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Absolutely Awful, 16 July 2002

This movie was so bad, it's no wonder Jamie Lee gave such a bad performance. She was contractually obligated to do this film, and one can't help but sense that she purposely did a bad job - knowing this film would suck big time. Also, who's idiotic idea was it to cast that no talent wannabee actor/rap guy anyway? Tyra Banks is just a waste of space in this incrediby putred film. I wanted to puke when they tried to make "Rap Guy" into a super hero. What was even worse was the fact that this film could have been somewhat good considering it's concept. But these days the head honcho's feel we need rap stars with "no talent" to make movies. Final word - YUCK!!!!

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Deserves Best Picture Of The Year, 15 January 2002

I've read most of the posts on IMDB concerning this film. There is no doubt in my mind that the people who find this film boring are probably the same lovely "film critics" who believe that movies like The Matrix and Laura Croft deserve best picture nods. I thank god everyday for people in the industry like Todd Field and the Miramax company who overlook typical Hollywood and bring quality films back to the screen. The acting in this film is quite extraordinary. Tom Wilkinson and Sissy Spacek are brilliant in the performances. Both of them deserve Oscars for their outstanding work.

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WOW!, 30 September 2001

Great film. This movie did not do as well as expected at the box office. But it was one helluva smash on Cable - back in the late 70's/early 80's. I hope to see a re-release of this film on video. Hopefully there will be a special edition DVD in the works soon. The chemistry between Brolin and Clayburgh is absolutely astounding.

Fast Paced Western Disguised as a Sci-Fi Flick, 26 August 2001

This was a really good sci-fi horror flick. I actually enjoyed the film and went back for a second viewing. I was a little leery of seeing the movie after the Vampires fiasco, but after I read Ebert an Roepers "two thumbs up" review - I decided to go check the film out for myself. This movie is classic John Carpenter. Those who know his work would recognize "his" film - even if his name wasn't on the credits. Ice Cube and Natasha Henstridge worked well together. Jason Statham had me rolling on the floor as Jericho. Great Casting!!! Thank God Courtney Love injured her ankle - cuz Henstridge steals the show. Hope the DVD is out by Christmas.

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Why Hasn't This Film Been Released Nationwide???, 17 January 2001

A Wake In Providence is one of the best films I've ever seen. I saw it at a special screening, and couldn't wait for the release - so I could take my family and friends. Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore are extremely talented writers. Adrienne Barbeau is at her best. Great performances are given by the truly talented ensemble cast. I hope somebody wakes up and realizes what a gem this motion picture is. Oh, I forgot!!! We are in the generation of Jerry Springer, Survivor, Who Want's To Marry a Millionaire, and movies now produced by the god-awful MTV. Who'd want to see a movie with taste...?

Frequency (2000)
WOW!, 4 January 2001

By far the best time travel movie since Time After Time. This movie was well written (I'd like to meet the person who wrote the screenplay) and well directed. Dennis Quaid proves he still has what it takes to rock the screen. Jim Caviezel is outstanding! This guy will be huge someday. I plan on buying the DVD tomorrow. Great Flick...!

Rivals (1972)
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Way Ahead Of It's Time, 22 December 2000

An underrated classic - superbly done. Scott Jacoby as "the bad seed" is eerily on target. Robert Klein is great as the neglected stepfather. Joan Hackett gives one of her best performances as a woman who's torn between her son and her spouse. No spoilers here: Just keep in mind that this was filmed in 1972. This movie (with a tragic ending) was way ahead of it's time.

The Only Sequel I Will Ever Acknowledge, 13 November 2000

I've seen every Halloween movie out there. This is the only follow up film I will acknowledge. Whoever was responsible for the screenplay, obviously did his/her/their homework. And a special thanks to Jamie Lee Curtis for having the foresight to get this film completed before it's actual 20th anniversary date.

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Bad Film, Good Actors, and Great Soundtrack., 13 November 2000

I think this will go on my top ten list of bad films. The only thing that made me interested in this movie is the heavy hitters like: Rip Torn, Mare Winningham, and the late great Joan Hackett. What were these talented professionals thinking when they accepted these roles. I give Paul Simon credit for being able to pull this one off. He made a bad film with a good soundtrack. But hey, I'd watch this film over Dirty Dancing anyday.

Scared Me Crapless..., 19 August 2000

This could only be considered the only pre-Halloween film that ever scared the crap out of me. This is the original "When A Stranger Calls". No one can ever come close (except for Carpenter) to the scares Black-Xmas holds. If your a fan of John Carpenter's Halloween - check out Black Christmas.

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