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Anorak of Fire (1998 TV Movie)
a film which has persisted in my memory ever since i first watched it
9 April 2000
I saw this when it was shown on the Screen 2 season on BBC2 and ever since, tiny glimmers of it still stick around in my thoughts.

There is something about it that was so...the production, script, everything...just...little things like Gus's mum's tablecloth, or the notion of leatherclad all added up to one really great piece. I guess I've always felt comforted by the sounds of trains...(eep) but there's something so pretty about an empty railway platform too...

I think there's a script of the screenplay which I might seek out...

It's a brilliant, brilliant film. It's just such a shame that my brother taped over it and BBC2 have a habit of never showing these things ever again...However, perhaps if they received requests by a few people they might take notice...
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