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-I' ve never seen you before around. Mister...? -Buzz'n. Buzz'n Frog, 29 July 2003

Leslie Nielsen did a good job, making his role in this film. The main character(-s) he parodies are the roles that Harrison Ford played before. I think, Nielsen even had kind of Harrison accent and manners. There are also many episodes from the late films, such as: North by Northwest, Psycho.

Richard Crenna also played good as Lt. Fergus Falls who knows everything about anything.

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Songs from 60's to 70's sung by modern Russian pop-musicians, 24 April 2003

Here we have all hits from old black and white soviet films made in 60's and 70's. Though I haven't lived in that era I simply enjoyed this cartoon, glimmering and jolly TV production, broadcasted at the New Year night from 31 December '96 to 1 January '97

Talisman (1983)
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One of the last films about teens in USSR, 23 April 2003

This story is about Sasha "Duke" who has to approve his individuality by assuring his classmates that he's a talisman who brings luck to anyone who has a deal to him. Of course there is no magic beyond humanity and kindness which Sasha offers to other people. This is just a try to be yourself being cute and honest with everybody. So, it's pity that there's no more such touchy films from Russian directors.

Formula of Love (1984) (TV)
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I've got tired of this comedy, 19 March 2003

I saw it first time when I was about 11? so by this time I've seen it about ten times. This film really irritates me with its endless optimism. The song which heroes of A. Abdulov and S. Farada sing about 7 times during the film simply kills me. The others actors are mostly wooden and not impressing. If you want to see a really good comedy from Mark Zakharov, watch "12 chairs" (TV-series).

Zosya (1967)
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Beautiful story about love during the war, 24 June 2002

The film is stunning. When I watched it first time I couldn't not to cry. The end of story promises very strong hope for bright future after war. We can say without doubts that main hero will return to his girl. Anyone of a men understands that his life and life of whom he loves can be broken because of cowardice. We all should remember about it.

Only the one race will rule here, 15 October 2001

Tim Burton "Planet of the apes" is fine breathtaking picture which I enjoy so much. I've seen it two times and want to see more. Tim Roth as general Thade took very big part of the plot and used it in a very good way. He's aggressive, scareful and, I think, acts just like Napoleon of the apes (because of his small height). Helena Bonham Carter as Ari looks very lovely, ironic, and sometimes shy. I liked Mark Wahlberg as Leo Davidson less than previous characters, but his eagerness to get away from the planet and what proceeded to his escaping makes him unforgettable. Also I liked that there were no "four-letter" words in the picture. Danny Elfman created unusual electronic-orchestral-percussion score. My rating is 9/10.

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Awful retelling of a classical story, 16 August 2001

The Mayne Reid novel "The Headless Horseman" has been always very popular in Russia. I read this fine book at the age of thirteen and even now I read it sometimes. What we see in the picture is a bad camera working (sometimes actors can't be seen as they stand out of camera), bad acting and terrible ending (very hilarious). Also the Headless Horseman is simply ridiculous.