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Jet Li's signature role., 25 March 2017

Jet Li plays the legendary Chinese martial arts hero, Wong Fei Hung. Set in ancient China, the cinematography catches the sceneries and atmosphere beautifully and sets the stage for all the awesome action sequences.

Jet Li's impressive martial arts moves are definitely the highlight of the film, battling bad guys left and right. Him doing the lion dances is also a very impressive treat to watch.

The acting was pretty good and the cast of characters were in the spot.

The music score is also well played, especially the toe tapping and theme sung by George Lam

A pretty fast paced plot for a pretty entertaining film.

Grade B

Tense, dramatic fashion in this HK drama., 24 March 2017

This is an intense HK A about young woman, Kelly Ho (Pat Ha), who during her wedding gets her special day ruined by the mafia because her husband-to-be's connections with them. Getting got up in the violence that ensued, Kelly is arrested and imprisoned in a women's facility. What results is some tense drama and gripping action that lets us see the difficult lives of the women inmates inside the prison, and then endangerment in the surrounding environment.

Powerful acting, if a little overboard at times. There's a fast-paced plot and edge-of-your-seat excitement.

Grade B-

OK to overlook., 23 March 2017

This is a romance comedy starring Carol 'Do Do' Cheng as a rich widow who returns to Hong Kong to find her a suitable man to father a child with. She contacts a lawyer, whom happens to be investigated by her former love, a private detective (Chow Yun-Fat).

The comedy in this movie is really average and the two stars didn't seem to shine on screen much, versus other movies where the two definitely had great chemistry together. The romance side of things seem artificial and the plot is rather slow and dull.

It's nice seeing Chow Yun Fat and Carol Cheng star in a movie together, and there are a few laughable moments. However, overall, it's OK to overlook this one.

Grade D+

Almost a fatal mistake., 22 March 2017

In a spin-off to Carol 'Do Do' Cheng's "Her Fatal Ways," Alfred Cheung stars as China Public Security Officer Cheung Po Shing, who is sent to Hong Kong to catch two ruthless thieves. There, he teams up with his Hong Kong counterpart.

It is unclear if Alfred Cheung's character in this movie is the same as the one in the "Her Fatal Ways" series, but, his character is the same oddball and awkward self, which sometimes make this film more of an inside joke than a tastefully done, suspenseful comedy.

There were some good moments though, like the chemistry between Teresa Mo and Cheung. But, the plot and story doesn't match the entertaining value and quality of the "Her Fatal Ways" films.

Grade C

Tense and gripping HK thriller drama., 21 March 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was an intense and disturbing family thriller, where Tony Leung Kai Fai plays a man drowning in gambling debt. This placed a huge strain on his relationship with his wife (Brigitte Lin) and, deciding to take the cowardly way out, he pushes his wife off a boat during a Thailand trip and, presuming she drowns, hopes to collect the life insurance money. However, the wife survives and returns to Hong Kong to exact revenge.

The events in this film demonstrates that they could, in fact, take place in real life. This is what generates the fear and thrills while watching it. I remembered being disturbed after seeing Brigitte Lin's character slip off the boat and into the raging ocean waters, turning up later, bloodied and bruised on an island. Then, the tension mounts as she finds her way back in Hong Kong to find her husband.

The acting was pretty average, but serves up well to the on screen tension and drama. The kid seems to be unnecessarily mixed up in all the chaos in the film. ***spoiler ahead*** The ending though was rather gory and overkill. ***spoiler ends***

Grade B-

Average HK spy flick., 20 March 2017

This is a Hong Kong crime comedy starring Teddy Robin Kwan as a manager of an all-girl music band, whom becomes the target of spies when he inadvertently takes a microfilm containing the map to stolen Taiwan treasures.

Kwan stars with Nina Li Chi and Sibelle Hu in this movie. The three makes a pretty charismatic trio, but much of the plot and story is lost in the goofball comedy and limited action. Kwan does over do it in the humor many times, which can get quite annoying.

There are some exciting action and chase sequences, but this is more of a very average film.

Grade C-

Cheesy and plot less vampire comedy from Taiwan., 19 March 2017

This is a Taiwan-released vampire comedy movie. Set in the period times, this movie focuses on the "King of Evil" who was trapped in a crypt along with a friendly zombie family, but after 700 years, a bumbling priest accidentally releases the demon. The Evil King then tries to catch the kid zombie in order to gain infinite power. What results afterward is just a lot of meaningless running around and new characters randomly popping up out of nowhere - all in a mad race to catch the Evil King.

It's a movie with basically no plot, suspense or humor - definitely something that does not hold a candle to Hong Kong's classic ghost/vampire comedies. The writing was cheesy and the acting was poor. Definitely overlook this movie, and spend your time on something else.

Grade D---

Old school HK cop comedy., 18 March 2017

I used to watch this movie with my cousin when we were kids. It's a pretty entertaining cop comedy starring Chow Yun Fat as Sergeant Francis Li Conan Lee as Michael Cho as mismatched detectives who try to solve a case involving a cocaine ring. Nina Li Chi also stars as Marydonna, the woman unfortunate enough to get caught up in the drug ring mix.

As mentioned earlier, it's a pretty entertaining old school cop comedy - plenty of good guy vs bad guy action, slapstick moments and even a touch of drama and gloom.

The plot is pretty fast-paced and the acting was spot-on.

Grade B-

A Cinderella look-alike movie from HK., 17 March 2017

As with many Hong Kong comedies, the humor in this movie is screwball and slapstick and the plot goes all over the place. The movie basically takes on a hint of the Cinderella fairytale, where two housebreaker brothers steal a diamond that was eyed by triad members. Then, TV actress Cheung Man Ju gets mixed up in the plot.

The plot was steady and the acting was crazy fun. Lots of A-list actors in this one and, although not the best Hong Kong comedy out there, it does have its moments of entertainment, romance and humor.

Grade B-

Another mediocre romantic comedy from HK., 16 March 2017

As with many Hong Kong comedies, the humor in this movie is screwball and slapstick and the plot is almost non existent. Some comedies managed to be entertaining and generate much laughter, but this one generated maybe a chuckle.

The plot was slow and hard to follow, the humor was dull and the acting was goofy. It's a shame too, as Michael Hui, Cherie Chung, Meg Lam and other A-list actors were in general the best, and the talents seemed somewhat underused here. Overall, it's a movie that could have been a lot better.

Grade D-

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