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It's Not Perfect, But Pretty Darn Close, 28 December 2014

Enjoyed this film immensely. Let me start out by saying I have seen the Bernadette Peters production online and watched parts of it countless times, so I'm one of those who was quite nervous about how the film would translate to the screen. Overall I am satisfied. I promised myself I wouldn't expect perfection.

The cast is excellent. Anna Kendrick is my favorite, she does not put a single wrong foot forward, and her character makes sense. Emily Blunt and James Corden as the two main characters are very good. Meryl is also very good; not 100% sure of whether her voice was good enough for some of the songs her character sings.

The only character I found upsetting was Chris Pine's Cinderella's Prince. He seemed to mug his way through the film. Also, don't understand why they made Johnny Depp's Wolf a man in a zoot suit instead of a wolf who could sing.

Already thinking about seeing the movie again, to appreciate it more. And by the way, I don't understand the harsh criticism towards Rob Marshall. Loved Nine and Chicago.

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Not Bad, 6 February 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's a challenging undertaking to examine "the butch factor" as it relates to gay men, and the filmmakers have done an OK job. They interview all kinds of gay men: guys who play football, rugby, guys involved in rodeo, and other stereotypical masculine pursuits. This is balanced somewhat by interviews with "feminine" men. Also included are interviews with sociologists and others who study masculinity and gay culture.

However, the "movie" has an "E channel" look and feel. Lots of gratuitous shots of chests, butts, etc. Is this a documentary, or is it selling itself as fun to watch?

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A Fine, Highly Educational Film, 27 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a fine documentary which sheds light on the sorry state of GLBT rights in some of the developing world, and quite an eye-opener for this American gay man. It centers around the arrest and imprisonment of 52 men in Egypt for being gay, and goes on to show, through the words of gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people in the subject countries, all the dangers they face, right up to and including death.

Some of it is downright scary. Some of it is very sad. Some of it is very moving. All of it is worthwhile.

Anyone interested in GLBT rights in Honduras, Egypt, the Phillipines, Thailand, Namibia, or in the developing world in general, will be well served by this film.

Nine (2009)
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Quite Good, Actually, 25 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm a die-hard musicals fan, and I really liked this film. If you are not, it may not be the film for you. I had read some of the disastrous reviews of Nine before seeing it. (I wonder whether to even read the NY Times or New Yorker anymore; their reviewers seem to love to pick films to pieces.) Being a big fan of several of the actors in this film, though, I went anyway, out of curiosity. I'm really glad I did.

The film certainly has its flaws. It's a difficult musical to stage, and translating it to film couldn't have been easy. It drags in places, and you do get a bit tired of hearing about the protagonist's (Guido's) problems. But, there are some wonderful performances in this, really not to be missed.

Daniel Day-Lewis does a fine job, and sings quite well. Marion Cotillard is sensational. I've not seen any of her films, but now I certainly will. Judi Dench does her usual excellent job, and her musical number can't have been easy. Stacy Ferguson is a very pleasant surprise. Both Nicole Kidman and Sophia Loren add some star power, though neither has a very big role. Kate Hudson does a good job as well.

Movie musicals are still pretty rare these days. It's nice to see Rob Marshall is still working in this medium. I hope he makes another.

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Boring, slow and dumb, 8 February 2009

Rarely have I been as bored in a movie as I was watching the short film "The Best Men". For a short film it certainly was long. Pacing was terrible, acting was OK but a bit wooden, the plot left a lot to the imagination, and the whole thing had "student film" written all over it. I wonder what they were thinking to have added this to the collection "Not / Gay", it would have been a lot better if this film wasn't included at all. The film was full of stereotypes. It is overly long. There is really nothing else to say. Oh maybe that the main actors were very attractive. But that is hardly a selling point for a movie that is a colossal waste of time, even at under 20 minutes long.

