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Ulysses (1967)
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Read the Novel, 10 September 1999

To attempt to film this major body of work is indeed senseless. To film one page of Ulysses would take almost 2 hours to complete. This version does not represent the complete novel, it offers only flimsy elements that keep it amusing and lucid. If you are attempting to read the novel for the first time, then watch this film first, it won't won't help either! I wanted very much to like this film, but felt a bit cheated because of the indulgence of the director. I was expecting an enigmatic piece of work...what I got was, let's film the good parts and stuff the complexities. I could not relate to the actors...maybe that's the problem. A bold attempt nonetheless!

A minor masterpiece, 9 September 1999

Beautiful unfamiliar landscape setting with a superb musical score and wonderful direction. The film leaves me feeling dispirited yet somber. Wonderful non - verbal acting with sublime performances. The film draws on the emotional aspect of the two main characters, which is both moving and tragic. I felt paralised as I witnessed the rapid decline of such a beautiful young girl, alone in an unfamiliar setting. The film workes because of the casting and while it is not regarded as a brilliant film, it can be regarded as a minor masterpiece.