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Se mig! (2002)
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Lifestyles of the non-rich and non-famous, 26 November 2004

This documentary reveals the brainless quest for fame and some sort of glamour that many useless dolts engage in. Not one single person in this documentary has done anything to deserve it, and yet they crave it so bad that they are ready to do anything to get it. Not very inspiring.

What's even worse is the fact that this is dutifully reported in some of Sweden's largest newspapers as if it is of any interest to anyone what these morons do.

It is depressing yet enlightening to see this documentary - depressing because these people are absolutely mindless and uninteresting and still seem to gain some of the fame they desperately seek, and enlightening because it makes you feel good about being able to distance yourself from the low-life trash who think nothing is too low to get famous.

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Irony for the wicked, 1 November 2001

If you understand irony, this film should be a real riotous laugh straight through. It is possibly one of the most brilliant movies so far this millennium, outright disrespectful of the "spy" theme: Brosnan's degenerated, decadent b*****d spy Osnard is just the way one would picture James Bond in real life, had the latter not been so awfully loyal. Actually, Osnard is James Bond minus loyalty and with his self-confidence, decadence and sexism turned up a couple of notches. A brilliant character, brilliantly acted. Another fantastic actor is the amazing Geoffrey Rush in the role as the Tailor of Panama, Harry Pendel.

The story is absolutely fascinating, one of the most clever and witty stories to emerge in a long while - the Tailor of Panama reluctantly becomes a spy and conjures up non-existent government plots to sell the Panama Canal to the Chinese, which makes the English and the Americans (portrayed as a bunch of idiots with delusions of grandeur and as militaristic blow-hards with victory as the only goal) react aggressively.

It is important that one understands that this film is serious in one respect only: its comedy. Don't see this expecting to see a thrilling spy-movie. It isn't, though I find the scope of the film thrilling. It's more of a comedy, and if you can't see that when the American general with tears in his eyes blurts: "There is a star missing from the American flag!", then you're not really equipped for this kind of film. The reason I'm writing this is that some reviewers have found the movie to be silly... which is just what one would think if one didn't get it.

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Sensational Jovovich in grand movie, 26 October 2001

For being a film that is slightly above average, it contains performances that alone saves this film from being too light on the subject. Milla Jovovich is simply sensational as Jeanne D'Arc, the savior of Orléans, who went to war against the English after having received a message from God.

The most exciting part of this film is not the war itself or the intricate dealings that led to Jeanne D'Arc's demise - but the dialogue between Jeanne and her own conscience, aptly played by the Man with the Voice, Dustin Hoffman. Did she really receive a message from God, or was it the need for revenge that spurred her visions. Did she not enjoy the taste of blood in battle? Very interesting twist indeed, and that, together with Jovovich's amazing acting, keeps this film from falling into the average.

15 Minutes (2001)
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Corny but fun, 26 October 2001

Besides being way to obvious a moral lecture, "15 Minutes" is way to aloof to be of any real depth and interest. But apart from that, it is kind of fun to watch this weird thing run its course - for it is actually pretty different and is entertaining, despite the silly depiction of media as a bunch of hysterical sensation-hunters (yes, I know they exist, but this is far too depressing a picture). Anyway - Robert DeNiro in this movie is like using dynamite to open a difficult lid.

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A massive storm of music, 18 October 2001

If you don't like movie musicals, don't make the mistake of dismissing "Moulin Rouge". For it is no ordinary musical. It's more of a massive storm of music, visuals and emotions, resplendent with all the decadence of turn-of-the-century cultural life in Paris, loaded with musical anachronisms ranging from Nirvana to "Sound of Music", all with a rapid music video style. Compelling, spellbinding and very, very funny. The story, otherwise crippled by sentimentality and awful cheesiness, is brought to its feet by this enormous mass of motion. Ol' Paris anno 1899 is brought to scandalous life and the drinking of Absinthe is glorified by the absinthe fairy, Kylie Minogue. This is the very definition of entertainment.

10/10 for an outrageous, insane monster movie musical. I'm off to buy the soundtrack.

Spectacular, interesting and... a failure, 18 October 2001

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(spoiler warning)

The first 1 h 50 min or so of this film are absolutely brilliant. Funny, clever, chilling and exciting. A story quite unlike many others. Then it suddenly dies, falls flat onto the stony floor. The last portion of the film is completely awful, making this one of the best films I've seen that has the most depressingly lousy finale. A shame, considering the work laid down to make it a classic. It could have ended with David begging the Blue Fairy to be turned into a real boy - but nopes. It has to end happily - and I've never seen such a desperate search for a happy ending. A great idea and a fantastic film ruined.

Gripping and fascinating, 8 October 2001

A fascinating and very exciting dramatization of the events in the crisis that brought the world to the brink of nuclear war. Truth and drama are splendidly mixed and filmed with harsh straightforwardness. Artistic freedom is sure to have been taken, but it's hard to know where and to what degree - at any rate, the political advisor Kenny O'Donnell sure is one major hero in this film and I have heard some voices stating that he never played that pivotal a role. It doesn't really matter though. The Cuba crisis remains a great example of how potentially lethal (and global) conflicts can be resolved with the pen rather than the sword, and someone is sure to be a great hero. It is also interesting to note that the president of the USA is not always so in control of the might at his disposal. After all, he's only human.

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Seen worse, 8 October 2001

Oh well... I've seen a lot worse than this. It's brainless, its only selling point are the three gorgeous women and the script is stuck halfway between nonexistence and Never-never-land. Not completely awful, but still I have a hard time finding the point. But I'm guessing it's got something to do with money.

It didn't change my life, 8 October 2001

Of course, I never really considered myself to be such an *sshole. But "Pay it Forward" (and many a comment) promises a lot - and this film is pretty good. But it doesn't really satisfy me. It is exceptionally well acted, but that's no surprise: all three leads have proven their worth more than once. Osment must be the most talented child actor the world has ever seen. It's kind of hard to answer what it is that this film lacks, but I'll give it a shot: it fails to make the idea of paying it forward feel like a great one. It focuses on other things that are not as interesting and in the end, it just feels as if the world is exactly the same place as it was before. Nothing really happened. And there it is.

JFK (1991)
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Riveting, chilling and brilliant, 8 October 2001

This film is a landmark movie, not insomuch as it is very interesting and makes one wonder, but more so for its ability to absolutely rivet the spectator for three hours, despite being almost nothing but talk, talk, talk. It is full of amazing acting and brilliant filming, surprises and very, very interesting points of discussion. It grabs you and holds you until the very last minute, and if one doesn't walk out of the theater with at least a thoughtful mind, then one is simply not very interested in this bit of American history at all.

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