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Typical 2000's poor quality really bad unfunny movie, 7 September 2008

I lasted less than 5 minutes and one really pitiful incest joke before giving up on this garbage. Eventually we can hope the terminally cool Mr. Sandler will lose his franchise for making really mediocre films. Yes, I saw Happy Gilmore and yes it was very funny. But how long does success last? In the case of Mr. Sandler, far too long.

It's a shame to see Mr. James tied up in this, since his show "The King of Queens" always managed to be funny about gay men without being insulting. I guess this was his foray into big screen stardom. Hopefully he will have another chance.

My overall annoyance and bad attitude may have had something to do with being forced to sit through very long previews for American Pie XXXV or whatever. There was no way to skip the previews. Shame on you, Universal for trying so hard to cram crap down the throats of the American public.

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So, so bad; please don't waste your time, 16 August 2008

I didn't make it more than 30 minutes on this piece of junk. I seriously wonder why so many of the previous reviewers call it the best musical they have ever seen......... i think maybe they haven't seen many. Hold this up to any of the classic musicals of the 1950's and you'll see how truly bad it is. Not worth renting, that's for sure.

Dolly is OK. Burt tries but fails. The musical numbers are mostly very badly done. The plot drags. Jim Nabors, channeling his Gomer Pyle USMC character, is very annoying. I suppose if you are in this for the titillation (I wasn't), the movie might be...... a bit titillating, but that's the only reason I can think of to watch this mess. Production values uniformly cheap.

Like It Is (1998)
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Meh., 2 July 2008

I didn't get it. I suppose if you're under 25 you might find this film interesting, but anyone who's seen good films will probably be bored. Unless perhaps you're going to be thrilled that it's got gay characters in it, and a gay milieu. Perhaps now, in the post-Brokeback world, that's not enough anymore? All the stock characters of this type of story are here: the young British gay who's afraid to come out, the seen-it-all club denizen who meets him and falls in love (or lust), the blonde girlfriend just trying to have her big break, the record producer who loves having young boys around, etc.

Or maybe it was just the boring techno music that put me off?

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A mixed bag, 15 June 2008

I'm a gay man, and I wonder what I would have thought of this movie if I hadn't seen it with a friend and spent a lot of time talking about the clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc.

Without giving away the ending, I do give the writers and producers points from keeping that part of the plot from being predictable.

The 4 main characters are pretty much themselves, and it was nice to see that, though they have aged well, they Have Aged. Interesting too, to see where their relationships have taken them.

Unfortunately (for most), the entire production is full of lots and lots of clothes, shoes, etc. Does anyone really dress up that much? I don't think so, not unless they're making a movie. Seeing Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) so over-styled is particularly dismaying.

There's also a problem with pacing. About 30 minutes in, things seem to slow down a bit - and they never really speed back up. I kept waiting for the ending. And waiting and waiting.

Quite gimmicky to throw Jennifer Hudson in there to be Carrie's assistant. Is this to make up for the fact that the TV series almost never had any blacks?

All that being said, die-hard fans are probably going to enjoy the film. There is a lot of loyalty to Carrie et soeurs. But if you're not a big fan of the series, you might want to wait for DVD.

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Confusing, dark, odd, yet worthwhile, 7 May 2008

I certainly was glad I watched Margot at the Wedding. If nothing else, it contains some great acting, and the writing is very good. There's lots of reality here; perhaps people don't want to admit that, but there it is nonetheless.

Kudos to the acting of Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jack Black. Kidman obviously chooses her roles carefully. Though her films may not be artistically or commercially successful, this is someone who's interested in art and quality. She's quite memorable as Margot. Jack Black is a total surprise (to me at least) in a difficult role; there's not a sour note in his performance. Jennifer Jason Leigh's character is not easy to like, but the acting is excellent. All of the supporting cast is good as well.

At times the film veers a bit and you may fear it's losing it's way. But it doesn't. Certainly not the greatest film in a while, but considering some of the mindless pap that gets produced, it's refreshing to see something like this done.

The film plumbs some dark themes but does them justice. For that alone it deserves credit.

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