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An attempt to bring Doctor Who gaming into the PC age, 1 January 2000

I wish I could say I enjoyed this game! It's well-intentioned, but, as with so many BBC-derived computer products, not enough care is taken. The background is good, and Ainley puts in a performance which betters much of what he did in the series, but the end result is, sadly, pants. It's eminently unplayable, jerky, confusing, and the lack of, in the most part, any degree of comprehensible user instructions does tend to let it down... Having played, for example, Tomb Raider, and then attempted this, I was sadly disappointed. There is so much scope within Doctor Who to come up with an exciting and playable game that it is sad to see every attempt (be it computer game or board game) fall at the first fence. Come on BBC - you can do better than this!

Classic tale of the supernatural, and what a twist at the end!, 5 September 1999

A superb film - one of the best that British cinema has ever produced. Gently played, which heightens the tension and confusion, and excellent acting throughout. Wonderfully atmospheric, and the sting in the tail never misses!