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This is the complete list of all the movies that I have seen in my life. The base list, prior to adding as I watch them, was from a complete review I did in 2008 of all movies in IMDB based on my best recollection.
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List of movies I want to watch but can't find to stream or buy LEGALLY online.
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List of movies I WANT (i.e. interested) to re-watch, but not yet necessarily MUST re-watch.
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Based on a list published in EW (July 2014). Every year from 1967 until his death in 2013, Roger Ebert chose a No. 1 movie. Here they all are.
(Some films are listed in years different than the year of their release. These have been noted.)
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Based on an article by Rick Tetzeli - MARTIN SCORSESE’S FILM SCHOOL: THE 85 FILMS YOU NEED TO SEE TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT FILM. I thought this would be a good way to measure cinematic experience against one of the masters.