a mainstream movie, expect a typical mainstream ending. I predicted the ending of this movie at the halfway point. If this movie did not have so many flashbacks, maybe I would'nt of looked at my watch often during the movie.

This movie is more of a heavy drama, rather than a thriller. The only action in the movie is in the beginning and end.Other than that, it's mostly men talking around a table interviewing Redford. If I fell asleep, I doubt I would of missed much in this movie!The trailers and ads are misleading! Not a thriller but a long BORING drama!

So if you like BORING long movies, see this movie, Otherwise wait for this movie to hit the cheap movie theaters or DVD/videotape.

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Special effects take over and it has a very small plot!Wait for it on DVD/Videotape!, 8 December 2001

Well today, I finally caved in and saw this movie. For starters I'm sick and tired about "Harry Potter". What I saw was just as I was expecting for a very big hyped movie. The movie itself had a very small plot(mainly Harry's first year at special school for wizards) and a small subplot about a special stone. This acting at times seems very wooden from both the actors, the extras etc. There is special effects overkill in this movie.

The running time is a little over 2 1/2 hours. This movies moves very slowly a lot of the time. Even when they have special effects it seems like it's a too long of a movie. I liked the adult actors, but I hope the child actors playing Harry Potter etc do not get typecast as they could if they play their roles until they are grown up. I also wondered if parts of this movie were left out on the cutting room floor.

I say if you are die hard fan of the series, see this movie, But if you are causal fan or just sick and tired of the whole "Harry Potter" thing wait for it on DVD/videotape.

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A cute story about life inside our closets with Monsters!, 8 December 2001

This movie tells the story of two monsters who accidently let a little human girl into their world inside our closets. The two monsters must find a way to get her home. Along the way, the human girl becomes friends with these two monsters. Eventually word spreads though out the monster world to find the human girl at all costs. Since it's a Disney movie it has a happy ending. The bad guys get what they had coming to them. The monster world is saved and a new power source is found to power their world.

Behind Enemy Lines = 1991's Flight of the Inturder recycled just new location!, 1 December 2001

If you've seen the 1991 movie "Flight of the Intruder" which starred Brad Johnson and Danny Glover, you've seen this movie before. All Hollywood did was change the location to Bosnia! Big deal! The movie itself is OK but at times I'd swear this movie was misrated! It should of been rated R for all the war violence! I felt like I was watching Pearl Harbor's battle scenes over a 90 minute period!

Gene Hackman gives us his usual miltary performance in this movie. Although he acts like he is just doing it for the paycheck. Owen Wilson was OK in the role of Bennet who is lost in Bosnia over the holiday season. Both of these actors have done better work. I think Owen Wilson should stick to comedy or else try a new genre in his next flick. Hackman can do well in almost everything . I just find it hard to believe that i like him better in his past movies.

If you must see this, wait for it to reach your cheap movie theaters. Or better yet wait for on DVD! I belive there are several times in the movie which has bad editing.

Or better yet, save yourself your hard earned cash and watch 1991's Flight of the Intruder! This movie is a rip-off of it!

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Direct rip-off of "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court" One of 2001's worst movies!, 1 December 2001

Needless to say I went to go see this movie before I went back to my job working in retail which is very busy right now for a laugh. I like Martin Lawernce but this movie was not at all funny . The best parts of the movie were in the trailer and TV ads. This movie is so bad I felt like I was watching a direct to video movie on the big screen. If was Martin Lawernce, I'd be embrassed to star in it. Maybe he had becasue he has a contract with Fox? Big Momma's House anyone? The movie itself had nothing great about it. The way the ending is will a sequel be made out this trash. Please don't make a sequel to this junk!

Save your $$ and wait for this movie on DVD and video! Also why was this movie not direct to video?

This movie is one of 2001's worst movies for me. I wonder if it will get any "Razzies" next year for bad movies?

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An OK sequel! Rent it first!, 4 November 2001

In the fourth "The Substitute" movie we find Treat Williams going undercover at miltary school for a old friend worried about his son. The story was OK, the action scene totally cheesy and the dialogue pathetic. This movie also stars Angie Everhart as love interest for Treat Williams. Too bad she could'nt say this movie for her few scenes.Also there are really bad signs saying stuff like "Another minority owned installation" and others. Like they would do that in reality? The movie is rated R for swearing, violence and some partial nudity.

I hope if they make a fifth movie, it is better than this installment of the series. I often wonder who plays role of the Substitute better: Treat Williams or Tom Berenger? I wish Berenger keep the role as he was real at least.

If you really want to see this movie , rent it first before you buy it!

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